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What Is The Best Time To Post On TikTok? Here’s How To Crack The Algorithm

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Since the popularity of TikTok, social media has gained a new meaning. Nowadays, with the easy accessibility of the internet, everyone gets to express their creativity. However, the views and likes are addicting, and it’s harder to stand out among billions of monthly users. This is where the algorithm comes to play.

The algorithm is what makes viewing unique for every user out there. TikTok explains the algorithm as a “recommendation system that delivers content to each user that is likely to be of interest to that particular user.” Usually, social media kept their algorithms a secret, but now they are more transparent.

It helps the user to find the content they would like to watch based on the people they follow, the content they interact with, the content they report, the hashtags they follow, and much more. But this is all about how it helps the viewers. How does it help the creators?

If done right, creators can benefit a lot. There are many suggestions like finding your niche, using the correct hashtags, posting with engaging captions, and being consistent. Among these, the most important suggestion would be to post at the right time. Posting at the right time will increase the chances of more people stumbling across your post.

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How Does TikTok Algorithm Work?

The TikTok algorithm is not much different from the Instagram or Facebook algorithm. It depends on how much you use the app and engage with your viewers. Let us take a look at how the algorithm works:

  • Rate of engagement. The more a post is liked and engaged within a small amount of time, the more it will be shown to a larger audience. The number of shares matters as well since they bring more views.
  • Target audience. Where are most of your target audience located? What language is your target audience familiar with? Make sure to keep these questions in mind before posting next time.
  • Content details. Remember to stick to the niche. By the time you’ve already created five posts, your audience will learn what to expect from you. Remember to not delve away from the niche topic as it might make even your long-time followers unfollow.
  • Hashtags. This one might seem tricky, but it’s not. Keep in mind not to spam thirty hashtags in a post and not to put generic hashtags like “#trending” and “#love”. Keep the hashtags precise so that they don’t look spammy.
  • Time of your post. You may have noticed that different posts perform differently. Find out when your posts bring the most engagement. Make use of TikTok tools and find out your right time.

When Is The Right Time?

Before diving into the topic, please note that there is not one right time. It depends on your time zone and when your followers are usually active. The best thing to do here would be to experiment. Check out when you get the most views. Which of your posts do the best? If you haven’t yet, you need to switch your account to TikTok pro.

TikTok pro provides a section called analytics where you can learn more about how your posts are doing. There are three divisions: Overview, Content, and Followers. Under the “Followers” tab, you can see where most of your followers are located. From there, you can figure out the time zone of your target audience.


Where to find analytics

You can also check when most of your followers are active by days and hours. Under the “days” section, you can see if they are most active on weekends or weekdays. Similarly, you can find out when the best time to post by toggling on the “hours” section. This is how you can easily see a spike in your engagement. Usually, the right time is weekends and leisure time. Use the analytics to figure out when your viewers would be on a break. This might take some experimentation as well, and you’re good to go.

However, besides posting at the right time, you should remember that the content must be of good quality as well. Experiment and be consistent. Who knows, you might be the next TikTok star as well!

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