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Boys Planet Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Boys Planet Stage
Boys Planet

The release date of the third episode of the brand-new show, Boys Planet is out. It premiered its first episode on February 2, 2023, followed by its second episode on February 9, 2023.

Boys Planet is a Korean survival reality show which aims to form a K-pop group for its debut. The 12-episode series is based on the concept of space. The show consists of two groups (Korea and Global). The show includes 98 trainees in total and six “vocal/dance/rap Masters.” In addition to the two “Planets,” the “Star Master” serves as the MC and a conduit between the audience and the show. The fans and the audience are referred to as the “Star Creators,” who is in charge of selecting each contestant’s rank and, eventually, the result of Boys Planet.

The first episode of the show introduced the contestants and the judges of the show along with the voting system. As there are 98 contestants, most of them performed their first test – Star Level Test – and surprised the judges with various styles of performances, while there were still many contestants left to perform.

Therefore, without any delays, let’s recap episode 2 before the latest episode releases.

Boys Planet Stage

Boys Planet Episode 2

Boys Planet Episode 2 Recap

Boys Planet Episode 2 starts with Sunmi, a K-pop idol, coming to the Planet camp, where all the contestants are gathered to watch the first episode of the show. All sit together and react to the first episode where they also get to know about the Top 9 contestants in the previous episode, the first place being occupied by Kang Hanbin.

After introducing the audience to the voting system, the Star Level test starts. The show starts with the performance of Team Redstart from Team K. They perform on “Nunu Nana” by Jessi and the whole team successfully acquires All-Star.

Next, the performance is performed by team Osaka (Yuto, Kei, Keita, and Hiroto) from G- group on “Zero for Conduct” by Black B’s Bastarz. Keita gets an All-Star and the other members acquire 2 stars each.

Team Shanghai, China (Ma Jing Xiang, Zhang Shuai Bo, Cai Jin Xin, and Tao Yuan) is up next for the showcase. They shock all the contestants including the judges with their outstanding physic and height and others were intimidated by them. They perform on the song ” Reveal” by the Boyz. After the performance, they were given zero to two stars as they were completely off-tune while singing.

After the Chinese team performance, as the staff checked the camera, the contestants and judges were seen doing a “Sexy Time” fan cam, where the camera randomly focused on any one of them and they had to show their sexy pose. The contestants especially were flattered when Kim Ji Woong was shown on the fan cam because of his looks. At the same time, a member of his team, Yoon Jong Woo, kiss his lips. Later he confessed that it was all for show.

Kim Ji Woong

Boys Planet Episode 2 Recap

Immediately after the fan cam ended, Kim Ji Woong’s team (Kim Ji Woong, Yoon Jong Woo, Lee Seung Hwan, Jeong I Chan, and Jung Hwan Rok) from Group K appeared on stage for the performance. They put up a hot performance on the song on “Mirotic” by TVXQ. The judges are seen to be in awe of their performance. Yoon Jong Woo gets praised for lowering his octave while singing and Kim Ji Woong gets praised for putting up a sexy performance. Both acquire 3 stars and other members acquire 2 Stars.

Then came Group G’s youngest member, Takuto. He puts up an adorable performance on “Instead of Saying Goodbye” by Rain but he acquires a no-star as he is advised to work a lot on his vocals and dance. Still, he is praised for lightening up the atmosphere by other contestants.

Next up were 4-month trainee ‘babies’ (Lee Da Eul and Lim Jun Seo) from 143 Entertainment representing Group K. They perform on “Replay” by SHINee and acquire 2 stars.

Thereafter, contestants from Group G and Group K keep getting low scores as snippets of their performances are shown.

Next, Group K’s WakeOne (Kim Tae Rae, Mun Jung Hyun, Park Min Seok, Park Han Bin, Lee Jung Hyun) gives a banger performance on the song “The Real” by ATEEZ. All the members except Han Bin get 3 stars, whereas Han Bin acquires all stars.

Contestants of Boys Planet

Boys Planet Episode 2 Recap

The last performance to decide the fate of the Groups is performed by PENTAGON’s leader, Hoe Taek. He is asked about the reason behind his participation in the show as he has been the leader of a popular K-pop group for 7 years. In reply, he says that he needed a change as, on returning from his military service, it became hard for the group to work as they had to face a lot of rejections. So, to break that wall, he joined Boys Planet. He puts on a different type of performance on “Shut Down” by Blackpink and surprised everyone with his performance and gets a standing ovation from the contestants. After a critical analysis by the judges, he receives an All star.

With Hoe Taek’s performance, the Star Level Test comes to an end. Group K is declared the winner and they get their next test song for Boys Planet a day earlier.

At the planet camp, the trainees get their uniforms for five different levels. Then the masters come in and reveal the next test which will determine the trainee’s final level. The next test is revealed as the Signal Song Test. In the test, the All-Stars will be on the top of the stage, where it stands out the most, and the lower their level is, the worse their position on the stage will be. The ones with the lowest stars will perform on the floor and will get less time to perform. Based on the result, whichever gets more stars combined will be rewarded with the highlight parts of their performance. Additionally, whoever will perform the killing part of the signature song, will also be one of the All-Stars trainees. Thereafter, the signal song is revealed – “Here I Am.” Group G is told to leave the room as the choreography will only be shown to Group K as they won the last test.

Contestants of Boys Planet

Boys Planet Episode 2

The next morning, Both groups gather at the rehearsal hall to practice their Signal song as a group. The masters help them with the vocals.

Later, the dance masters teach the trainees the moves of the Signal song. The trainees with zero stars and All Stars are given training at a separate studio. Everyone is given intense individual training.

Then, the Signal song test starts with Group Zero stars, where Yang Jun and Park Do Ha remain at the same spot whereas Takuto gets one star. This is followed by the test of Group 1 Star where most of them remain at 1 star except Trainee Cong, who gains 2 stars.

Then the 2-star trainees start the test where Lee Seung Hwan gets promoted to 3 stars and Lee Da Eul is demoted to no star from 2 stars, Kim Ji Woong, Park Hyun Bin, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Na Kamden, Seok Matthew, Anthony maintains their level at 3 Stars whereas Sung Han Bin levels up to All-Star.

On the other side, at the All-Star trainees’ test, Lee How Taek levels down From All-Star to 3 stars; Zhang Hao and Jay maintain their level at All-Stars.

Judges of the show

Boys Planet Episode 2

The episode ends with the announcement of intermediary results for the global voting where Sung Han Bin tops the chart.

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Boys Planet Episode 3 Preview

In the upcoming episode of Boys Planet, the first mission is introduced where a battle between Group K and G will be held. The winner of the Signal Song Fan Cam Evaluation will be announced as Lee Hoe Taek. An intense battle between the groups is about to take place. Stay tuned to know who wins!

Boys Planet Episode 3 Release Date

Boys Planet Episode 3 releases on February 16, 2023, at 8 p.m. KST. The runtime of the show is around 2 hours. For international audience, the schedule are as follows:

  • Indian Standard Time: 4:30 p.m.
  • Japanese Standard Time: 8:00 p.m.
  • Phillippines Standard Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • British Standard Time: 11:00 a.m.
  • Australian Standard Time: 10:00 p.m. 

Boys Planet Episode 3 Streaming Guide

All the episodes of Boys Planet are released on the popular Korean channel, Mnet. You can also watch it online on Rakuten Viki App at the above-mentioned time slots.

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