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Want to know about Steve McQueen net worth? Yes, we are talking about The Sand Pebbles actor who passed away several years ago but is still remembered by all. Often known as The King of Cool, did numerous works in the industry and had more of an anti-hero personality. His fans are lately showing their curiosity about Steve McQueen’s fortune, made until his death. Before getting into that, let’s briefly discuss Steve McQueena’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Terrence Stephen McQueen was indeed a great actor. Some of his great acting credits include The Towering Inferno, Tom Horn, The Hunter, The Reivers, Wanted Dead or Alive, The West Point Story, Trackdown, etc. As mentioned above in the epic war film, The Sand Pebbles, Steve played the role of Jack Holman. For his outstanding performance, he successfully got nominated for the accolades like Golden Globe Award and Academy Award. 

Besides Steve’s acting career, he also penned down a few books which ended up being another source of his income. Despite being his fan, many people didn’t know that he used to consider himself a professional race car driver. Did he earn from that profession? Who inherited his fortune? If you are looking for the details of Steve McQueen net worth at the time of his death, here is what we know. 

Steve McQueen Net Worth
Steve McQueen

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Steve McQueen Net Worth: Earnings At The Time Of His Death 

Talking about his monetary earnings, Steve McQueen net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be a whopping $30 million. Today, that is reportedly equivalent to near about $90 million. As hinted already, a major portion of his income came from Steve being a successful actor. Whereas, his secondary income source was Steve’s writing skills. In 1974, Steve earned a paycheck of $12 million for The Towering Inferno. If calculated, that makes $66 million, at present. That made him one of the highest-paid actors in the world, back then. 

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With Steve McQueen net worth being so huge, the late actor used to lead quite a lavish lifestyle. He invested a massive part of his earnings in real estate properties. Steve purchased a 15.5-acre ranch near Santa Paula, California. To be more exact, it was about 1.5 hours northeast of Los Angeles. Also, it covered an area of 4500 sq. ft, where he used to keep his cars.

In case you dont know, Steve had an immense fascination with motorbikes. Talking about his car collection, he reportedly owned many vintage cars, including- Porsche 911S, Jaguar XKSS, Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, Ferrari 275GTB/4, Ford GT40, Mini Cooper-S, Chevrolet 3800, Chevrolet Styline De Lux Convertible, Hudson Hornet, Lincoln Continental Sedan, and many more. And, he also had around 130 motorbikes. Quite an impressive one! Each of these vehicles is extremely valuable now. 

How can we not mention Steve McQueen’s weakness for watches? The late actor served as the brand ambassador for Heuer and owned several watches. Even today, Tag Heuer continues to pay Steve’s estate to use his picture in their marketing. That’s a strategy and also a form of respect. 

Steve McQueen Net Worth
Steve McQueen

Who inherited Steve McQueen’s fortune? Well, his son, Chad, has become the owner of his Santa Paula residence. Steve was indeed very successful, more precisely a legendary actor during his time. Following that, he successfully added a lump sum amount to Steve McQueen’s net worth. Over the years, Steve’s salary increased and that happened because of the betterment of his performance too. 

It’s been four decades since Steve McQueen passed away. In case you dont know, he died because of pleural mesothelioma. At that time, the actor was in Mexico, undergoing cancer treatment. Nobody easily believed the news as it was premature, being just 50 years old. Fans remember him for his positive influence on the film industry. Which is your favorite Steve McQueen work? 

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