What Happened On The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10? Ariel Goes Home

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The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10
Zach with Ariel (CC: ABC)

Zach had been telling us for quite a few weeks that he would not have Sex week. But when it was time for Sex week, he Failed. Gagged, Gooped, jaw on the floor. They got me. I did not see this one coming.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 was here with the Fantasy suites. And if like me, you thought this was going to be a tame ending and all of those previews were just faking us out? Think again.

Now to set the scene for this Fantasy suite disaster in Thailand. We open Episode 10 with Zach having a sit down with Jesse Palmer to discuss the importance of the week ahead, and it’s here where Zach reveals his game plan to avoid all the mess that happened with Clayton’s Season.

So Zack was like, “No sex. No, no, no sex of any kind for Fantasy”. So just like my 7th-grade Sex Ed teacher, Zach says the best way to avoid making a mess of things is to look in the mirror and say “I practice abstinence”. So Jesse Palmer asks Zach if he really thinks that he can pull this off because it’ll be tough. And Zach says that it will be hard but he will control his animalistic behavior.

What Happened On The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10?

So to start The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 with Zach’s week of avoiding that animalistic desire, production throws him to Aerial. And you know this is gonna be good when right out of the gate you have Aerial says that being physical for her with someone is definitely a big part of loving a person, and getting to know them. Then she goes on to say that she can’t wait to keep exploring her relationship with Zach.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10
Zach and Ariel on a date (CC: ABC)

Now on this date, Zach and Ariel will be hitting up a nighttime market to partake in some local delicacies. And well, the food gets spicier, the night gets hotter. But when things hit the dinner portion of their date, Zach pours some cold water over the whole thing by telling her that this week, sex is off the table. At which point Aerial throws fire back on the whole thing by telling Zach, that after hearing that she will not sleep with him, but sleep with him. 

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So, time to cue the fantasy suite card and get these two to their room. And boy oh boy or the editors working overtime to up the feeling that temptation is in the air as they play this sexy music. But despite the shots of their clothes all over the floor the morning after, these two managed to make it through the night without breaking Zach’s vow.

Zach And Gabi’s Date

This means we’re now on to the Second fantasy suite of the week with Gabi. She was both excited and nervous about her date, as lately she’s been kind of freaking out about this whole experience. Now, on this day to Zach and Gabi will be hitting the water and sailing to a private beach. And here, Gabi really wants to tell Zach she’s falling in love with him, but at the same time, she’s getting in her own head.

Gabi says that in her previous relationships, she was chosen second. And then she goes on to say that not seeing Zach for so long and then being the second one in Fantasy Suite made her feel bad.

Well, Gabi goes off to have a cry as she’s having a bit of a freakout. She then tells Zach this has nothing to do with him, she’s just been cheated on in the past and the feeling of being second is something that really gets to her. All the while Zach reassures her that the order of Fantasy Suites and her being the second one is in no way a reflection of his priorities.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10
Zach with Gabi (CC: ABC)

And so Gabi feels all better just in time for them to head to the night portion of their date and for Zach to say that he won’t be going through with the Sex week. Well, this comes as a bit of a surprise to Gabi, who responds like “that really bummed me out, man”. Then she says that it is OK anyways and she can’t wait to show Zack her skincare routine.

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So these two head off to their fantasy suite where I really hope they’ve got a good selection of board games. And while Zach has no plans for the night, Gabi on the other hand is open to an audible. Well, it’s now the morning after and once again we’re teased with the storyline of did they or didn’t they do it? Except for this time, to my surprise, there’s no clear “no we didn’t” like there was with Ariel.

Zach Had Sex With Gabi

Then we cut to Zach saying that something special happened between him and Gabi in the fantasy suite. This was then followed by Jesse Palmer coming in to specifically address something Zach has to come clean about. So Zach says to Jesse that he knows that he said that “sex was off the table”, but things have changed for him now.

And suddenly I was off my couch like, “Oh my God, OK, it’s happening.” So Zach reveals that he had sex with Gabi. OK, they got me good. I can honestly say I did not expect Zach to actually break his no-sex week vow. And no offense to her, but I thought Gabi was the least likely one he’d do it with.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10
Zach and Gabi do the deed (CC: ABC)

However, here’s the new problem Zach has pretty much told everyone in Thailand that he’s not having sex this week. So as he puts it, how can he go forward with Katie’s fantasy suite knowing he has this secret? So he wants to come clean. First up is Gabi’s place to tell her his plan going forward is to tell everyone about the “Sex Thing”.

Now Zach reiterates that he’s falling in love with Gabi and she’s someone who, quote, “would be awesome to go through life with”. But now Zach has to go and tell Katie and maybe make her feel special too, leaving Gabi with mixed feelings. She says that she is feeling a little bit blindsided because everything that was going to be private between them is now going to be known to everyone.

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Then Zach goes on a date with Katie and tells her that he was intimate with Gabi and that he wanted to be honest. But of course, Katie gets sad after hearing this from Zach. And Zach tries his best to cheer her up.

Who Gone Home In The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10?

As they go from Katie’s date and into the row ceremony where, yes, the show did cut out the morning-after portion of Zach and Katie’s date, Gabi starts to express how Zach trying to make things right for the other women is having the opposite effect with her. So Gabi says that it was great to hear that Zach is falling in love with her. But in a way, she feels like Zach has cleared his conscience at the expense of her heart.

And when Zach arrives and starts Monologuing about breaking his intimacy vow, leaving Aerial standing there like “what the hell happened here?” Zach hand out his first rose to Katie. This leaves Ariel and Gabi where it shouldn’t surprise you how things go.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10
Ariel goes home (CC: ABC)

Now Zach pulls Aerial side, who is just very strong throughout this whole thing. I gotta think he told her about his night with Gabi at some point before this and they just cut it from the show. But as Ariel is sent off to be one of the hottest commodities in the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, Katie is back with Gabi telling her she knows she was the only one with whom Zach had Sex with.

So for those of you wondering, looks like nothing happened with Zach and Katie the night of their fantasy suite. However, Gabi is feeling like she’s wearing the scarlet letter, and worse yet, that guilt Zach is causing him to focus on Katie leaving Gabi once again feeling like the second choice.

So Gabi says that she has this very uncomfortable feeling and that Zach was only making eye contact with Katie when she felt like she had just been put through the wringer. But this is it. Two women, one scandal, plus a lot of questions before the finale, and I for one am way more invested than I thought I would be.

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