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Why Did Max Thieriot Leave Seal Team?

Max Thieriot

Clay Spenser, played by Max Thieriot, is one of the most popular characters from the SEAL Team. The sixth season is announced, and Clay’s fate, along with his team, looks secure. However, the news suggests that Max is going to start a new project, and this makes his future in SEAL time in doubt. 

Recently, it was revealed that Max Thieriot would portray the protagonist in Cal Fire as a Pilot for CBS’s Jerry Bruckheimer Television. The show revolves around a young criminal who earns a second chance after joining a program that puts firefighters and other criminals together.

Max gave the opening episode and was said to be one of the executive producers of the show. However, things have changed now, and the artist will also take the lead role; this has got the fans of the SEAL Team worried that the character would be killed in the season Leslie Shay on Chicago Fire or Linda Reagan on Blue Bloods.

Is Max Thieriot Going To Leave ‘The SEAL Team’ After Six Seasons?

The SEAL Team’s fans were happy to know that season 6 was a green light. When the news circulated that most of the characters in the show had been renewed for the upcoming season, but Max did not, which was concerning for the fans. Before the contract renewal with the authority that was supposed to happen, Max had already been cast in CBS’s Fire Country, a firefighter-themed show. Max was only supposed to have an off-camera role as a producer of the show, which he had co-written. 


But it looks like Max is going to swap his role as a SEAL member for a firefighter, as now he is going to portray the role of Blake, who is a young convict. Bode has been offered a second chance at life because of the prison release firefighting program. This program pairs released inmates with firefighters. His character will have to make a decision as to if he will look ahead to the future or will dwell on the ghosts of his past. But is it confirmed that Max will leave the SEAL Team now? 

Lucky for the show’s fans, Max is cast in Fire Country, a CBS Drama, but he will also stay and play his famous character of Clay. As per the Deadline, he will play both roles at the same time. In an interview with CBS, Max said that it is a juggle for him. But thankfully, the shooting of season 6 of SEAL Team began before Fire Country EP 2, so he was able to work them both in the time that he got. 

What Can The Fans Expect Now?

The final episode of the SEAL Team had an easy plot that allowed Max to walk away from the show, making his character die in the finale. It is very common for actors to walk away and pursue another TV show or a movie. As mentioned above, Max will pull double duty and will be seen in SEAL Team and Cal Fire simultaneously. Max moving out is a perfect opportunity to reduce his screen time, and this will allow the actor to make occasional appearances while he can manage his workload and film Cal Fire. 

Max Thieriot

On the other hand, SEAL Team is also expected to decrease the runtime of each episode on Paramount Plus. So it looks like Max will manage the workload and will be regular on the sets of both shows. It is rare but not something new that we have not seen something before, Chicago Fire’s Monica Raymund and FBI Most Wanted’s Julian McMahon.

Suppose the upcoming shooting schedule of the SEAL Team is low and doesn’t indulge with the filming schedule of this season. Looking at all of this, Max Thieriot will be able to manage both shows without leaving SEAL Team. Time will tell the reality if he can manage or will leave one show. All of this is contingent and whether Cal Fire gets renewed by CBS. If the show did not go ahead in the pilot stage, then Max will completely be back on SEAL Team season 6

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