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What Happened To Dallas Cowboys Game?

What Happened To Dallas Cowboys Game ?
What Happened To Dallas Cowboys Game ?

Due to its being too depressing to air, CBS pulled COWBOYS-VIKINGS from the air. The formerly 8-1 Minnesota Vikings were humiliated by the Dallas Cowboys in a major way. CBS chose to stop airing America’s Team on Sunday.
You have correctly read that. The long-time TV rating champions, the Dallas Cowboys, were not broadcast by a real TV network on purpose. A wonderful moment to be present. The cowboys severely humiliate the Vikings. CBS canceled the game.

You might have missed the Cowboys’ drubbing of the Vikings in Minnesota if you were out searching for any of the few leftover turkeys inside a 50-mile range during the late afternoon Sunday NFL games. Justin Jefferson looked unimpressive, Dak Prescott was a powerhouse, and Terrific Tony Pollard was simply faster than everyone else. Kirk Cousins was terrible and hardly reached 100 yards. Given how much steam the Vikings had into the match, that was a surprising thrashing.

In addition to not losing since Week 2, Cousins and company just came off a shocking victory in Buffalo. However, as some had predicted, everything came to a halt on Sunday, prompting CBS to yank the event from so many homes across the nation and switch to airing the Ravens-Steelers rivalry’s second quarter.

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Vikings-Cowboys Relationship/Rivalry

The Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings have a rivalry known as the Cowboys-Vikings rivalry. Though it has somewhat settled down over the years, it was once regarded as being one of the biggest NFL rivalries throughout the 1970s. The NFC playoff chase still has implications for encounters between the teams. The Cowboys have won 4 of the last 5 games after coming from behind, and the past 6 games have each been one-score affairs.
Dallas is in the lead overall in the tournament, 18-15.

This postseason series between the Cowboys and Vikings have been played seven times, marking it among the most arduous in NFL history (the most played Vikings playoff frontier and the 3rd most played opponent for the Cowboys after the Rams and Packers). The postseason series is 4-3 in favor of the Cowboys. Among the most memorable ones is the Hail Mary versus the Vikings in 1975, the Herschel Walker deal, Randy Moss guiding the Vikings to win over the Cowboys in 1998, and Brett Favre beating the Cowboys inside the 2009 finals.

The Dallas Cowboys Defeat The Minnesota Vikings, Who Are On The Rise, 40-3.

The tall Minnesota Vikings, who had a 7-game unbeaten run under its hood, were rudely surprised by the Dallas Cowboys at home on Sunday, losing 40-3. Week 11 began with the Vikings leading the pack, but they ended up suffering their second-heaviest home defeat in team history. Tony Pollard, a running back for the Dallas, made 2 touchdown receptions and a career-high 189 rushing yards from scrimmage, and Ezekiel Elliott, who missed the previous two matches due to a knee injury, scored twice on 15 carries to aid the Dallas offense.

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However, the Cowboys’ defense won the game for them. Dallas not only held the Vikings to 0 goals in the last three quarters and sacked Vikings QB Kirk Cousins 7 times, the maximum in his profession, but they mostly ended the quarterback’s spree of 39 games in a row with a driving touchdown. At the moment, this spree was the lengthiest effective streak in the NFL. After the victory, Pollard remarked, “We sorta discovered our method: simply running the ball and hitting the defense, excelling on all parts of the game.”

Presscott from cowboys

Prescott from cowboys

But amid the Cowboys’ total dominance, there has been some tension in the match. The Cowboys cheered after Dallas kicker Brett Maher squeaked in a 60-yard grassy field a little before halfway, but authorities then reviewed wide receiver CeeDee Lamb’s reception that came just before the kicker’s try. Just after the touchdown was sustained, Maher was made to retry and returned to his place for yet another challenging 60-yard try, which he made.

There’d been a lot of sentiment, Maher said. “I truly don’t remember hearing any shouting, nothing, or anything akin before, during, or after the strike. So, once I created the initial one, the feelings have already been sort of out there. I’m pleased with just how I managed it because I was able to back off and (regroup) to where I wanted to be.

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