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Spoilers: Kengan Omega Chapter 97

Kengan Omega

The battle between Alan and Raian continues with Raian being possessed by Alan’s technique. His eyes had switched to black color, and Ohma yells at him to watch out. Kazuo comments that something is wrong with Raian, and he asks if he is okay. Alan wanted to tell Raian about Wu Clan. But he ends up telling him to stop bragging while Edward Wu and Xia Ji are surprised. Kure Eroh comets that Rikuto has been killed. 

Eroh realizes that Ruko was on the line to be a patriarch and was after the worm’s head. The other members of the Kure Clan comment that they will avenge Rukuto’s death. They will also crush every last member of the worm, and they think that Rikuto was betrayed. No worm could stand a chance against Rikuto. They realize that worm was a joint operation between the Wu Clan, Kure Clan, and the Westward Faction.

Kengan Omega Chapter 97 will hit on  Thursday, 11 February 2021. Kenga Omega hits every Thursday; try more updates here: Kengan Omega Chapter 96. Let us find out below who will be victorious between Alan and Raian. 

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Previously on Chapter 96

Edward Wu wishes that he should have known that the Westward Faction was fighting with the worm for a long time. The Kure Clan also wants Edward Wu to pay, and they vow that they won’t let him get away. Edward Wu is the Westward Faction leader, and Xia Ji comments that Raian is looking at them. Xia thinks that Raian will come after them when he is finished with Alan. Edward looks away from the battle and comments that it is over. 

Alan yells at Raian if he has lost the will to fight, and he is stronger than him. Raian replies that he will spare Alan if he just accepts defeat. Alan replies that no brat can tell him that, and he charges at Raian. Raian unleashed a Kure Clan technique called Avidya. Raian started to punish Alan with barrages of punching and send him to mid-air using a hard slam. When Alan gets back to the ground, Raian landed a Buddha Kill.


Alan tries to fight back, and he receives a mountain breaker with a double punch. Raian did not want to give Alan a chance, and he landed a leg thrust. Lolong realizes that Raina is strong. Alan noticed that he is being destroyed and decided to bite Raian at his neck’s right side. Alan’s teeth couldn’t cut Raian muscles, and he receives a right hook that made him stumble. Raian comments that this is how the removal is done.

Raian went berserk and held Alan’s mouth with his two hands trying to kill him. Raina told Alan that they would meet in hell and fight again. Raian cuts Alan’s body in half by reaping his mouth. Raian told the ref Shi Alisa that the match is over and he is disqualified. He also told the ref to announce that Alan has won, but he is dead. The fans can’t believe that the competitions have turned to coffins. Alisa is surprised at what is happening

Raian rushes out of the ring, heading to settle some scores with someone outside the ring. The commentators’ comment that what is happening g is unacceptable. Raian killed Alan on purpose, and it’s not like the way Naidan has being killed by mistake. Jerry reveals that the matter is being investigated. Kengan Association might end up losing some points. Jubrota thinks that Raian is out of his mind, and Lolong thinks that Raian is the strongest man in Kure Clan. 

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega


Edward Wu and Xia Ji are walking on the passage, and Edward realizes that Alan has been killed. He remembers when he says Raian is unleashing a removal technique and comments that it is over. Edward also comments that Raian was too good to face Alan. Xia asks if Raian wasn’t supposed to win. Edward landed an uppercut on Xia’s chin, telling him to relax. He also grabs Xia by his hair when he is rolling on the ground.

Xia asks Edward to spare him, and Edward told Xia not to take the game seriously because it is embarrassing to him. He comments that when people are killing each other, it is entertaining. Edward said Raian killed his other half and asked Xia what they should do with him. At the same time, Kure Eroh talks with Wu Jin at the stage. Eroh comments that the Kure Clan is pulling out. They will contact the Wu Clan and will b in touch regarding indemnity for negligence.

 Nogi Hideki calls Eroh that he is a son of that ”B” and asks him if he realizes what he has done. Nogi comments that he wan a victory from Eroh, and what is happening is unacceptable. Eroh remarks that they value their contract; that is why they are pulling out. The two argue about it while Edward and Xia are up to something. Katahara told Nogi that Eroh wouldn’t change his mind. They have also found out that Edward Wu is the worm that infiltrating the Kengan Association and Purgatory.

They conclude that he is the traitor, and Nogi has to make a decision. He has to decide whether the competition continues or not. You can get the latest Kengan Omega Manga chapters on the Manga One magazine and mobile app. You can try to support the creator by buying the magazine and support the official release. 

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