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Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 4
Jinny's Kitchen Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4’s release date is here. We will recap the recent episodes for those who missed them. The post contains the latest details, such as Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4’s release date and streaming guide.

A young couple walks into Jinny’s Kitchen to begin the scene. Following Seo’s advice, Jinn and the pair place an order with the proprietor. They request Soju, but Seo-jinn explains that they don’t provide alcohol. Seo-Joon informs Seo-jin that they may offer the pair some red wine instead.

While Y, the kimbap expert, serves one to the customers, the chief chef returns to work on the hotdogs and fritters. Customers know the employee, Tae-Hyung, is a boy group singer. Seo-jin demonstrates how to consume the toktokkie to the visitors while Tae-Hyung serves the dish. The couple then receives white and red wine before the corn dogs are presented.

The couple consumes the food while taking Instagram-worthy pictures of the meal. Curiosity makes the staff members turn to stare at the couple. Even though Tae-Hyung speaks to the visitors in Spanish, they confess that they are from Amsterdam. Seo-Joon attempts to prepare the bowl of pasta for the other customer, who has ordered ramen.

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A quick recap

Even though he has trouble using the chopsticks, the older man enjoys his dinner. The staff observes that many more pedestrians are on the road and that they have a new client. However, the father and daughter pair decide that the dishes are uninteresting and depart. After completing their meals, the other visitors also go, and Tae-Hyung cleans the plates in a “cool person” manner.

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 4

A still from the show. Cr: tvN

Tae-hyung says he is enjoying himself and informs Seo-joon that he wishes the restaurant would stay open longer. On the first day, Seo-jin chuckles, but the restaurant closes at 6:50 p.m. Tae-hyung explains that he initially hoped there would be fewer customers since he chose not to work very hard. They are now back at their villa.

The BTS singer admits he was devastated when there were few visitors. Seo-jin cooks dinner for his workers, and the group has spruced up. Seo-jin asserts that they should have more enticing menu choices like their rivals as they discuss their day’s operations.

When Seo-jin claims they might have the potatoes make several types that Seo-Joon has practiced cooking, Yu-mi proposes adding a pig version of the kimbap. While Yu-mi uses a roller for sleep and Seo-jin is nodding off, Tae-Hyung is doing some stretches. Tae-Hyung says he was hankering for jjajangmyeon.

In a flashback, the singer recalls eating ramen each night since they landed in Bacalar. After Seo-jinn calls it a night, Seo-Joon, Yu-mi, and Tae-Hyung split four packs of ramen between them. The gang is dressed in white shorts and collared pants the following day, except for Tae-Hyung, who is wearing black shorts.

The group starts talking about starting organized labor as Seo-jinn and Yu-mi, the two seniors, playfully make fun of Tae-Hyung, the rookie intern. Seo-jinn tells him to change into a pair of white shorts. The episode focuses on Woo-Shik, who is leaving Atlanta for Mexico. He quips that instead of receiving a warm greeting from his coworkers, he will instead face criticism for arriving late.

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 4

A still from the series. Cr: tvN

Woo-Shik expresses excitement at meeting Seojin. Around 12:35 p.m., Tae-Hyung, the appointed driver, takes the group to the restaurant. When the directors ask them if they could open at 2 p.m., Seo-joon is astonished, but they accept the challenge and begin preparing.

While Yu-mi and Tae-Hyung prepare the kimbap, Seo-Joon is constantly working on the tteokbokki, or corn dog batter. Now that Tae-Hyung is an accomplished rice chef, Yu-mi asks the restaurant’s owner, Seo-jinn, for assistance in establishing a new dish, pork belly kimbap.

When Seo-jinn engages with potential clients, Tae-Hyung cooks spicy pork. Many patrons are curious about enjoying Korean cuisine in Mexico and plan to visit in the evening. Three reservations have been made, and Seo-smiley Jin’s cheeks have been returned. The staff welcomes new visitors when the doors open because it’s the weekend. They put in an order for a corndog and a bulgogi kimbap.

When is Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4’s release date?

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4’s release date is March 17, 2023. Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4 will air via tvN at 8:45 p.m. KST. The fans from other shows can watch the show at:

  • For fans living in London: 11.45 a.m. GMT
  • For fans living in India: 5:10 p.m. IST
  • For fans living in Australia: 10:45 p.m. AEDT
  • For fans living in Germany: 12:45 p.m. CET

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4: How to Watch

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4 will stream via Amazon Prime Video at the times we listed above for the viewers living in other nations than Korea. Amazon Prime Video will be only or around 15 dollars.

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