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Who Is Stevie Nicks’ Partner? Sara Singer’s Love Interest


Want to know who Stevie Nicks’s Partner is? Yes, we are talking about the singer who is currently accompanying her long-time friend, Christine McVie, on the internet. The latter passed away at the age of 79. Stevie is shattered emotionally. But what’s happening in her personal life? Does Steve have someone special in her life? 

Starting from the basics, Stevie Nicks is majorly known for being a member of the band Fleetwood Mac. Born on 26 May 1948, Stevie is now 74 years old. She hails from Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

How can we forget to mention some of Stevie Nicks’ popular musical works? Some are listed as Dreams, Sara, Edge of Seventeen, Seven Wonders, Leather and Lace, Gold Dust Woman, Never Going Back Again, Need Your Love So Bad, Big Love, and many more. Which one do you enjoy listening to the most? 

Do you know her real name? She is originally known as Stephanie Lynn Nicks. Stevie started her musical career back in 1966 and is still now doing wonders. 

In 2014, Stevie released one of her studio albums, which goes by name 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault. Have you not listened to it yet? Working with Fleetwood Mac, some of its notable releases are- Tango in the Night, Behind The Mask, Mirage, etc. 

Coming back to Stevie Nicks’ personal life, the singer was earlier married to Kim Anderson. Surprisingly, it lasted for less than a year. To be more precise, they divorced after three months. In other words, it was short-lived. 

Well, Stevie Nicks has fallen in love quite a few times after parting ways with Kim. Now, the question is- who is Stevie Nicks’ Partner at present? Is she dating someone at this age? 

Stevie Nicks' Partner

Stevie Nick

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Meet Stevie Nicks’ Partner: The Singer’s Past Romances

Talking about her love interest, Steve Nicks’ Partner is possibly no one. In other words, Stevie is not romantically linked to anyone as of now. 

Stevie is content to be single now, enjoying life to the fullest. The singer does not seem to be searching for romance these days. Well, Stevie is not up for finding any Mr. Right for her. Did you know that she believes in love at first sight? 

Talking more about Stevie Nicks’ personal life, people have been wondering if the singer shares any children. Well, No. Once, Stevie mentioned that she would not like to have her child ever. Why? Because of her demanding career and her desire to follow her heart. 

It seems like Stevie Nicks is doing great, both in her personal and professional lives. Also, it’s good to see Stevie happy. 

Coming back to the discussion of Stevie Nicks’s Partner, she had many ex-boyfriends. With that, she made several headlines over the years. One was Lindsey Buckingham. Both met during their high school days and later ended up forming Fleetwood Mac. But it didn’t work well.

Stevie Nicks' Partner?

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham

Later, Stevie Nicks started dating the founding member of the Eagles, that is Don Hanley. Have you not listened to her song, Sara? It was all dedicated to Don if they were married. When asked more about the story behind the song, Stevie said that she would name their unborn child “Sara”. 

Little did you know, Stevie Nicks also got romantically linked to Joe Walsh, Jimmy Lovine, and a few more stars. 

Even though Stevie Nicks is single now, she has admitted to believing in falling in love. Well, it’s indeed a great feeling. What’s your say on this? So, there are chances of Stevie getting romantically involved in the future. It’s just a matter of the right time. 

Wishing Stevie Nicks all the very best for the rest of the days of her life. You may follow Stevie on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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