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Candy Color Paradox Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Candy Color Paradox Episode 5 preview
Candy Color Paradox Episode 5: Release Date

Candy Color Paradox Episode 5’s release date is here. Fans must read on if they want to know everything about the show and upcoming episodes, including how to stream Candy Color Paradox Episode 5. The show’s first episode was broadcast on December 16, 2022, and four episodes have since followed.

So, we’ve gathered all the information you require regarding the most recent episode below. However, before we all dive into the details, here is a recap of episode 4. Working for the weekly publication “Dash!” is Satoshi Ono, a budding reporter who appears to be respected and well-known.

Owing to its appeal among youthful readers and customers, the journal is experiencing tremendous sales. It frequently includes juicy data on the most recent celebrity controversies. It is primarily known for its “stakeout teams,” groups of reporters and photographers that follow celebrities to catch them in trouble.

However, the senior management of the newspaper chose to switch the police search teams and partner Satoshi Twice a day with photojournalist Motoharu Kaburagi instead. Motoharu Kaburagi is someone Satoshi Ono secretly hates and views as a foe.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 5 preview

A still from the recap of episode 4.

In addition, Satoshi Ono takes great pride in his writing abilities and has a distinct sense of ethics from Motoharu Kaburagi. The shooter does his job impolitely and carelessly. As they start their collaborative chores, the two argue and gripe about needing to cooperate.

However, as they struggle to get all kinds of latest gossip and scoops that nobody is aware of, they unintentionally begin falling in love with one another. To learn what will occur next in the drama series story, tune in to the upcoming episode when it airs.

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Candy Color Paradox Episode 4: A Brief Recap

Ono, a reporter for the weekly publication Dash!, is partnered with Kaburagi and moved to the division investigating famous rumors in Candy Color Paradox Episode 4. As a stakeout squad, the two are responsible for keeping an eye on Yumi Asaoka, an actress well enough for her various commercial appearances.

Ono considers it bothersome that Kaburagi acts differently around other people while ignoring him, yet he also discovers how committed Kaburagi is to his profession. One speculates that Asaoka is really with yakuza boss Ksei Mono as Kaburagi snaps a picture of her.

She interprets this as meaning that he is to blame for her fame. In Episode 4, And once Kaburagi scouts the area in quest of additional proof regarding Asaoka & Mano. Kaburagi hears through Asaka that Asaoka is dating Mano in return for a challenging job looking for her Alzheimer’s-stricken mother.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 5 preview

The primary cast.

On the other hand, while keeping an eye on Mano, Ono is jailed and needs to be bailed out by Kaburagi. The two successfully complete the task and get a picture of Asaoka cuddling Mano. Kaburagi ultimately seeks solace from Onoe after feeling awful over damaging Asaoka’s career. At a certain point, the two come to terms with their affection for one another.

Episode 5 of Candy Color Paradox: A Quick Cast Overview

Kimora Keito portrays several characters, including Satoshi, Kabooragi Motoharu (played by Yamanaka Jyutaro), Miyazawa Saas Kori (played by Izuka Kenta), Mayan (played by Kashiyo Atsuki),  Haroota Yui (played by Yoshida Rineas), and Soomida Jiro (played by Ichikawa Tomoheer.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 5: Release Date

Candy Color Paradox Episode 5 will release on 20 January, 2022. The worldwide audience should confirm the forthcoming episode’s air date in each timezone. So, see Episode 5 of Candy Color Paradox whenever it debuts on the streaming platform.

Candy Color Paradox Episode 5: Where to Watch

On January 20, 2022, the fifth episode of Candy Color Paradox will air. It will be available on MBS. Viki offers access to the show to viewers all over the world. The show will also make its premiere on the well-known streaming platform GagaOOLala. For audiences from outside Japan, English subtitles are available on Viki and GagaOOLala.

You might access every installment of Viki if you obtain the Viki Pass. You can try out Viki’s seven-day trial edition first. The price per month might range from $4.99 – USD 5.99. You can watch every episode of Candy Color Paradox that has already been broadcast after purchasing the premium package. Enjoy your stream!

Candy Color Paradox: The Episodes guide and schedule

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