What Happened To Tony Patrico? The Controversy on Social Media

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who is tony patrico
Tony Patrico Show's Poster

What Happened To Tony Patricoo? Soon after the news about Tony leaving the famous radio show, fans started to speculate the reason behind his exit. At the same time, some were already aware of the actions that transpired in the situation. So what happened to Tiny Patrico? What did he do? Let’s find out!

The well-liked radio personality Tony Patrico has left the radio program on KPNT 105.7 FM. It occurred after he was accused of using social media to deliver sexts. Pictures of Patrico soliciting pornographic images of ladies on social media were posted by two accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

The notification read Tony Patrico isn’t any longer a member of The Rizzuto Program or Hubbard Radio on the popular station’s official Twitter feed.

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Who is Tony Patrico?

He initially attended the Christian Brother University High School in St. Louis, yet it isn’t easy to find anything regarding his academic history. He attended Southern Illinois College Edwardsville after that. He is wedded and the dad of three children, albeit his wife’s name is still not publicly disclosed.

who is tony patrico
Tony P.

He frequently posts pictures of his kids on social networks; the latest was on December 3, 2022. Alongside the late Jeff Burton, Moon Valjean Scott Rizzuto, and.King Scott, Patrico started The Rizzuto Show in late 2014. Patrico spoke about various sports, popular culture, and celebrity rumors-related issues while he was a guest on the program.

What Happened to Tony Patrico?

Tony Patrico was let off for reportedly pressuring his female supporters on social media to post provocative and naked photos. These accusations first appeared before Christmas, while Patrico, a St. Louis, Missouri-based radio personality of “The Rizzuto Show,” became the target of Twitter and Facebook profiles.

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The Rizzuto Show no longer includes Tony Patrico as a cast member. Presenter Scott Rizzuto announced the announcement last Wednesday morning’s 105.7 broadcasts. The revelation was accompanied by a message on social media from the famous radio station.

Both Tony Patrico and The Rizzuto Show have parted ways with Hubbard Radio. Thursday at 6 am, the @RizzShow will resume as planned. The tweet read exactly as: “Tony is no longer a member of our team at Hubbard Radio. We want to say he is not a part of our loved show, The Rizz Show,” he added.

Rizzuto continued, calling it a “personnel matter,” and said he could not give any details. He did admit to having communicated with Patrico. We are all in full shock, and I speak for everyone in this room,” Rizzuto concluded.

who is tony patrico

To say that the past few days have been challenging would be the century’s greatest understatement. He continued by saying that people participating in the presentation had compassion and empathy for all those affected by the circumstance.

What Did Tony Patrico Do?

The issue happened last month when pictures of Patrico demanding ladies’ graphic images & sending inappropriate comments to them were posted on Twitter and Facebook by two social media profiles. Patrico said he was kidding and even requested a few others to keep their talks private if his requests were rejected.

In a few images, Patrico seemed to be conversing with Team Rizz members, who were promoting his radio talk show. Facebook accounts for Robert Reynolds & HellNotoPatrico implied that the RJ was improper with women.

who is tony patrico
The victim’s messages.

Both of the abovementioned accounts included caricatures of Patrico with such a red line across them as their profile images. “Get Patrico off the Rizz Show” was also written in the image. Most of Patrico’s texts to the claimed victims were comedic requests for nudes.

Other sexually provocative statements were also included in the messages. The women repeatedly rejected the offer and made an effort to stray from the subject. The RJ would therefore continue by saying that he had been joking.

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A user stated He requested pictures of my top-less torso and revealing images of other body parts. He requested videos. He desired a sexual rendezvous. He used language like “u**ne play” in his demands and remarks, which were incredibly raunchy.

who is tony patrico
The victim’s texts.

It became clear that he was not at all who he appeared to be in public to be. According to a different victim, he messaged her. This was merely a pretext to get in touch with you and let you know that I miss getting naughty with you.

Where Is Tony Patrico Now?

The RJ has not made any official statement after being fired from the station, and it is still unknown what he is up to now or what job he would take up after the incident. Still, you can keep a tab on this space as we will update the readers about the recent development in this case.

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