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Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date: Paul Samo Wakes Up Arlo!

Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 4
Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 4

The dystopian sci-fi series “Moonhaven” is set in the far future, when civilization as we know it is on the verge of collapse. While this is happening, IO, an artificial intelligence system, manages a successful human colony on the moon.

On the previous episode, we saw how Bella wanted to go back to Earth but had to wait until Arlo and Paul finished their business. Now, without further ado, let’s begin covering Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 4.

Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

A ship approaches a tall old manor in the middle of a desert on Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 3. It is explained to the children that they will receive training in machine languages, ciphers, and systems analysis to identify those who have the aptitude for creating the innovative technology that IO will develop to survive. Young Indira Mare starts learning from IO, who immediately compliments her on her abilities. She meets another girl, and the two connect over their struggle to survive on Earth. Later, their class visits one of the toxic water bodies inhabiting Earth.

The girls watch as the poison pool transforms into crystal-clear water that is immediately safe to drink using the IO-created technology. Although Indira is thrilled by the technology, her friend is resentful of Moonhaven residents and warns Indira that the powerful will take what they want.

Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 4

What went down in Moonhaven’s last episode?


When Paul gets there, Arlo is awakened and informed of Chill’s final words. Paul departs in much better spirits after learning that an apprentice is waiting for him outside because Arlo doesn’t believe Chill. Bella examined the box her mother left her at his house and observed the kids fighting. Matches, several coins, tiny flower drawings, and an oval, black egg that plays Bella’s mother’s voice are all contained inside the box. Chill is reassured by the message that her mother still cares for her despite being away. One of Paul’s daughters, Elna, interrupts Bella, who then realizes someone is watching her.

She worries that she’s bringing danger to Paul’s door and that Paul wants to know who has been following her. Bella goes to see the Envoy be secure. When Indira inquires about possible solutions, Bella responds that Tomm is a double agent. Bella persists despite Indira’s disbelief. Elna, Paul’s daughter, then guides Bella to her ship using the information she learned. As his apprentice watches, Bella delivers the Singer’s pod to Paul after experiencing flashbacks of what happened inside. When Paul and Bella enter the room, the pelican’s creator bolts from where he works.

The Mirror

Bella is met with images of herself and her mother and the sound of a baby crying when she chases the pelican man. After being abandoned by her mother, she discovers the child to be herself. Paul eventually comes across her bowed in the woods. Paul explains the name of the forest, Mirrorwell, and how it’s intended to stretch you in ways, you don’t want to be stretched as they depart. They discover Sirl, the pelican man sobbing into a mirror nearby. Bella tricks him into looking for his friends after turning them down and won’t speak to either of them.

Paul dispatches his apprentice to follow Sirl, and he and Bella search for the Singer’s manufacturers. Paul notices that they must have been followed, so Maite must have done it. They meet the head of the council, Maite, and her second Sonda, who are confident that no mooner would steal the Singer. Bella tries to convince Paul that not all Mooners are as genuine and passionate as he is, but Paul is loyal to Truelune and the hope of the future because she believes that he and the others are delusional. She declares that Moonhaven will burn as he angrily leaves her behind.

Different Perspectives

When Maite and Indira meet with IO back at the council, Maite refuses to permit the first wave of shuttles to land. Icon warns Indira that the ships must be permitted to land, but Indira is hesitant to try to coerce Maite. Paul apologizes and gives Bella the ship parts she requires when she returns to the house. While working on the ship, she befriends Elna and drives her around while Paul snoozes on the dock. When he awakens, Elma has the time of her life as they soar through the air.

Before returning to Paul, they look at Moonhaven, carved out of the moon. Sirl has severely injured Blu, and Paul and Bella discover him in the bushes on their way home. Siri’s body is around the corner, and Elna has located a hiding place down the path. Hundreds of thousands of erased Mooner marks are inside, along with a device for removing the Mooner’s mark. They rush to defend Arlo and Tomm from the army of deserted Mooners who will pursue them because Paul is visibly shaken.

The End

Indira won’t leave Tomm’s bedside when they get there for her safety. Bella argues that she could have done the same thing just as easily despite her assertion that IO forewarned them about everything. After carefully reading her, Indira tells her the tale of her upbringing.

Tomm suddenly groans and starts to wake up, yelling, “he’s coming, he’s coming.” A man in a mask kills a mooner outside, and more masked individuals show up in the yard.

Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 4

Come back next week for another recap!

Where To Watch Moonhaven?

If you wish to watch Moonhaven, tune in to AMC+. You can stream the show from AMC+ channel on Amazon Prime Video, the Roku Channel, and DirecTV.

Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 4 will release on July 21, 2022 on AMC+ With this episode, there are two episodes left in the season.

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