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One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1072 Full Summary And Raw Scans: The Weight Of Memories!

One Piece Chapter 1072 Full Summary And Raw Scans and Details!

The full summary for One Piece Chapter 1072 is out including the scanlations by fans on the internet which also provides us with the full chapter and a few colored pages for the chapter as well. It seems like the mysterious person helping Vegapunk escape from Egghead Island could very well be Stussy. 

Given the rumor she is a part of the Mads team, it only makes sense that it is the case and that will help the straw hats and the Vegapunks get out of the island fast and easily. While the chaos surrounding Egghead Island, Bonney is still chasing Vegapunk wanting to know the real reason why the latter made Kuma lose humanity.

While One Piece Chapter 1072 does not answer that question, we are expecting the last chapter of this month to answer it. But for now, let’s break down the events that took place in One Piece Chapter 1072 bit by bit. With that being, here are the full summary and a few colored scans from One Piece Chapter 1072.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Full Cover

Cover Page!

One Piece Chapter 1072 Full Summary and Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1072 titled “The Weight Of Memories” features Judge, Ceaser, and Queen from Mads doing evil experiments. The chapter begins with Bonney laying on the floor and crying for help while she is in her childhood form. Vegapunk rushes to rescue her thinking that Bonney is infact hurt but the latter ends up baiting Vegapunk and using her own powers, she turns Vegapunk into a child as well.

Bonney insists on asking why Vegapunk made Kuma lose his humanity but Vegapunk refuses to tell her because it was a request from Kuma himself. While the game of Cat and Mouse continues, Kuma is climbing the Red Line to get to Marie Gose. 

Even after Bonney insists on knowing what happened to her father, Vegapunks still refuses to say anything and tells Bonney that it will only hurt her. A room opens up when Bonney is asking Vegapunk which has a hand print of Kuma. She goes to find out a huge handprint of Kuma which supposedly has Kuma’s memories in them.

A flashback takes place in which Kuma and Vegapunk are discussing the experiment of 21 grams of souls where the latter wonders if there is a weight for the memories as well and asks for Kuma’s help in order to measure them. Vegapunk tells her not to touch the handprint bubble as it will give her pain, but Bonney proceeds to touch it anyway saying that it is her father’s memories.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Full Summary And Raw scans

Zoro Vs Kaku!

Zoro Vs Kaku And Stussy’s Real Identity

Meanwhile outside the lab, we see that Lucci orders the Seraphim to attack the lab while Lilith and Edison go out to take control of the Seraphim as they have the higher authority. Sanji and Franky join them as well. Zoro and Brook look at the new form of Kaku and wonder what is it about.

However, Zoro goes to fight Kaku saying that he has had enough to fight weird-looking creatures in Wano while Brook is protecting the ship. Lucci again orders the Seraphim to attack the Labphase before Vegapunk comes out. We see Mihawk’s Seraphim cutting down the upper part of the Labphase while Jimbei’s seraphim, Kuma’s Seraphim, and Boa’s Seraphim launch projectile weapons.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Full Summary And Raw!

Kaku is happy that the Seraphims are helping them and says they will be able to complete the mission with their help. However, Stussy goes up to Kaku and bites him on his neck which makes him fall asleep. Lucci is surprised by Stussy’s attack on Kaky and wonders what she is doing and asks her as well.

Stussy says that she just put him to sleep and asks Lucci to fall asleep as well. In the last panel, her real identity has also been revealed saying that he is a clone of Buckhingam Stussy who was a crewmate of Rocks pirates. Stussy is the first-ever successful cloning experiment of the Mads cloning experiment. Buckingham is the same woman who claims to be the mother of Weevil currently.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Full Summary And Raw Scans

The next chapter of One Piece will tell us if Stussy is infact the mysterious person that Vegapunk asked for help or not. If she is not that person, then what could her real goal be here? Let’s wait for One Piece Chapter 1073 to be released next week.

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