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Diablo Immortal Season 2: Everything You Should Know

Diablo Immortal season 2
diablo immortal season 2

The first problematic Season of Diablo Immortal is coming to a close. Here is all the information we have about Diablo Immortal’s Season 2. Diablo Immortal has had a rather rocky start since its release. The game received poor reviews even before it was released, but the first few weeks of its release have been marred by controversy, with some players reporting extremely horrific experiences. Is this going to carry over into Season 2?

The majority of Diablo enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Diablo 4, but many others remain hopeful that Diablo Immortal could be saved. However, due to the game’s emphasis on microtransactions as well as pay-to-win elements, many gamers have already quit.

When does Diablo Immortal Season 2 start?

The second season of Diablo Immortal premiered on July 7 at 3:00 AM server time. If you play on a local server, it will go live at 3:00 am in your time zone. At that time, the new Bloodsworn Battle Pass will also go live, offering players the chance to go through the subsequent 40 ranks and acquire a ton of brand-new items. This also applies to the priceless Legendary Gems, but they will also reset on August 4, 2022. In the next section, we explain the Battle Pass details for this Blizzard Activision game.

Diablo Immortal Season 2

Diablo Immortal has a lot of problems, can Blizzard solve them for season 2?

Battle Pass Details

Here is all the information we currently have regarding the Diablo Immortal Season 2 Battle Pass system. A Gift of Renown becomes available for every 180 Battle Points earned once you achieve rank 40 in the Season 2 Battle Pass. Actually, every time you open a new Gift of Renown, you’ll also receive 100 Hilts and 150 Scrap Materials because they are the exact same gifts that were given out in Season 1.

The Fervent Fang two-star Legendary Gem is available once you use the Free Battle Pass to attain rank 40. Additionally, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Seled’s Weakening, a Legendary Gem with one star.
  • x12 Regular Gems
  • Legendary off-hand weapon x 1.
  • Rare Crests x11
  • Legendary Crest, one
  • Charms x8
  • Reforge Stone x3
  • Reforge Stone x1 at random
  • A total of 2,100 scrap
  • 7,900 Hilts
  • Enchanted Dust, 1

Everything above will be made available to those who purchase the premium “Empowered” Battle Pass, along with the following benefits:

  • Cosmetic Bloodsworn Weapon
  • Cosmetic Bloodsworn Armor
  • Thank You Chat Emoji
  • Headache emoji in chat
  • Two-star Legendary Gem Fervent Fang
  • One-star Legendary Gem Seled’s Weakening x3
  • x27 Regular Gems
  • Rare Crests x12
  • Legendary Crests, two
  • Aspirant’s Key, x30
  • Scoria x55

 Season 2 Battle Pass Price Details

Costing between $4.99 and £4.49 is the premium “Empowered” Diablo Immortal Battle Pass. It’s absolutely optional, of course, but it can speed up growth and increase the strength of your character. When purchasing the Empowered Pass, you can additionally benefit from a different option that, once installed, allows you to level up by 14 levels. The price of the second choice is £12.99, or roughly USD 12.99. Many people might reject these choices as pay-to-win strategies and refuse to part with their money. This is acceptable because players who choose not to use microtransactions can still advance, albeit more slowly.

How To Get The Diablo Season 2 Battle Pass?

The Diablo Immortal Battle Pass won’t be available to you at first. It will take you about an hour of gameplay to reach the Mad King’s Breach. You will have access to the Battle Pass if you have defeated the boss in this region. You can take your pick between the free Battle Pass and the expensive “Empowered” edition by simply opening the menu in the top-left corner.

Diablo Immortal Season 2

A screenshot of the gameplay

Should you get Diablo Immortal’s premium Empowered Battle Pass?

How much do you want to do in Diablo Immortal will determine whether or not you purchase the expensive “Empowered” Battle Pass. If you have it, you’ll receive additional incentives for each rank, some of which are very valuable. Gems, particularly Legendary Gems, which are incredibly scarce in the game, are mostly responsible. With this information, we conclude our topic coverage here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, happy gaming, and see you soon.

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