Eden Hazard Net Worth

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Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard (Credit: Fox Sports)

Eden Hazard is one successful Belgian footballer. He’s a national icon and a worldwide star that has had an amazing career in international football. Throughout the years, with his talent and prowess, he’s managed to amass a fortune that’s the nature of our interest today. How has Eden managed to become so wealthy, and what is the nature of his wealth? One thing is for sure, his drive for success and personality sure factor in that.

Eden Hazard began his pro career when he was just 16 years old with Lille. With his talent, impressive performance, and dedication, he was nominated along with Steven Defour, Axel Witsel, Moussa Dembele, and Marouane Fellaini for a Golden Boy Award in 2009.

And after proving his talent, the Chelsea FC scouts working for Roman Abramovich got wind of his talent and eventually scooped him from Lille onto Stamford Bridge, where he would prove to be a great addition to that club. Let’s take a look at this footballer’s trajectory, then.

Eden Hazard
Hazard was transferred to Madrid from Chelsea (Credit: Fox Sports)

Eden Hazard’s Early Life

Eden Hazard grew up surrounded by football, his hometown of La Louvière, Belgium, breathed and lived football, and in 1991, he was born, and in no time, he was kicking a ball. Both his parents —Carine and Thierry— were professional footballers, and his three younger brothers, Kylian, Thorgan, and Ethan, also play the sport.

They say the apple doesn’t fall for the tree, and it is true for Eden because his football career kicked off at the age of four when he joined his hometown club, Royal Stade Brainois. It was clear Hazard’s talent, from a young age, would get him far, and it wasn’t long before he was picked up by French club Lille OSC at just 14 years old to start in the young division, and two years later, he was a pro baller.

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What Is Eden Hazard’s Style Of Play?

Eden is a remarkable attacker, midfielder, and winger whose spark and creativity in those positions made him a crucial element for the offensive strategies of the teams he’s played with and for his national squad. Hazard dribbles past defenders, has excellent vision, and can create goal-scoring opportunities with that lethal turn of pace that cemented his status in the elite circles of football.

Eden Hazard
How rich is the Real Madrid midfielder (Credit: ESPN)

From Lille To Chelsea, To Real Madrid

As stated earlier, Eden Hazard cut his teeth at Lille, debuting back in 2007 with five seasons that culminated in a Ligue 1 title and became one of the most promising talents of Europe back in its day. Then, in 2012 Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea FC signed him for £32 million, becoming one of the club’s legends with 245 caps and 85 goals that earned Stamford Bridge an FA Cup, two Premier Leagues, and a Europa League trophy.

His stellar performances caught the attention of many European clubs, including Real Madrid, that in 2019 booked him for €100 million, making him the most expensive Belgian footballer in history, a salary of about €15 million that boosted his net worth to unprecedented levels. 

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Eden Hazard’s International Career

With that remarkable talent in the offensive midfield, it’s a no-brainer that the Belgian national squad made Hazard a mainstay. He’s played for his national squad with pride since 2008, with more than 100 caps. He was the Belgian squad captain at the 2018 World Cup, reaching the semi-finals. 

When he’s not creating goal-scoring opportunities for Madrid or Belgium, Hazard keeps it mostly to himself. He’s married to Natacha Van Honacker and has three kids. Since Eden plays at Real Madrid, he lives in Madrid with his family, enjoying the perks of his wealth in a luxurious home, drives fancy cars, and likes to have fancy vacations in the Mediterranean.

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Some of his off-field philanthropic work includes working with UNICEF, campaigning for responsible gambling, and doing work for organizations that combat drug addiction. 

Eden Hazard’s Net Worth

As stated earlier, Hazard has a contract with Real Madrid of about €15 million a year that constitutes the bulk of his income on top of the deals he has with Lotus Bakeries, Biscoff biscuits, Topps Trading Cards, Sina Sports from China, and sports apparel brand Nike. We can estimate this Belgian footballer’s net worth north of €100 million. 

Unpacking a little on Hazard’s sponsors, that Nike deal, which dates back to 2007, has been very successful and lucrative for Eden, ranging from ads, his boots, and apparel. Then we have to talk about the Chinese media platform Sina Sports, which booked him since 2015 for ads, appearances, and merchandise. After that is the deal with Lotus Bakeries, Eden does social media ads for them. Furthermore, Eden is featured on Topps collectible cards and in their wrappers for the collectible football cards, for which he charges that company. 

When it comes to spending, Eden is a bit of a family man. He has a couple of houses for his family and owns a stake in San Diego 1904 FC, a US football team with Didier Drogba, Moussa Sow, and Demba Ba. Also, Eden likes fancy cars. We’ve seen him driving Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz, and BMWs. 

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