Bros On Foot Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Bros On Foot Episode 5 recap
Bros On Foot Episode 6: release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Bros on Foot Episode 6’s release date is here. The followers of this new Korean drama are waiting to learn everything about the next episode. This post will enlist Bros on Foot Episode 6’s release date, streaming guide, and the recent episode’s recap.

We saw that even though they are still extremely weary, the team prepares a massive brunch for themselves when they awaken to a sunny and bright day. They eat outside while surrounded by a ring of glacier mountains.

Their dishes are piled high with steaks and vegetables fried in copious amounts of butter. Ji, thinking that the kimchi’s sharp flavor will help cut the fat, stealthily takes out his favorite kimchi seasoning and generously shakes out amounts for them to use as dipping salt.

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Recap of episode 5 Bros On Foot

It does make a difference because the guys no longer pick at their meal but instead gobble it up. Ji tucks the seasoning back into his pocket while grinning and saying nothing else. Lee PD mentions it even, to which he responds, “What? I own it. I also consume this with red wine.

Bros On Foot Episode 5 recap
A still from the show.

Fans are now calling him the kimchi spice fairy, just wandering around New Zealand with hands in the pockets of spice. It’s like he doesn’t trust the staff not to take his seasoning, so he’s just keeping it near. They depart in pursuit of their next assignment, walking the renowned Hooker Valley route.

It’s busier than ever. When a cute toddler walks by enthusiastically with his pants slipping down, Ji-Hoon refers to it as being the “Justin Bieber way” when the guys are out people-watching. Although Jung-woo and Jin-gu appear uneasy as the first of three swinging bridges loomed before them, they managed to cross without difficulty.

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Jin-gu, contrary to Jung-woo, doesn’t fear heights, but he detests structures with glass floors or footbridges. Given that it is longer, the next bridge presents a significant problem for the team. I don’t feel really good, Jung-woo mutters as he lumbers across the street before bursting into a run.

Jin-gu is terrified due to his dash, which causes the bridge to tremble even more: “Hyung! Settle down! Hyung!” Since it’s terrifying, let’s rush off the bridge, Ji-hoon comfortingly says before launching into an overdone running hop that rattles the bridge once more.

As he crosses the bridge, the poor Jin-gu only yells, “This hyung’s crazy too!” The four take in the breathtaking scenery as they hike further along the route and get nearer to Hooker Lakes. Ji-hoon and Jung begin to discuss how frequently they have traveled and how this is their first experience camping out of all their journeys.

It’s interesting to hear them converse about one another because it shows how close they are. Ji-hoon claims that they clicked immediately when they first met when shooting Along with the Gods. Jung-woo refers to ji-hoon affectionately and more as a family than a friend.

Bros On Foot Episode 5 recap
A still from the show.

Ji-hoon particularly resembles a young relative or perhaps a niece. Ji-hoon recalls Jung-woo as being tall, dark, attractive, and having a husky voice. Famous noir actor from Korea. A girl with large feet, too. They identified each other as soul mates, according to Ji-hoon.

The third swing bridge again disturbs the tranquil atmosphere. It might be the worst of all of them because they can see it moving from a distance. Jin tries to persuade Min to continue without him, yet Min isn’t willing to be left alone.

When Min begins to jump in front of him, Jin speaks into Min’s camcorder, saying, “Hello everybody, I’ve conquered my fear—” but soon breaks out in loud, tense laughter. Ji joins in on the excitement and jogs by Min while making fun of the fact that he forgot his wallet. Jin travels steadily over despite his hyungs and eventually reaches land.

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When are the Bros on Foot Episode 6’s Release Date?

Bros on Foot Episode 6’s release date is February 17, 2023. Bros on Foot Episode 6 will premiere via TVING at 4 pm KST in Korea. At the same time, fans from across the world can stream Bros on Foot Episode 6 at 12.30 pm IST, 6 pm AEDT, and 7 am GMT.

Bros on Foot Episode 6: Where To Watch 

Bros on Foot Episode 6 will premiere via the Viu app worldwide at the times we listed above for international fans and watchers. Viu will cost any watcher around 2 dollars for the basic pack.

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