Rockstar Games Might Have Intentionally Hinted GTA 6

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If you are a prudent gamer, then you might have played GTA 5, which is right now the best game according to us right now. Now it’s time for the next part of this game. For all the Grand Theft Auto fans, we have comes with amazing news. Today we will do a fact check of whether the company is upgrading with GTA 6 or not. If yes, what will be the release date and how it differs from GTA V. The company has released a teaser about the game, and they have given insights about the upcoming game. Every gamer in this universe wants to know about GTA 6. Talking about the release date, there is no such news about the office for a particular date.

It is most likely that the company will release GTA 6 at the end of this year. Most probably, the game will be released in the second half of 2021. Assuming the fact and previous releases of the company, we believe that it will be released in September or October 2021.

Rockstar Games Might Have Intentionally Hinted The GTA 6, Details You Should Know

Top Expected Features of GTA 6

The game will be feature loaded as the Rockstar Games is coming with their new game after a very long period of time, and they have made the fans wait a lot. This wait will be totally justified as the game will come with a boom. Everyone is going to love GTA 6 because of many factors. The experience of multiplayer gaming will be unique. You can compete and play with your friends online very easily as compared to GTA 5. The graphics of this game will be mind-shattering great. This can’t be explained in words anymore. GTA 6 has been in development for a very long (since 2012). The weight of 8 years will be fruitful for all the GTA fans spread all over the globe. GTA 6 will be based on American cities as always.

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There is a piece of great news for female fans of GTA 6. Most of the previous games, like Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Games, contain the protagonist as Male, but this will not be the case in GTA 6. You can play as a girl or boy if you want, and it can be more customizable if we compare it to the previous versions of Grand Theft Auto. The game will be set in the era of 1970 to 1980. You will be saying many new buildings & a lot of new weather conditions in the game. Some reports also say that the game is very much inspired by the Netflix series Narcos. We will provide all the official updates. Till then, stay tuned, and for more latest and in-depth fact-based news, you can check out more articles on our site.

Rockstar Games Might Have Intentionally Hinted The GTA 6, Details You Should Know
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What will be the Best Console?

The gamers know that PS5 has recently launched, and all the tech lovers love it. Xbox series X and S have also been released at the same time. It will be good if you have PS5 to play GTA 6 because both the companies have discussed it very well. The gaming experience might be more refined, and the graphics of this game will be astonishing on PS5. It is not likely that you will not have a good experience playing the game on Xbox series X, but we firmly believe that it will be better to have a PS5 to enhance your gaming experience for this particular game.

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