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My Mister K-Drama Review: Is It Worth The Watch?

My Mister K-drama Review
My Mister K-drama Review.

The 2018 k-drama, My Mister, is considered one of the best slice-of-life k-dramas in the Asian drama scene. The k-drama has an absolutely stellar cast and an intriguing yet relatable storyline. My Mister has also won several awards, including Best Drama at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards. My Mister k-drama review has been mostly positive. But is it really worth watching the k-drama? My Mister follows Lee Ji An, a young girl with a lot of debt to pay back, and Park Dong Hoon, a middle-aged engineer. As both of them works at the same office, they eventually get close and help each other heal their scars.

“Hotel Del Luna” fame IU aka Lee Ji Eun plays the role of Lee Ji An. She is a 21-year-old woman who has to pay her mother’s huge debts. Along with that, she also has to take care of her deaf grandmother. When she was in middle school, she was convicted of murdering a loan shark. Currently, she’s temporarily working at this company and is supposed to find Don Hoon’s weaknesses.

My Mister K-drama Review

My Mister K-drama Review: A still from the show.

Meet The Cast And Characters of The K-Drama My Mister!

Diary of a Prosecutor fame Lee Sun Kyun plays the role of Park Dong Hoon. He’s the middle child and has two brothers, i.e., Park Sang Hoon and Park Gi Hoon. Working as a structural engineer, he’s the most successful out of the three brothers. He is quiet and stoic but would do anything for the people he loves. In his family, we meet Byun Yo Soon (played by Go Doo Shim), Dong Hoon’s mother. She is always worried about her elder son living away from the family and her younger son not getting married.

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Dong Hoon’s elder brother Park Ho San was fired from his job and then ran two failing businesses. He’s a romanticist at heart and always thinks about ways to find happiness. Dong Hoon’s younger brother Park Gi Hoon used to be a genius director as he once shot a short film. But moving forward by 20 years, he is yet to start his successful career. We also meet Dong Hoon’s wife, Kang Yoon Hee (played by Lee Ji Ah). She’s cheating on her husband with his boss Joon Young, who is also his college junior.

My Mister K-drama Review

My Mister K-drama Review: A still from the show.

My Mister K-Drama Review: Is It Worth The Watch?

Talking about My Mister k-drama review, it is definitely worth a watch. Having an open ending, the k-drama My Mister ends on a beautiful note. The writer of the show, Park Hae Young, is known to write realistic characters. The main characters part ways, meet again later, and then part ways again after greeting each other with respect and love. For the ones who are a fan of platonic relationships instead of the romantic ones, it’s a must-watch. Throughout the story, we see Dong Hoon and Ji An getting close to each other. But the two never cross the limits in the context of romance and are still able to help each other.

But if you are a fan of cliche k-dramas who always hope for the main leads to end up together, My Mister might come as unfulfilling to you.

We do get an ending where the two main leads are doing amazing in their lives. (Park Dong Hoon left his old job and started his own company and is doing amazing. And Ji An left the city and is living on her own terms with a new identity) But the two parted ways. They did meet again and were happy to join each other for a meal. But the two say goodbye once again and go their own ways. But in the end, if you do decide to watch My Mister, it is guaranteed to make you cry.

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