Reginald The Vampire Filming Locations: Where Is The Series Filmed?

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Reginald The Vampire
Reginald The Vampire Filming Locations [Credits- SyFy]

Fans of Jacob Batalon are interested to know where his comedy series Reginald The Vampire is filmed. Have you watched the series, and did it give you a good laugh? Reginald The Vampire is an ongoing comedy-horror series that premiered on Syfy. Created by Harley Peyton and written by Isabella Gutierrez and James Park, the series takes on the journey of Reginald in the World full of beautiful and fit vampires.

The series is directed by Lee Rose and Jeremiah S. Chechik. The comedy series follows Reginald living a fulfilling life until he is turned into a vampire. The series is based on a novel written by Johnny B. Trust titled Fat Vampire. Reginald the Vampire has 1 season with ten episodes of 44 minutes.

The series is produced under Cineflix Rights in partnership with Modern Story Company. The viewers felt the series didn’t stand out even though it had a unique plot line. The performance of Jcob Balton as Reginald is loved by the viewers, and he has done an excellent job of portraying the character of a hapless vampire with a charm of his own. The series has an IMBD rating of 5.1/10 on IMBD by the viewers.

The series has pieces of satirical comedy with a hint of dark humor. The core cast of the series includes Jacob Batalon plays the role of Reginald Andres, the series’ protagonist. Mandela Van Peebles plays the role of Maurice Miller, Reginald’s best friend, Em Haine plays the role of Sarah Kinney, and Georgia Waters plays the character of Penelope. Marguerite Hanna plays the role of Ashley, Aren Buchholz plays the role of Todd, Savannah Basley plays the role of Angela, and Sean Yves Lessard plays the role of Lebron. The cast has done a great job in portraying their assigned characters.

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Reginald The Vampire – Premise

The series revolves around Reginald, an average guy stuck in a dead-end job working at a convenience store. The series follows Reginald in the World of beautiful, fit vampires as he tumbles headlong into their World. Reginald isn’t happy in his life and wants a chance to change it, and he gets the opportunity to do so when he gets offered to be turned into a vampire by two beautiful women, the regular inhabitant of the Human World.

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He accepts their offer and gets turned by them into vampires. Reginald is attracted to girls out of his league but is encouraged by his best friend to pursue the girl of his dreams. Reginald is left surprised when Sarah accepts his proposal. After Reginald turns into a Vampire, he starts to crave blood and gets offered by Sarah to teach him how to feed. Reginald and Sarah begin to form a bond between them.

At the same time, Reginald learns to feed, but it doesn’t end well for him. Reginald discovers his secret powers, and chaos ensues when Sarah and Reginald go on their first date. In 1972 Angela meet with Murice in Oakland, and it ends up changing everything. Reginald is in further problem as the higher-ups in the Vampire community want him dead. To fit in the World of Vampires, Reginald has to participate and win Vampirethon.

A vampire assassin is hired by Angela to kill Reginald when he least expects it. Reginald and Sarah try to make all their dreams come true before either one of them dies. Reginald gets stuck in a love triangle with Sarah and Nikki, and he tries to solve it to the best of his abilities. Reginald is on a quest to find Abraham, a legendary vampire who can turn vampires back into humans, as he is tired of being a vampire.

As the assessment is just 24 hrs away, Reginald is forced to figure out a way that will help him survive various tests set in the Vampirethon. The anticipated final assessment arrives, and Reginald fails the test, but he has other plans under his sleeves.

Reginald The Vampire Filming Locations

The ten-part contemporary comedy series was ordered by SyFy on 5 August 2021 and was mainly shot in parts of Greater Victoria. The filming of the series began in November 2021 and wrapped in March 2022.

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1. Glanford And Vanalman Avenue

The former gas station Glanford and Vanalman Avenue, located in Saanich, was turned into a colorful eatery for the series as a filming location by the production crew of the series Reginald the Vampire.

Reginald The Vampire
Filming Location -Slusy Shack In Saanich [Credits- SyFy]
The bright yellow buildings were made to sport the Slushy Shack sign, a fast food joint selling slushy in the series. The scenes with Reginald meeting Sarah are shot here. All the scenes with Reginald working at Slushy Sack are shot here, with the scene where Sarah meets and hugs a guy.

2. Greater Victoria

A majority of the series is filmed in Greater Victoria. Greater Victoria is a beautiful location full of skyscrapers located in British Colombia. Greater Victoria is home to several tourist sites like Beacon Hills. The location was selected by the production crew for its beautiful landscape and scenery.

Reginald The Vampire
Filming Location- The Duke Salon [ Credits- SyFy]
The Duke saloon present in Greater Victoria was chosen by the crew to shoot the very first scene of the series. The scene with Reginald being bullied by his employer got shot here, and the scene with Maurice encouraging Reginald to ask Sarah out is also shot here.

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