Pop Smoke Net Worth After Death

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What was Pop Smoke Net Worth After Death?
Pop Smoke, Credits: US Weekly Entertainment

Who doesn’t know about Pop Smoke, he was one of the biggest rappers in the music industry, however, his 2020 death shocked many of his fans who wanted to know exactly what happened to him. It has been so far many years after Pop’s death but people are still sometimes in confusion to find out what exactly happened to him and how he died. Not only related to his shocking death that shocked the whole country but his net worth after his death was also a buzzing topic for his fans to talk about.

What was his net worth after he died, and also what were the relationships that Pop Smoke was initially involved in? This article will give you a brief detail regarding each and every piece of news about Pop Smoke, but before going deep into the article, there are also many who may not know much about Pop Smoke.

Pop Smoke was an American rapper, and songwriter, who initially started his career in 2018, but unfortunately, his career ended in 2020 when he died due to insane tragic incidents. Being the newest gem of the industry, the rapper grew an insane amount of fame over a very shorter period of time, let us dive straight into the article to get some greater details.

What was Pop Smoke’s Net Worth After Death?

Pop Smoke was the newest legend that was greatly emerging within the industry, but who knew that this great legend would pass in shorter periods of time? He started his career in 2018, and with a very shorter span he grew insanely, his popularity doubled over the years with the kind of quality plus great rap music that he brought to the audience table.

What was Pop Smoke Net Worth After Death?
Pop Smoke, Credits: Variety

His debut single was MPR, but his career rose to fame with the release of his next big breakout singles ‘Welcome to the Party’ and ‘Dior’ in 2019. And not only released his biggest singles, he even collaborated with popular music artists such as Nicki Minaj, and famous rapper personalities within the Hollywood industry.

But as far as his net worth is concerned, after his death, it was reported that his net worth was $2 million, which is still great considering the huge variety of popularity that he gained in such a short span of time, many artists even take years to rose to this level of popularity and fame.

How did Pop Smoke die?

Pop Smoke’s death was a very tragic one when in 2020 the world was dealing with the tragic and deadly covid virus, another big and buzzing news was witnessed at that time, the death of the popular rapper Pop Smoke which hugely shocked the Hollywood industry.

Initially, he was shot at his Los Angeles home when he was shot by two young masked gun shooters who accidentally came to his house when he was in the bathroom, stole his gold carrot chains and every other thing that was present there at his house and eventually shot the rapper. His girlfriend at that moment called the police and thus was taken to an emergency state hospital but unfortunately was declared dead at that moment.

It was also indicative that before his death he stole a car to go on his music tour and was seen posting the stolen car and the other rich things over social media, one of the things that he was carrying in the photo that he posted leaked his address which can be the reasons the shooters came to his place and shot him. Also, it is stated that he had some connections with some gang members and was even associated with gangs, before rising to fame.

But so far considering his death, it is shocking to even imagine that young masked shooters were responsible for his death, they were given the death penalty at the end for the act that they committed. 

What was Pop Smoke Net Worth After Death?
Pop Smoke, Credits: The Sun

Pop Smoke’s relationships explained

Pop Smoke was a very private person in terms of his relationships, he generally never openly talked about his relationships or any of these sorts of things. But as per reports, Alyssa Danielle was his long-time girlfriend, she is a model and she was generally involved in a very long relationship with the rapper.

Even she was the one who called the police at that time when the shooters shot the rapper. It looks like she still misses him, her Instagram post is related and dedicated to the rapper’s memories that she shared with them.

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