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Wonder Egg Priority

Earlier, Ai and other girls were talking about what has happened to Koito before she dies. Rika suspects that Mr. Sawaki was hitting on her. Momo comments that her uncle is a nice person; he will never hit on girls. Ai hated Mr.Sawaki since he is after her mom. Ai’s mom is not aware that Mr. Sawaki hits on school girls. Ai realizes that even if she told her mom the matter, she wouldn’t believe her. She has noticed how her mom trusts Mr. Sawaki.

The other day Ai saw Mr. Sawaki embracing Koito inside his office. After that incident, Ai hated Mr. Sawaki, and he didn’t even want to see him when he visits her home. Rika comments that Koito must have been pregnant and kills herself out of shame. The girls decided to keep the matter to themself and decided to find solid evidence. Later Neiruvisited the mysterious world and save her sister from the monsters.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 will be airing on Wednesday, 24 February 2021, at 12:00. Wonder Egg Priority is available on AnimeLab and Funimation officially.


Previously on  Episode 6

Ai has revisited a mysterious world; she is protecting Yae Yoshida from the Axe Gang. She met countless creatures and monsters, wondering who are they. Ai just knows the group name of those monsters, but she doesn’t know who they are. An inner voice the guide her reveals that they are known as the Haters.

Ai has done too much to stand out in this world. She killed two of the monsters, but one managed to cut Yae Yoshida’s arm. Ai ask her inner voice who are the Hater are, and it has been revealed that they are envy and spite created Hater for girls among the Seeno Evils. Haters do not have the guts to show their faces, but they have madness.


They are strong in groups, just like their boss. They are after the life of the Heroes in the limelight, and Ai realizes that she is a hero. She manages to open the storeroom and hides with Yoshida. The Haters are still chasing them. When they are inside, Ai asks Yoshida if her wound is okay. She took the small piece of the veil and covered her arm. Ai, ask the girls who she is since she is a mysterious girl to Ai. Yoshida told Ai her full name.

Ai decided to call her Yae and tell Yae to hide inside the storeroom until the bell rings. She knows that the Haters disappear when the bell rings, and they must stay safe until that happens. Ai’s inner voice tells her that she can’t clear the mission if she doesn’t fight. It also told her that they would focus on maintaining the status quo for today. She is told that they have the solution in their mind.

It has been revealed that her inner voice is two of the guys who are watching them every day. They are watching Ai and Yae. Those guys are Acca and Ura-Acca they are two lazy guys who enjoy playing cards. All the time when Ai visited the park, they kept on commenting about youth life. They’re sometimes helpful to Ai since they give her life advice. Ai said that she is worried that Yae is hurt and it is her fault. 



Acca comments that Yae will regenerate in as little as ten minutes in her Egg. The Haters manage to destroy the door. Ai notice that they have found her, and Acca told her that her Priority is to protect the Egg. She has to stay safe until the time runs out, and Ura-Acca said society is built on report, contact, and consult. He told her to say it out loud. Neiru said that their greater objective is, Rika said Wonder on the other side.

Neiru said Egg on the other side, and Ai said Priority. Their objective combine is Wonder Egg Priority. Later after a long battle, the girls have fought on different sides until the bell rings. They returned to their world and met with Acca. Acca is glad that they have managed to come back after surviving a fierce battle with the Haters. Rika comments that who ask the Haters to treat them as heroes.

They are not doing this for fun, and Ai asks Acca about the solution he has on his mind. Acca points at Ura-Acca, who is carrying a small box. He reveals that the box contains things that will support them. Ura-Acca comments that they call it ”power up.” Ai notice that they are giving them pendants, and Acca explains how they work. Later, Ai went back to the other side and defeated the Haters using her new pendant. Yae hugs Ai for risking her life in protecting her.

Episode 7 Preview

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