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Nano Machine Chapter 125: Hyun Bai The Crown Prince’s Savior

Nano Machine Chapter 125
Nano Machine Chapter 125

Last Updated on September 30, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Nano Machine reveals the mysteries behind the unwanted Crown Prince Cheon. Cheon has survived many deaths, and threats since the villain Lord Yo Jong is after his life and wants to dethrone him. The villain, Lord Yo Jong, has set a trap for Cheon that backfires, but the truth is yet to be revealed. Nano Machine Chapter 125 begins after the mystery behind Crown Prince Cheon unfolds. 

The chapter begins at Demon Forest’s castle, where an army of thousands of warriors gathers to kill the intruder. Lord Jong argues with the intruders and talks about the Crowned Prince. He reveals why the Crowned Prince killed the 2nd elder about the mystery behind the technique of reversing Demonic Blood.

Lord Yo Jong wonders why this intruder and Marakim oppose him and defend the Crowned Prince, who has to be executed for killing the 2nd elder. He reminds the intruder, Han that he is the sect’s leader. Han replies that she is not elder Han and takes off her mask. Lord Yo Jong was surprised to see his target in from of him.

The guy reveals that he came to inherit the leadership of the sect. Before the commotion began, Han’s fake copy destroyed warriors that were ordered to kill him at the Demon Forest. He killed an army of thousands of soldiers single-handedly. In the present, Lord Jong realizes that the guy who used Han’s face as a disguise is Crowned Prince Cheon.

He is surprised why Cheon has arrived since he sent a thousand soldiers to kill him. Lord Yo Jong thought that Cheon was buried at the Demon Forest, but he realized that Cheon had fooled him and defeated a thousand soldiers, then infiltrated the Demon Forest castle to expose him. Yo Jong realizes that he has to manipulate everyone to be against Cheon. 

Previously on Nano Machine Chapter 124

Cheon reveals how he killed Yo Jong’s man after they reveal their true intentions. Elder Han also played an important role in carrying out Cheon’s successful mission. Things have worsened for Lord Yo Jong, who decides to kill Cheon before he reveals the truth. Cheon asks the council to listen to what he has to say and that he didn’t kill the 2nd elder. The royals who listen from the outside wonder why Han is talking like the Crowned Prince.

Hyun Bai

Hyun Bai

One of the soldiers reveals that the Crowned Prince invaded the castle disguised as elder Han. Lord Yo Jon g realizes that Cheon master evil magic to talk like elder Han. He shouts that Cheon is the horrible Crowned Prince and he must be punished for his sins. He reminds the royals that the killer who dares to enter the castle with dirty blood on his hands must be executed immediately.

Lord Jo Yong asks Cheon if he is trying to rebel. Cheon tells him to give them a chance to talk. He asks Lord Yo Jong why he wants to dethrone him by accusing him that he killed the 2nd elder. Lord Yo Jong reveals that Crown Prince Cheon Yu-Won has violated the law of the sect and asks the Great Guardian to catch him. Marakim refuses to catch Cheon and allows Cheon to expose Lord Yo Jong.

When Lord Yo Jong wants to attack Cheon and Marakim, a mysterious lady arrives after breaking the door and apologizes for being late. She reveals that she has brought the evidence. The lady also unleashes the technique of reversing Demonic Blood and shows the corpses of 2nd elder to everyone. Lord Yo Jong gets angry after they prove that Cheon didn’t kill the second elder.

Nano Machine Chapter 125 Release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 125 will be released on 5 October 2022. Lord Yo Jong can’t believe that Gai Hyun has arrived and ruined his plans since she revealed the truth. The royals realize that Lord Jong has killed the forces supporting g the Crown Prince, and they must support the Crown Prince since the truth is out. Check out Nano Machine Chapter 125 latest updates. 

Crown Prince

Crown Prince

Read Nano Machine Chapter 125 Online – Raw Details

You can read Nano Machine Chapter 125 online on the official websites. Cheon reveals the trip he repaired from the Demonic Academy. Ho Sangua joins the battle in the next chapter of Nano Machine. Nano Machine Manga’s official chapter update new chapter weekly, and they are for free. Let’s meet after Nano Machine Chapter 125 is released.

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