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Oh! My Sunshine Night Episode 12: Release Date, Streaming Guide And Preview

Oh! My Sunshine Night Episode 12
Oh! My Sunshine Night Episode 12

Oh! My Sunshine Night is a Thai BL drama. A light watch, Oh! My Sunshine Night will kind of keep you entertained though the story is predictable. The actors did a good job of portraying their roles. Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert played the role of “Khim” / Khimhant Kannakool.

Ohm was previously part of projects like Suk Sanaeha Kraithong Chalawan, Between Us, Close Friend Season 2, Saneha Stories 3: Saneha Maya, Until We Meet Again, Romantic Blue, Oh! My Sunshine Night: Behind The Scenes, Oh! My Sunshine Night: Special Scoop and Until We Meet Again Special, among others. 

Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as “Sun” / Tawan Theekhakorn. Fluke is a Thai actor who has been part of projects like Between Us, Close Friend Season 2, My Bromance 2: 5 Years Later, Poot Ratikarn, Until We Meet Again, Wai Sab Saraek Kad 2, Nong Mai Rai Borisut, My Bromance 2: Movie Edition, Thailand Only, Great Fictions and Admission among others. 

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Oh! My Sunshine Night Episode 11 Recap

On his way home, Sun meets Pie and engages in a casual conversation. It was then interrupted by Kim’s presence, and due to some reasons, he wasn’t very pleased to see Sun talking to Pie. Meanwhile, Sun and Kim went to the former’s apartment. 

Sun revealed how he was born with a heart condition, and the same was for his brothers. That’s why he passed away. Though superstitious, his parents believed that their presence may affect Sun’s life and that he stays alone. 

“It might be true as I am still breathing, with the price of being alone”. 

Kim saw the telescopes at Sun’s place, to which he said that many people still believe that at an interval of 70 years when a comet appears, and if one makes a wish while witnessing it, then it will be fulfilled. 

On the other hand, Baibua overhears Payoo’s plan to leave. When he tried to stop her, Baibua mentioned how she had it all set and what she would say. However, now it feels all messed up. She leaves leaving behind Payoo in a dilemma.  

Oh! My Sunshine Night Ep 12

A Still From The Series

Later, on his way, Payoo met Kim. When he told him about his farewell party at work, Kim even asked if he was alright working with his father. Nobody wants him to leave, and according to him, Payoo staying will be the only correct thing. To this, Payoo denied and left. 

His father mentioned how he had been staying at that place even before Payoo was born. He will continue to serve the masters, and if Payoo wants to leave, he can. 

Oh! My Sunshine Night Ep 12

A Still From The Serie

Kim later encounters Sun, and he lies to him that he came to buy stuff from the supermarket. Meanwhile, when Payoo’s father got to know that he had left Kim alone, he was a bit disappointed. To this, Payoo told him that Kim was not a child anymore, and if he forbids him to do anything, then he would abide by it. 

At the supermarket, Sun and Kim cross paths with Pie (we can understand how Kim’s facial expression will be). At Sun’s place, everyone gathered to have a gala meal; however, Kim accidentally had shrimp to which he was allergic. 

Preview Of Episode 12

As expected, after having those shrimps, Kim’s health was affected. Meanwhile, many other interesting turns are there to look forward to. Meanwhile, Rain found a mysterious door at the back of the stable, where he found bottles of wine.

A Still From The Series

Where To Watch Oh! My Sunshine Night Episode 12? Online Streaming Details 

Oh! My Sunshine Night Episode 12 will be available on its original broadcasting network. You can find snippets of the drama on Youtube as well. 

When Will Oh! My Sunshine Night Episode 12 Release?

Oh! My Sunshine Night Episode 12 will release on 19th September 2022. The series presents a calm storyline where there isn’t a lot going on; however, surely, it connects the right chords. 

The chemistry between the leads is endearing, and every episode presents newness in some way or the other. It must be mentioned how music played such an important role in the series. The upcoming episodes will shed some light on the existing mysteries, so keep watching Oh! My Sunshine Night. 

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