Missing Movie Ending Explained: How A Daughter Finds Her Missing Mother Through Her Laptop

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Missing Movie Ending Explained
June at the end of Missing Movie (CC: Sony Pictures)

So you just got back from seeing the new screen life mystery thriller by the name of Missing. Now, this film has so many crazy twists and turns and major reveals, which we’ll be discussing as well as explaining the ending in this Missing Movie Ending Explained.

In Missing, we have Grace, a single mother, who goes missing after going on a vacation with her boyfriend. Grace’s daughter June tries to track her down just using her laptop and an internet connection.

But before we get into all those fun topics, let me know what you all thought about those twists and turns. Where are they predictable? Did you not enjoy him? Did you not see him coming? And how did you all feel about the ending of the Missing Movie? Did it work? Did it not work?

Missing Movie Explained

To begin, let’s start with what happened to Grace Allen and answer the question, who is Grace Allen? We opened the film on April 13th, 2008. As we’re introduced to a young June, playing with a camcorder with her father, James, who we are led to believe is sick due to him having a Nosebleed.

This is shortly followed up with a scene showing Grace seamlessly deleting all her accounts online and listening to voicemails from family and friends saying that they’re sorry to have heard what happened and that they will be missed now. As an audience member, we’re led to believe that James has passed away, but we’ll talk about James a little later.

Missing Movie Ending Explained
Grace and June on FaceTime (CC: Sony Pictures)

Fast forward to the present day, we see June is now 18 years old, and her mother is headed on vacation with her new boyfriend by the name of Kevin Lin, who seems to be a good guy. But immediately, I had to know how Kevin managed to pull someone as good as Grace. Now I’m just kidding, not really. But let’s get into this relationship.

Grace Leaves With Kevin And Goes Missing

Grace is 43 years old, a single mother, and she’s looking for a partner in life and is most likely interested in someone she can connect with on an emotional level and bond with. And Kevin seems to check off all the boxes.

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But it’s important to note he knew all the right things to say to her because Kevin knew someone very close to Grace, and he even knew her favorite band was New Addition. Now how did he possibly know that? Well, he knows her ex, which we’ll save for a little bit later.

As Grace and Kevin are leaving, I thought it was very interesting that Kevin appeared to have wanted to tell June something very important. Now, was he gonna mention something about June’s father, or was he gonna just tell her that he wanted her blessings and to marry her mother?

Let me know your thoughts. But I personally think he was just gonna see if he can get the blessing from June on proposing to her mom, but let me know your thoughts. But things seem to be going great as June is partying away while her moms are on vacation. And her mom is sending text messages letting her know that everything’s OK.

But that, to me, was our first red flag because very early on, the film establishes how much Grace likes to check in with June, and there’s no way that she would have been so vague and just left her text messages on her boyfriend’s phone. So to me, that was red flag #1.

Missing Movie Explained
Grace and Kevin (CC: Sony Pictures)

Now, after not arriving at the airport as planned, June knows that something is wrong, and this is where the film gets his first suspect, and that is Kevin. June uncovers his past as she hacks into his e-mail as well as looks into the dating app in which they first met, and she learns that Kevin has a past. Kevin has actually spent some time in jail because he used to be a scammer. And he has a history of scamming women in particular.

Grace’s Real Name Is Sarah

We see June get some help from Javier in Colombia, as well as FBI Agent Park. We see that Kevin and Grace are kidnapped and held for ransom. But as June looks into those messages from her mother, she finds out that it wasn’t her mother on vacation. Instead, it was a hired actress. Now that was one of the biggest reveals to me. But let me know what you all thought about that moment in the film.

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Kevin is now the prime suspect. And now the best friend of Grace, the lawyer, Heather, is found to be in connection with Kevin. But after being murdered, we learned that she was trying to protect June. But she was also keeping Grace’s true identity a secret, as we learned that she previously went by the name of Sarah.

So now it is believed that Grace, AKA Sarah, has staged this whole thing. But things get even more complicated once we see Kevin killed by the police for not listening to their orders. And we are now back to square one. Where is Grace, and how is this in connection to her past as Sarah?

Now after starting to lose hope, we see June gives it one more try to get into her mother’s e-mail, and she decides to use a nickname she was given, which is June bug. And she connects a block e-mail to Kevin’s account and finds a cryptic website in which we see Kevin was in connection with the mysterious person.

We learned that that same person has had security cameras set up and all put together by Kevin, including the plans with Grace as June pieces the location of that camera to the same location that she grew up in as a kid.

Missing Movie Explained
James and Kevin were cellmates (CC: Sony Pictures)

James Is Still Alive

Now knock, knock at the door, pretending earlier to be a sponsor of Kevin’s recovery from prison, it is revealed that it is James, AKA June’s father. Now personally, I had a feeling that he was alive this whole time. And that’s because I’m always a believer that if we don’t see a funeral or if we don’t see a body, that person is still alive. Let me know if you all were surprised that James is still alive.

Now James explains that he never died and he was looking for her, but her mother made up for his death. Because Grace, AKA Sarah, never wanted him to be in her life because she was so controlling. And she has this side that June doesn’t know because her mother is capable of doing terrible things.

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But he slips up about his time in prison, and June realizes that James and Kevin were cellmates and that they came up with this plan together. James takes June against her own will and takes her back to the old house where Sarah is located, and this is where we learn that James was actually an abusive husband and sold drugs.

Missing Movie Ending Explained

Sarah calls the police on James, and this explains where he’s been this whole time but also explains the reason why she had to change her name to Grace and also explains the relationship between her and Heather, the lawyer who helps people in these difficult situations. Going back to that opening scene, this now makes more sense that she was leaving an abusive relationship versus her husband actually dying.

Missing Movie
June sees her old videos (CC: Sony Pictures)

A wrapping up the movie, we see James spiraling completely out of control. He shoots Grace in the stomach, but she manages to stab him in the neck. He leaves the room, locks him in that same room, and he dies. He’s leaving Grace to die.

But we get such a great call back as we see Grace was someone that you Siri for everything. June looks at the camera, sees her phone, and has Siri call 911. We get a happy ending with the mother and daughter. We see Javier is back in touch with his son but RIP to Heather.

I thought the ending, if I’m being honest, was a little bit ridiculous. But I do like how it was all set up, and I like how it all ties back to the mother and daughter coming back together. So that is Missing Movie Ending Explained. Again, let me know what you all think about all those twists and turns. What did you all think about the ending?

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