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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Piccolo Is Here

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 92
Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Manga Plus)

So with the Dragon Ball Super chapter 91 spoilers and raw scans, now scheduled to be released in just about few days, the story now following Dr. Hero’s arrest now seemingly goes on to continue as we now begin to dig deeper to find out exactly how Piccolo discovered the events of what had transpired involving the Red Ribbon Army along with now potentially having to witness the creation of both Gamma 1 and Gamma within the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Finally, we get to see the introduction of Piccolo, who appears to be standing outside with people looking at him. Right from the start, it seems as though Piccolo was waiting for someone. As it turns out, the person Piccolo was waiting for was none other than Pan, who had just come out of school. Piccolo picks her up, and they set off.

This was the time when Piccolo had gone as to tell Pan that this was going to be the beginning of her training because when Gohan was off studying and doing what he did as portrayed in the film, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero.

Piccolo now instead was in charge of having to pick Pan up from school, which of course as you guys can see, just like in the film, Pan now begins her training and it is interesting because she doesn’t know how to fly but even then still wants to go as far as to learn this. As she goes on to point out to Piccolo and reminds him that she believes that she does in fact have what it takes, in order to learn this skill set.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Later in the chapter during Pan’s training, Piccolo was shown pouring water into the well, seconds later as soon as Pan went to turn her head, she notices a frog leaping on over towards the edge, with Piccolo then quickly turns his head noticing that Pan was about to do something very reckless, to which in fact he had every reason to feel this way. 

This is because the second Pan went to leap over the edge in an attempt to catch the frog, Piccolo had now assumed the worst in knowing the fact that even though Pan can not fly, he still cannot bear the risk of anything happening to her until he then quickly notices how Pan was barely hanging onto a breach before having to climb back up.

In a really wholesome way, before Piccolo could even take off his Gi to train Pan, just out of nowhere Pan ended up sneaking behind Piccolo and literally having to chock him as the two were shown struggling, which now goes to sprinkle in a bit more detail in showing us what happened between the two and all the chaos. 

It was also noted by Pan as she explains that Saiyanman is a hero that Goten and Trunks have been turning into this entire time and this goes as far as to prompt Piccolo in remembering how Gohan used to do the same thing as well.

As Pan went on to then inform in letting him know that both Goten and Trunks were here by now banned from doing anything superhero related, only because this entire time, they were not shown studying which a little later on as we then venture on over in seeing what the Red Ribbon Army were up to, it appears as though there was a class in session in reminding all of the students who Dr. Hedo was, along of course with the new head leaders of the Red Ribbon Army themselves. 

It would only seem as though this entire time, something is going on within the Shadows as of course, it also seems that with the Policeman Krillin, now being shown basically being put in charge of putting all the dots and connection together, as everyone is trying together in figuring out what exactly is going on behind the scenes that seem to connect all of these events together. 

It only looks as though Krillin is going to be in charge of putting everything and all of the dots together and getting down to the bottom of this, as it was towards the very end with Carmine now being shown walking towards HQ and now allowing us to meet Magenta for the very first time. 

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