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Secret Royal Inspector Review and Plot Analysis

Historical dramas are as much popular as any other series in the Korean industry. The industry also frequently explores the genre and brings out such dramas with unique storylines. Secret Royal Inspector is one such series that got well received and attained popularity upon its release. The latest retro series has an interesting plotline, although there are different retro drama and plots in the Korean series industry. Not only the originality and plotline of the series, but casting also drew attention to the drama. It received twice the rating from the drama Zombie Detective even though they were airing at the same time. Now, let’s know more about the recently released series, Secret Royal Inspector.

Fortunately, one does not have to wait for the Secret Royal Inspector as the drama is already released. It is a historical comedy detective South Korean series. Secret Royal Inspector released on December 21, 2020, and ran up to February 9, 2021. Premiering of the series took place on Monday and Tuesday of every week at KBS original network. KBS Drama Headquarters created the series with KBA as the distributor. Park Sung-Hoon and Kang Min-Sung are the screenwriters for the drama. Kim Jung-Min is the director respectively. The executive producer and producer are Yoon Jae-Hyuk and Lee Min-Soo. IWill Media is the production company behind the series.

Secret Royal Inspector

Casts of Secret Royal Inspector

Secret Royal Inspector: Cast and Production

The three leading casts of Secret Royal Inspector are Kim Myung- Soo, Lee Yi-Kyung, and Kwon Na-Ra in the role of Sung Yi-Gyum, Park Chun-Sam, and Hong Da-In respectively. They are together known as the three musketeers. The cast around the three musketeers is Lee Tae-Hwan and Jo Soo-Min in the role of Sung Yi-Beom and Kang Soon-Ae. Other supporting casts include Ahn Nae-Sang, Jo Deok-Hee, Son Byong-Ho, Shin Ji-Hoon, Kim Young-Cheol, Jong-Ho, Choi Jong-Won, Chae Dong-Hyun, Shin Ha-young, Um Hyo-Sup, Park Joo-Hyung, Lee Min-Woo, and Kim Kyung-Sook. Their roles are Jang Tae-Seung, Jung Moon-Ho, Kim Byeong-Geun, Choi Do-Kwan, Kang In-Chung, Man Deok, Kim Mi-ok, Kim Man-Hee, and Seo Yong.

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Development and production for Secret Royal Inspector began last year with the casting of the roles from July 2020. Originally, the series was planned for release in November. However, a delay in the production led to the release of the series on a future date. Script reading for the group took place in October. Later on, revelation also took place for still photos, and other set series also took place with the progress of filming. The series is available for International broadcast on the iQIYI streaming platform. There are several other names for the series, such as Royal Secret Agent, Joseon Secret Investigation team, Blade of the Phantom Master, Sin Amhaengeosa, etc.

Secret Royal Inspector

Plot and Review

Since the drama is a historical one, the backdrop is set up during the reigning of the dynasties. However, the Secret Royal Inspector portrays the Joseon era. It depicts the corrupt officials and their practices during that time and how the secret inspectors catch them. The three main lead or the trio’s work as a secret royal inspector. Sung Yi-Gyum initially worked in Hongmungwan’s Administration and Research Department after securing first place in the examination of the state. He has no ambition or life goals despite being an intelligent person or his success. Later on, he was demoted to work as a Secret Royal Inspector after getting caught in gambling. In there, he met his two fellow workers, inspector Hong Da In and Park Chun Sam. The series is all about how the trio works together for bringing out the corrupt public officials besides working on their personal relationships.

Secret Royal Inspector itself begins with the death of other on-duty previous inspectors sent by the king for keeping an eye on the public and the officials. The king got the record of the previous on-duty inspector wherein it specifies that taxes, oppression, and exploitation by the powerful people are going on in the kingdom. Thus, the king urgently orders for the appointment of a new secret royal inspector who will directly become the eyes of the king and report to him. However, the task is not as easy as it seems. But, eventually, Sung Yi-Gyum became the new secret royal inspector.

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