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Preview and Recap: Shadowverse Episode 44


Leo brought tea and snacks for Mauro and aks him to tell him his wish. Mauro started wondering, and Leo told him that he could grant any of his wishes. Leo received a call and went out while Mauro got visited by a mysterious girl. She asks Mauro if he is awakened and what he wishes for. Mauro replies that he doesn’t know how she is, and he wishes for everything to end. He realizes that he is kind to people, and it is no like him to do that.

The mysterious girl offered her hand and told Mauro to take her hand. She told Mauro to defeat the corrupted priest. After that, his wish will be granted, and he takes her hand then disappears. Mauro got teleported to the church, where he has to complete his mission. When he reaches there, he started wondering where he is, and he realizes that he is in a Holy place. Mauro started to look for that corrupted priest.

Shadowverse Episode 43 will be released on Tuesday, 24 February 2021, at 5:55. You can get the latest episode on Crunchyroll or Anime-Planet. Let’s see how Mauro will meet with the corrupted priest below.



Previously in Episode 43

While he is still looking around, an unknown lady shows up dressed like a priest. She told him that it is not the day of confession. They both sit down, and she offers him tea. Mauro said he doesn’t feel like drinking it. The lady said there are no flaws in its aroma or taste at all. She also comments that the tea is just like this world there is only beauty in it every day. The lady reveals that it is a world where people never envy or hate others.

Corrupted Priest

Mauro comments that it is like a dream or a nightmare. The lady asks him why he is no surprised. Mauro replies that he was just in a similar place a moment ago. The lady asks if this is a dream, who is a dreamer, Mauro or her. Mauro reveals that he is looking for the corrupted priest. He asks if she the corrupted priest, and she asks him if he knows how his world has ended. Mauro replies that he doesn’t remember, and she reveals that he was the chosen one. 

Mauro was supposed to meet with her, but he was defeated. Now he is facing her, the ancient hero’s memories carved into the legendary card, Imperial Saint. The lady decides to battle Mauro. She reveals that she is Eris Antule, and she wants to test Mauro. Mauro comments that if he passes the test, he will get his passport of leaving. The lady said she is his judge. Mauro told Eris that he would defeat her, and she told him to try.

Hiro unleashes Rabbit Healer along with four cards on his deck. He ends his turn, and she summons Countdown Amulet, Prism Relic. Prism Relic effects do two damages to an enemy follower. It destroys Mauro’s attackers, and Eris ends her turn. Mauro notices something about Eri’s cards. He realizes that Eris is another Countdown user, and he draws another card. Hefind that Eris is the corrupted priest and decided to save her.

Mauro Vs. Corrupted Priest



Mauro plays Sledgehammer Exorcist and comments that he won’t lose easily. Eris fires back by playing Octarelic, and it affects activates and banishes one follower with four defenses or less. Octarelic swallows Sledgehammer, and Eris comments that it is a prayer. A prayer to the heavens that deliver false peace, and she ask Maro if he has ever prayed. Mauro said he had prayed many times, and his prayers have been answered.

Mauro thinks that Leo answered his prayers, but he was wrong; he is just the chosen one. Mauro reveals that he should have fulfilled the duty he was given, but he betrayed the world. He never paid the price for his evil deeds, but he is still alive. Eris comments maybe what suits Mauro is peace. She activates the Last Word and destroys Relic Prism. A random relic card is moved from her deck to her hand, and she plays Tetrarelic.

Tetrarelic creates a Relic Guardian, and she adds and evolves Relic Preist. Eris destroyed Mauro’s countdown to zero and started to shower him with powerful attacks. She also attacks Cursed Maiden with her evolved Relic Priest. Eris comments that if Mauro has another power to defeat her, then despair cannot defeat him.

Mauro decided to end the battle with one move. He summons Skullfane, who punishes all the enemies with a death sentence. Eris comments, what a powerful combo, and she got blown away. She thanks him for turning her into a good priest. Mauro bids her farewell, and he thanks her for offering him tea. He got teleported back to his world and realizes that there is no need for him to lie anymore. 

Shadowverse Episode 44 Preview

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