One Piece Chapter 1065 Raw Scans: What Was The World Of One Piece Like, 900 Years Ago?

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One Piece Chapter 1065 Raw Scans And Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1065 raw scans and the full summary for the chapter are out, and the narration dives into the deeper world of One Piece has always been a mystery. Let me remind you of something important about the One Piece world. The world of One Piece that we see now is theorized to have been built from scrap or the things left after the void century 800 years ago. 

There is no record of what the world of One Piece was like 900 years, and it is known to very few in this mysterious world, presumably the five elders, Imu, maybe Joyboy, and the fan’s latest guess is that Vegapunk is a part of it and he knows about it as well. Oda has mentioned before that there is going to be a certain professor coming in later in the that will explain a lot of things, including the origins of the devil fruit.

The good news is One Piece Chapter 1066 will be released next week without any break, and we will surely learn more about the world of One Piece 900 years ago. But for now, the full summary of One Piece Chapter 1065 and its raw scans are available on the internet.

Follow along with this article as we break down the events from One Piece Chapter 1065 and provide you with a few colored raw scans. Here we bring you the latest One Piece and its new manga series updates.

One Piece Chapter 1065 Raw
Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine 49 Cover!

One Piece Chapter 1065 Raw Scans

Weekly Shonen Jump Issue no. 49 features Uta and Luffy in the promotion of the One Piece Film: Red, as well as the cover page of One Piece Chapter 1065 is a color spread regarding the film. Check out the color spread below. 

The chapter begins with Zoro and Brook on Thousand Sunny, where the former explains that he has decided to stay so that if anything goes wrong (given that it is a government facility), he will be there to save his crewmates. Whereas we also see Caribou begging Zoro not to let him out on the government Island; however, Zoro says that this is where they part ways.

One Piece Chapter 1065
One Piece Chapter 1065 Cover Page

Seraphim Jimbei

While there were leaks of Sanji getting his leg broken in a fight with Jimbei was a lie, we do see Seraphim Jimbei in a fight with the straw hats, and it was fully action-oriented. Led by Lilith, the straw hats, including Nami, Robin, Sanji, Ussop, and Franky, goes into the inner lab of Vegapunk and are very excited to see the development this island has to offer.

They are surprised by the smallest events, such as the escalator and a walk-through door that doesn’t let them get out. After walking through that door, Lilith seems to disappear, and the straw hats meet the new seraphim model in the appearance of Jimbei. Perplexed straw hats try to figure out what it is. However, after Seraphim Jimbei fires a blast, they figure it is a Seraphim, and they engage in a fight.

Seraphim Jimbei demonstrates various abilities, including Jimbei’s fish-man karate and diving inside the ground, and appearing out of others, making straw hats wonder if the seraphim have a devil fruit. When the Seraphim holds Ussop, Franky tries to shoot a beam.

New Vegapunks Appear

When Franky shoots Seraphim with a beam, we see Lilith with Edison Vegapunk, where the former is furious about Seraphim getting hit by a beam as it is still in development. Edison gathers data from this fight and asks Vegapunk Pythagoras to make a blueprint and Vegapunk York to eat for them.

Then we see Shakka appear with York on the ground, where the latter lays down on the ground and takes a nap. Shakka greets the Straw Hats, who are stuck to the ground due to the boots they are wearing, and says that he did it because he does not trust pirates. 

One Piece Chapter 1065 Raw Scans
Ancient Robot!

Shakka further asks if they think this is an island of the future. Excited, Franky says that it is beyond the future and he has things unlike things he has seen before. However, Shakka tells them it is quite the contrary, as this island is of the past rather than the future.

It is similar to a Highly advanced kingdom, unlike Egghead, which is a civilization from 900 years ago. A sequence of the last part also shows that Luffy and others see a gigantic ancient robot.

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