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The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 Release Date: Arthur And The Legendary Sword

The Beginning After The End Chapter 163
The Beginning After The End Chapter 163

The Beginning After The End reveals the mystery behind Arthur’s training. Still, he has yet to complete the hardest training of his life, even though he has awakened super-level hidden powers. As you can remember, Arthur’s training began after he was heavily injured, but due to his awakened Real Heart powers, he recovered faster and entered another level of training. The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 continues after Arthur meets with his new Master. 

The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 begins when Arthur is introduced to Master Wren. Wren shows Arthur to unlock a new level of power, and this reminds Arthur of his past. Arthur has now defeated the Mighty Golem Army single-handedly as his intense training continues. Arthur thought that the training was an easy meal, but Wren was about to reveal the shocking truth.

The chapter begins when Wren surprises Arthur by showing him a light blue sword, but when you close it, it changes its color to black. Arthur realizes that he has once wielded the Legendary sword at a young age. Wren adds that he made the Legendary sword. This surprises Arthur since Wren was not around when he wielded the Legendary sword at a young age. But Wren proves that he made the Legendary sword.

Arthur asks Wren about the Legendary sword and why it is here in Dicathen. Wren reveals the Legendary sword is the famous “Dawn’s Ballad,” and it is one of his experimental weapons. But he considers that experiment a failure since he has tossed it away in the Beast Glade of Arthur’s continent during one of his visits to gather minerals. Wren believes that no one would tell that the Legendary sword would be something other than a Black Cane that changes when you open it. But he is surprised how the Legendary sword ended in Arthur’s hands. 

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The training continues while Wren explains the mystery behind the Legendary sword. Wren wonders what the odds are since Arthur is the wielder of the Legendary sword. Arthur thinks that the Legendary sword is not a failure, and it made his life better because it is made of quality material and possesses tremendous powers.

Master Wren

Master Wren

Wren feels insulted because Arthur tells him that the Legendary sword is the greatest weapon ever. He realizes that he made the Legendary sword when drunk and tries to break it since Arthur tells him great things about it. Arthur begs Wren not to break the Legendary sword since it has meaning in his life.

Windsom interferes and reminds Wren about doing “it” since Arthur has arrived and shows him his powers. He talks about two things that Arthur is yet to accomplish and which is the reason why Arthur is brought to complete those two goals. Windsom also reveals Wren’s practical art of combat and the sword that will fit Arthur’s unique form of combat.

Arthur asks if Wren has forged a sword for him, and Wren replies while calling Arthur a brat and that he never forged swords, but he created them. He also reveals that he is training Arthur because he owes a favor to Lord Indra. Wren summons another Legendary brown sword suitable for Arthur’s training. Thus begins Arthur’s Legendary brown sword training as he swings massive slashes and cuts every mountain near him.

Wren explains how Arthur should use the sword and summon it from the ground. He also reveals that they have sleepless training in the middle of Barren Crater. Arthur thought he would train with Wren, but Wren reveals that “we” is the word for those who will join the training since he and Windsom wil be doing something on the other side. 



The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 Release Date

The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 will be released on 8 October 2022. Arthur vs. the Boss of Mighty Golem Army begins after Wren and Windsom left. The Boss makes clones of its body and tells Arthur that he will never rest since he is in the middle of a war. Later, Wren returns and tells Arthur to fight in a naked state. Check out The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 details below. 

Read The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 Online – Raw Details

You can read The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 online on official websites. Arthur punished the Boss and faced the Demon holding Tess by her neck. Arthur vs. The Demon Begins in the next chapter of The Beginning After The End. Let’s meet after The Beginning After The End Chapter 163 is released. 

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