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Why is Michael Myers Weak in Halloween Ends?

Why Was Michael Myers weak in Halloween Ends?
Michael Myers (The Shape)

Halloween season has just passed us, and with so many horror movies releasing around this time, there’s one movie in particular that has stuck around since 1978. The Halloween Franchise has continually released a New movies just as Halloween approaches. This Quintessential example of a slasher movie is usually filled with gore, horror, and thousands of liters of fake blood. 

The first movie of the franchise was seen on October 25th, 1978. Directed by John Carpenter, the movie received a great response and this led to subsequent parts being released each Halloween. We’ve seen the main antagonist, Michael Myers be killed, revived, sent to a cult, and much more.

David Gordon Green, the director behind the latest three Halloween movies, said that he won’t be considering other parts and the story of his movies will continue after the original, where Michael and Laurie were not siblings. Halloween ends premiered on October 14, 2022, and with an opening that collected 96 Million dollars by the end of October.

Halloween Ends, So Does David Gordon’s Trilogy:

David Gordon first worked on this franchise with the movie Halloween, which premiered in 2018. He didn’t like the way the previous directors had taken a turn with the storyline, so he completely ignored those and made Michael a simple yet horrifying killer again.

Why Was Michael Myers weak in Halloween Ends?

His second movie (Halloween Kills) was released on October 15th, 2021, when Michael had come back and caused the biggest manslaughter streak in the history of Haddonfield. It left the whole town in shock, with Laurie even losing her daughter by the end of the movie.

David had said that Halloween ends would be his last movie in the franchise and hoped that no one would make another part after him. The main creators as well as Jaime Lee Curtis, the actress who plays Laurie, have said in interviews that they weren’t so sure that Halloween wouldn’t be having any new installments in the future, since it has been a part of the spooky season for so long. Although Jaime confessed that this would be the last time she was going to be a part of the franchise.

A Quick Recap of Halloween Ends:

This movie was probably way less scary and dramatic than its previous counterparts. It began with Laurie, who was now recovering from the massacre, living in Haddonfield with her Granddaughter, Allyson, who works as a nurse in the local clinic. Meanwhile, we see a young man, Corey Cunningham babysitting a boy, who he accidentally knocks off the stairs. Just as the kid’s parents arrive, they find their son lying in a pool of blood.

Corey is cleared of charges since it was accidental but he gets bullied a lot, Even getting severely injured by the bullies one day. Laurie finds him hurt and takes him to Allyson, who gives him the necessary first aid. This creates a relationship between the two. Corey gets bullied again and is thrown into the sewers, where he is almost killed by Michael Myers, who was surprisingly still alive.

While leaving Corey kills a homeless man and this creates an evil force within himself. He goes to Allyson’s house, where Laurie sees Michael’s eyes in his eyes. She later asks Allyson to stay away from him. Corey ends up killing his bullies and parents, much more brutally, and goes back to the sewers to take Michael Myers’s mask. After he successfully takes it away from him, he comes back and kills the doctor and nurse who were rude to Allyson.

Why Was Michael Myers weak in Halloween Ends?

Corey Cunningham looking into the sewers

He then comes to Laurie’s house but is killed by Michael. Myers then confronts his all-time favorite prey, Laurie, and both of them fight for a while. Laurie ends up pinning Michael down in the kitchen but he slits his whole hand just to strangle Laurie. Just then, Allyson arrives and saves Laurie. They make sure he’s dead by slitting his wrists and neck.

Having learned from prior experience, they take him to a shredder, in front of the whole town and turn him into a mush. Laurie then continues writing her experiences which would help others, but is afraid that the evil is not completely gone. It is always waiting to take the shape of another being.

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Why Was Michael Myers, a.k.a “The Shape” Weak In Halloween Ends?

Michael Myers has been such a huge representation of Slasher movies, with kill counts beyond any other movie of the genre. Even in the previous parts by the same director, such as Halloween and Halloween kills, Myers had shown his true potential with the bloodiest massacre the town has ever seen.

Why Was Michael Myers weak in Halloween Ends?

Laurie in Halloween Ends

This led to fans wondering why he was much weaker in Halloween ends, where the newbie killer, Corey almost easily defeats him for his mask. The reason behind this could be that Michael was now much older, a senior citizen, and no matter how evil he could have been, old age gets to everyone. 

It can also be the fact that he was living in the sewers for the past four years, with the occasional food being provided by the crazy homeless man. With nothing to eat his energy could have decreased substantially.

In the previous movies, we see Laurie confess that Michael’s energy depends on the number of people he kills. With no one arriving in the sewers to get killed by him, Michael must’ve had his killer instincts fade away, hence the weak nature of the iconic killer was seen in the movie.

The Halloween Series: Is It The Final End?

So the question arises, Will we ever see Michael Myers again? We could, as he’s famous enough for a new director to come by and try to make a new movie based on him. Even though David wanted it to be the last.

It’ll be pretty hard for Michael to survive the shredder, but if we know anything from the previous movies, it’s that Michael or Evil, in general, never dies. He always comes back. Maybe another time The Shape will return in another shape, to continue the years-long haunting of Haddonfield.

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