Who Is Maddie Hinch’s Partner? The Former Hockey Player’s Love Interest

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Maddie Hinch partner
Maddie Hinch: Double Olympic Medalist (CC: Youtube)

Who is Maddie Hinch’s partner? Yes, we are talking about the field hockey player who is currently making headlines with the news of her retirement. Well, that’s because “the tank is empty.” Keeping that aside, for now, fans are wondering what’s going on in Maddie’s personal life. Before that, let’s briefly discuss Maddie Hinch’s prominence in the sports field. 

Starting from the basics, Maddie Hinch used to play as the goalkeeper for HC Tilburg. In addition to that, she also served on the national team, representing England and Great Britain. Born in 1988, Maddie is now 34 years old. Not to forget to mention, last year, Maddie Hinch participated in Commonwealth Games, held in Birmingham. Guess what? She won a gold medal. 

Talking about Maddie’s other achievements, she also played 2020 Olympic Games and won a bronze medal. It took place in Tokyo. How can we forget her silver medal winning at the European Championships in 2013? Her performance was great. 

Returning to Maddie Hinch’s personal life, the former field hockey player sparked gay rumors once. This calls for its validity too. What’s more concerning is her current love interest. If you are looking for who Maddie Hinch’s partner is, here is what we know. 

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Maddie Hinch’s Partner: Her Personal Life Explained 

Talking about her love interest, Maddie Hinch’s partner is rumored to be Brendan Creed. In case you are wondering, Brendan is also a former hockey athlete who served for the Beerschot club. Previously, he also played for other teams like Sheffield Hallam, Bowton, Surbiton, etc.

Who Is Maddie Hinch's Partner?
Brendan Creed is rumored to be Maddie Hinch’s partner (CC: SoundCloud)

Maddie and Brendan seem to get along very well, and fans are convinced enough about their secret romantic bond. Why secret? That’s because neither of them has ever confirmed their relationship status. We are unsure if Maddie Hinch and Brendan Creed are a couple. 

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What about Maddie Hinch’s gay rumors? The former hockey player has not yet revealed or opened up about her sexuality. So, we are unsure about that.

However, if her relationship with Brendan Creed turns out to be romantic, then these gay rumors will be proved wrong. In case you don’t know, it all started after Maddie won the 2016 Summer Olympics, along with Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh. Well, these two are married. Don’t you think it’s very lame to consider Maddie gay based on the sexuality of the other two? It makes no sense! 

Maddie being 34 years old, fans are convinced that she must be married. But she never talked about it in front of the cameras. Hopefully, she has not yet gotten hitched. In other words, she never mentioned having her husband by her side during the matches. Also, if you follow Maddie Hinch on social media, you will not find any posts that would highlight her love life. 

Who Is Maddie Hinch's Partner?
Maddie Hinch (CC: Instagram)

It seems like Maddie Hinch is quite a private person. Based on how she appears, it feels like she doesn’t like to bring her personal life to the front of the media attention. At present, Maddie seems to be maintaining a busy lifestyle, and that is all because of her career. 

On the other hand, Maddie Hinch’s partner is still something her fans are curious about. The speculation is very much active, as she has been staying tight-lipped about it. What do you think? Is something romantic cooking between Maddie Hinch and Brendan Creed? Well, Brendan has also not addressed Maddie as his girlfriend. 

Best wishes to Maddie Hinch for the upcoming days of her life. You may give this double Olympic medalist a following on her Instagram account for more updates. We will love it if Maddie’s relationship rumors with Brendan are true. What do you think? 

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