Jackie Appiah’s Partner: The Things We Do For Love Actress’ Love Interest

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Who Is Jackie Appiah's Partner?
Jackie Appiah (CC: Pulse Ghana)

Who is Jackie Appiah’s partner? Yes, we are talking about the Things We Do For Love actress who is currently making headlines for her fashion look, which appears to be quite luxurious. Keeping that aside for now, what’s more, concerning is what’s happening in Jackie’s personal life. Has she met the love of her life? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Jackie Appiah’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Jackie Appiah has been doing numerous films and shows since 2001. Hailing from Ontario, Jackie is now 39 years old. Some of her notable acting credits include The Power of a Woman, Mummy’s Daughter, The Love Doctor, Royal Battle, Chasing Hope, The King is Mine, Before My Eyes, Passion Lady, Deadly Assignment, Cold Heart, The Comforter, Yolo, Heart of Men, etc. 

Talking about Jackie Appiah’s achievements she won several accolades and titles. In 2010, she won the title of Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2010 Africa Movie Academy Awards. Coming back to Jackie Appiah’s personal life, the actress was previously married, with whom she shares a son. Well, that didn’t last long, and she eventually ended up with a divorce. Now, fans are wondering if Jackie has gotten someone new. 

Who Is Jackie Appiah's Partner?
Jackie Appiah looks gorgeous in her golden yellow colored baggy dress (CC: Instagram)

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Jackie Appiah’s Partner: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Jackie Appiah’s partner is possibly no one. But we aren’t sure about it. Why? That’s mainly because Jackie was rumored to have tied the knot with Liberian President George Oppong Weah. To be more exact, the date was alleged to be 26 December 2022. It was also reported that Jackie has been dating him since 2016, when he was a senator. Well, it’s not just the end. George reportedly invested in a mansion in Ghana, which he gifted to the actress. 

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After this, can we address the Liberian president as Jackie Appiah’s partner? Well, No. Why? Because the alleged relationship has never been confirmed by either of the parties. We wonder what the root of such meaningless rumors is. 

Concerning Jackie Appiah’s previous marriage, her ex-husband’s name is Peter Agyemang. Their wedding ceremony took place in 2005, and they later got blessed with a baby. They named him Damien Agyemang. He was born on 13 October 2005.

In case you are wondering, Peter is a businessman from Ghana. You must have one question raised in your mind. Why did Jackie Appiah’s marriage didn’t work well? It was reported that Peter is a risky individual having an odd personality. Jackie accused him of torturing her physically. On the other hand, he denied the allegations made against him and called Jackie a liar. This somehow caused bad blood and tension between them. Following that, Jackie Appiah got divorced him in 2008. 

Well, Jackie Appiah has always been very much private when it comes to her love life. Even when she was committed to Peter, it was low-key. They maintained secrecy and kept it away from the media’s attention. 

Who Is Jackie Appiah's Partner?
Jackie Appiah (CC: Youtube)

Briefly, we may say that Jackie Appiah’s partner is no one as of March 2023 but her acting career. She seems to have become much more dedicated and therefore working pretty hard. It’s a good way, though. Looking at her, Jackie doesn’t seem to get involved in any relationship anytime soon. Also, we would find it good if her second marriage rumors came out to the public better and truthfully. 

Best Wishes to Jackie Appiah for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure you follow Jackie on her Instagram account for more updates. Considering the Things, We Do For Love actress is single, we are hopeful that she will find the love of her life soon. 

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