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20 Facts About “My Hero Academia” You Should Know!

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

For the past decade, My Hero Academia has defined itself as one of the big guns in the anime industry. Every season, the show takes its action and storyline to another level, with the latest being the Paranormal Liberation Front Arc. A brilliant depiction of various characters, enormous abilities defined out of their quirks, and emotional depth are what defined the show. The story of Midoriya Izuku wanting to grow up and become a superhero might sound as simple it is. The anime brought a new level to this age-old tale with a world where the human population starts gaining supernatural abilities using powers called “Quirks.”

So, four seasons have spawned so far and brought a lot of complexity to the plot. Although the dedicated fans might thoroughly know the show, there are always few things that slip out of your mind. So before the upcoming fifth season of “My Hero Academia” arrives, here we are, taking a look at the facts you might or might not know about the show. So let’s begin.

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20. The Quirks Came From Random Things

The very power of 80% of human beings in the world of My Hero Academia is unique in itself. That unique blend of powers is something not many can introduce. But you might not know that they, as of now, are actually inspired by just mere random things. The writer of “My Hero Academia,” Kōhei Horikoshi, stated that initially, he introduced quirks to the characters to develop a good story. But after some time being, the quirks were added on a completely random basis.

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

In an interview with Comicbook, Horikoshi quoted that thinking of a “Quirk” for a character is more of like a “lightbulb” or “A-ha” moment for him. He gave an example with Gran Torino’s quirk, which came to his mind while taking a shower. The writer claimed that he looked at the showerhead and thought, that would be great, something coming out of feet. This was how Gran Torino’s quirk was inspired.

19. Mina Ashido & Alien Connection

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Mina Ashido, whose superhero name is “Pinky,” referring to her pink-colored hair and skin, initially had a different superhero name. A name that was connected to a popular movie franchise. Originally, Mina Ashido’s superhero name was set to be “Ridley Hero: Alien Queen,” a clear and blatant reference to the 1971 Film Alien directed by Ridley Scott. And if you can, you may notice her characteristics are quite similar to the creatures from the film giving justice to her inspiration. For example, Mina Ashido is obviously an extra-terrestrial, plus she has acidic blood inherited in her, just like the creatures from Alien.

18. Bubble & Centipeder Are Designed By Fans

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Yes, the characters Bubble & Centipede, who serves as Sir Nighteye’s assistants in “My Hero Academia,” was not originally designed by Horikoshi himself.  There was a contest for Japanese fans where winners Chiita Abara and Tetsuya Oohara got a chance to design these characters for the show. China Abara originally designed Bubble to be a 16-year-old student at U.A, but for making her into a pro-hero, the anime aged up the character a little bit. On the other hand, Tetsuya Oohara designed the character of Centipede.

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17. Every Character Name Has A Meaning

The creator of “My Hero Academia,” Kohei Horikoshi, made sure that all the anime characters have a name with significant meaning. All these names are often based around the Japanese world play. Let’s take the example of Bakugo, “Baku” means “Bomb” while “go” means “strength,” which correctly describes the character and his quirk.

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Another example of these meanings of character names is  Ochako Uraraka, a very cheerful girl in the anime. Here Uraraka in Japanese means “Fine Day.” One more example, Denki Kaminari, the character has an electric quirk. So, in Japanese, “Denki”‘ means electric, and Kaminari means “Thunder.” We can go on and on.

16. Masahi Kishimoto Compared The Show To Naruto

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Well, Naruto is considered one of the greatest and most commercially successful anime and manga in history. It was a moment to watch out for when Naruto, Masahi Kishimoto, took notice of My Hero Academia. Kishimoto compared the series to his highly appreciated work and even drew a picture portraying Naruto as he cheers Izuku. The picture signifies the passing of the torch from one great anime to another.

15. Ochaco Uraraka was Originally The Mount Lady

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Yes, Uraraka, who we know as the very cheerful and bubbly girl with a quirk of Zero Gravity, originally was considered what Mount Lady is. The bubbly character who can control and reverse the effects of gravity just by touching any object was originally named Yu Takeyama with a quirk that may let her grow large monolithic. Although the idea was dropped at that time, it was rekindled to be used for the superhero Mt. Lady who is slightly older than Uraraka.

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14. One-Shot For Series Came Six Years Before The Original Manga

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

In 2008, the creator Kohei Horikoshi published a one-shot in the Winter Issue of Akamaru Jump and titled it “My Hero.” Later this one-shot served as a starting point for a full-fledged manga series we know today. So the story of this one-shot follows a salaryman named Jack Midoriya suffering from sickness who sells hero-related items and dreams of becoming an actual hero one day. His character was distributed and changed for “My Hero Academia” with the character renamed Izuku with good health, who becomes a high school student. In contrast, the sickness gets transferred to the character of All Might.

13 . Present Mic Was Originally An Old Bald Man

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

In case you haven’t noticed, Present Mic’s headphones have “Hage” written all over them, which in Japanese means “Bald,” and on the other hand, his hair too kind of looks like a wig, though. Why? Because his character was originally designed for being a fat, elderly bald man. But only until Hiroskoshi decide that the attributes might make the character boring and based Present Mic on an actual radio DJ named Hisashi Yamada.

12. Midnight Was Originally Class 1-A’s Teacher

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

A dreamy moment for Minata for sure. The 18+ hero, Minata, was actually slated to be the homeroom teacher for Class 1-A. The idea was dropped when the character’s design started getting a little indecent, and thus, Eraserhead was considered for the job. But still, Midnight does have a connection with Class 1-A. Midnight was the one who sparked a fire in the heart of Eraserhead to take up the job of a teacher who is is depicted in one scene of Vigilantes, a My Hero Academia spin-off.

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11. There Are A Lot Of Spin-Offs For “My Hero Academia.”

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Like we mentioned in the above fact, apart from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, there are many more spin-offs for the original manga. “Vigilantes” is the biggest one for sure, which takes place several years before the original series’s events. Vigilante follows the story of Koichi, who uses his quirks to help people outside the main pro hero structure. The manga is good to read for people interested in knowing about certain characters’ backstories who have been depicted in the series.

Other spin-offs for “My Hero Academia” include the gag manga “My Hero Academia: Smash!!” which showcases all the characters’ everyday life. Then there are light novels called “My Hero Academia: School Briefs,” which showcases short stories for the series.

10. Tsuyu & Hagakure Were Initially Men

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

The very best girls of My Hero Academia who you might or might not know, were originally men. Originally Horikoshi visioned the characters of Tsuyu and Hakagure to be boys until he saw the packed roster of Class 1-A, which was highly unbalanced. Class 1-A originally consisted of only four girls, and there were 16 boys altogether. To compensate for the balance, writer Horikoshi decided to change the genders of Tsuyu and Hagakure, who are now loved by many creating a larger fanbase.

9. Momo Yaoyorozu Is Considered The Smartest Among Class 1-A Students

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

You may consider that Momo Yaoyoruzu is strongest only because her quirk can create, in fact, anything. But that’s not just what it is. Momo Yaoyoruzu’s strongest asset is her brain, showcasing determination and absolute successful academic results despite coming from a rich family. As a Class 1-A, she is constantly showcased as someone who is thriving for success and would go to all the limits to achieve it.

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8. Ectoplasm’s Legs

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Ectoplasm, who made his presence felt after his epic Final Exam battle against Tsuyu and Tokoyami, is another character who has gone through a life-threatening injury. It’s been said that way before the start of the series; the character lost his legs while battling a big bad villain. But still, he didn’t stop there to continue his heroic duties. Even after the events, Ectoplasm uses prosthetic legs for his daily routine and removes them when sporting his hero tag.

7. The Series Has Two Trans Characters

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

The series indeed has two trans characters to its heavily packed roster. The first is Wild Wild Pussycat’s Tora, trans but was assigned as Female at Birth. In Tora’s manga profile, Horikoshi has written that the character went to Thailand to have gender confirmation surgery. The other trans character is The League Of Villain’s Magne. Although she doesn’t behave in a particularly feminine way, the series has clearly stated her as a woman and is often called ‘Magne-nee’ or ‘Big Sis Magne’ by the other league members.

6. The Hairs & Scars Of Eijiro Kirishima’s Have A History

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!


Apart from being fashionable, everyone might be left thinking that the hair of Eijiro is something that came because of his quirk, but his history tells a different story.  Kirishima originally had not-so-noticeable black hair with no spikes. Still, the character decided to turn them around when he got a chance to join U.A. So, he adapted to his fiery but good-hearted quirk and turned his hairstyle around. Talking about Kirishima’s Scar, it comes from a misfortune I went through as a kid. While rubbing his eye, Kirishima’s quirk appeared suddenly out of nowhere for the first time, leaving an evident scar on the character’s skin.

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5. Katsuki Bakugo Was Originally A Kind Hero

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Yes, as unbelievable it may sound, that’s true. Much like Uraraka’s character, Bakugo’s character went through a lot of major changes. The changes completely turned the character upside down for sure. The creator of “My Hero Academia,” Kohei Horikoshi, wanted Katsuki Bakugo to be a kind and gentle hero. But with time, Horikoshi thought that the character might become boring and thus changed his mind and created him the way we love him today.

4. Horikoshi’s Characters From His Other Works Have Reappeared

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Horikoshi, as mentioned above, much like Goku’s, has taken inspiration from a lot of other works, including his own previous ones, to create My Hero Academia. While doing so, some of his written characters have indeed made an appearance in “My Hero Academia,” which includes characters from Oumagadoki Zoo. Although these characters didn’t have a significant part to play and appeared for a shorter duration, Kuga Sakamata is more popularly known as Gang Orca, who appeared as much of a significant side character.

3. Partially, All Might Is Based On Goku

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

We all know the Dragon Ball series has always been the inspiration for many anime. The case is indeed similar to the creation of All Might for “My Hero Academia,” too. The creator of the series, Kohei Horikoshi, used to practice drawing many characters, and Dragon Ball characters were one of his favorites. Thus, his initial startups have led the transition of All Might based on Goku as both characters are strong and ambitious.

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2. Horikoshi Had A Rough Start

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Way back before My Hero Academia become a hit, Horikoshi struggled even after winning a  Shonen Jump contest for one-shot “Tenko.” The writer struggled with his previous works Oumagadoki Zoo and Barrage that were eventually canceled, leading the writer to be depressed for some amount of time from his life. Later on, Horikoshi picked himself and decided to write about things that made him happy, especially when he had created the one-shot, which soon spawned the series of “My Hero Academia” which we know today.

1. Izuku’s Father Will Be Coming

20 Facts About "My Hero Academia" You Should Know!

Since the inception of “My Hero Academia,” we have only seen Izuku’s mother, Inko Midoriya as a single mom into the picture. The existence of Izuku’s father in the family is still questioned. Izuku does have a father, though, and his name is Hisashi; the only thing is that he hasn’t appeared yet. Hisashi sports a fire-based quirk, and although there have been major revelations on what he is up to, it’s been speculated that he is working abroad.

During the San Diego Comic-con, Kohei Horikoshi himself has stated that Izkuk’s father will soon appear in the series. So, although the series might not have given enough nods for Izuku’s father’s existence, the mystery of his will be solved eventually.

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