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Control Z Review: Is It Worth Watching Another High School Drama From Netflix?

Control Z, in tech terms is the basic command to undo things as we know it. So it should give you a few details of what this show is about yes as you guessed it, it contains tech and what can de did using tech and its wrongdoings. This the Netflix Original from Mexico and is in Spanish and tells us the tale of whodunit.

So should you binge it or skip it?

Control Z Star Cast – Ana Valeria Becerril, Rocío Verdejo, Mauro Sanchez Navarro,Michael Ronda, Yankel Stevan, Zión Moreno, Luis Curiel, Samantha Acuña, Macarena García, Fiona Palomo, Andres Baida, Patricio Gallardo, Patricia Maqueo, Rodrigo Cachero

Control Z Creators –  Adriana Pelusi,Miguel García Moreno, Carlos Quintanilla

Directors – Bernardo De La Rosa, Alejandro Lozano

Synopsis Of Control Z

The series centers around a girl named Sofia who is considered to be a freak in the school with a troublesome past. A new student named Javier joins the school everybody wants to be his friend because he is the son of a famous football star in the Mexican national team. When a hacker leaks some sensitive information about the students in the school conference hall chaos comes and then Sofia and his new friend Javier go on a hunt to solve who the hacker really is?

Sofia the protagonist of the series

                             This review will contain mild spoilers

The first shot where Sophie enters the school and everybody is on their phones sharing their snaps on social media and living a virtual life as we can see in the trailer will give you a basic theme of this show, that this show will be a teen drama based on the social life in high school. The show itself starts with a well-paced storyline that a hacker has leaked the sensitive information about the students of the school as I have talked in the basic plotline and synopsis above, now what next for students how they will react when all the dirt about their life will be showcased to everybody in school.

The story of the show is well-paced and the execution is also good but somewhat becomes a predictable show after the first few episodes as same that the hacker must be someone close to Sophie, as she is keeping her thinking hat on to solve every piece of the puzzle in order to catch the hacker and unveils his/her identity to the principle in front of the school.
Javier and Raul are two of her school friends and plays  Dr. Watson to Sophie’s Sherlock Holmes, they both start investigating all the students whose information were leaked by the hacker like Isabella, the school queen who turns out to be trans.

The performance of the cast

The breakthrough performance by Ana Valeria Becerril as Sofia, a social outcast in school is on point. She does justice to her character and her storyline, as the girl who is suffering from a loss, anxiety, and depression.
Other side characters like Javier played by Michael Ronda also do a good job as a promising friend and sidekick to Sofia. Yankel Stevan as Raul has done average acting as another character that does the investigating with Sofia, all other actors have done an average job as supporting characters as you will not get attached to their characters as I have talked about the other three.

Direction and other aspects of the series

The direction and storytelling are done in a way that you can binge this show in a single night or day because the episodes are crisp and around 30 minutes and after that, you will be wanting more of Sofia and her classmates. The director did a smart job getting the episodes on the 30 minutes mark so that the viewers can get hooked on the content on contrary to the one-hour episodes which are good for a weekly episodic run.
But there is a catch the story will keep giving you the hints that who the real hacker is, so it becomes predictable in a way one thing he should have done that keep the viewer using his /her till the end. SO it is another teen drama that Netflix adding to its library which is already stacking up with good new foreign language tv shows based on the backdrop of teen and high school drama.

The Final Verdict and Rating

My final show on the take on the show that it is a good show for your small binging session but don’t expect some crazy level shit. It is a simple story told in a way to look complex but gets tangled in its own complexity and the viewer can easily untangle this mystery. So don’t compare it with other thrillers and whodunit films and tv shows. 13 Reasons Why is still on the top of the thriller teenage drama for Netflix and if you liked it you can also watch Elite, Love 101, and How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast).

Rating – 3/5 stars 

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Hello!, This is Himanshu. Hardcore DC Fan and love to read and write about comics and films. Cowboy Beebop Heeeehaaa and Linkin Park Forever. Reach out to me at


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