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What Episode is Luffy vs Kaido Round 2?

Luffy Vs Kaido Round 2
Luffy Vs Kaido Round 2

With the anime now finally reaching the interesting part of the Onigashima raid. We will get to see Luffy vs. Kaidou fight one on one without any interference. We have known for some time that the legend has it that if it is One on One, then you should always bet on Kaidou to win as he is the world’s most powerful creature. So we will soon look at what episode is Luffy vs. Kaiodou round 2. The anime has not gone that far into the fight between Luffy and Kaidou.  

But we have seen them battling several times, and as has been the trend, Luffy keeps on getting defeated while he gets up to fight again. It has been like this for a while. So it is his resilience that usually sees him win most of his fights. There are only a few fights where Luffy defeated his opponent in one go. So in most of his fights, Luffy will get defeated several times before winning them. 

This is simply because Luffy is always picking up fights with people he has very few chances of defeating. So when he reached Wano, we all knew that there was no way Luffy would win a fight one on one against Kaidou, as is the situation on the rooftop now in the anime. This was further demonstrated when Kaidou easily defeated Luffy with a swing of his mace and sent him to be tortured in the prisoner’s mines. 

So that was Luffy vs. Kaidou round one, and it did not even last a minute. Kaidou did easy work of Luffy, and seeing how weak Luffy was at the time, he lost interest and decided to head back to Onigashima to continue with his drinking habits.

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What One Piece Episode is Luffy vs. Kaido Round 2

This will come down to a detailed analysis of how the fight on the rooftop of Onigashima has been going. Because at first, it was the Supernovas vs. Kaidou and Big Mom on the rooftop, and Luffy was amongst the supernovas. Then a lot of events happened up until Big Mom and Kaidou were separated. At this point, it became clear that Big Mom and Kaidou were invincible on the rooftop as former crew mates. 

Luffy vs Kaido

Luffy vs Kaido

Which explained why they each decided to take turns to attack instead of going at once. By the moment they decided to combine their attacks, they almost killed all of the supernovas, and this was when Law and Kid came up with a plan to separate them. Thanks to Big Mom’s rage, this turned out well for them; otherwise, things could have been worse.

Lucky for you if you are up to date with One Piece anime because these events have just happened in this week’s episode. So Luffy vs. Kaidou round 2 started on One Piece episode 1032, which is the latest episode of the anime so far. The events have been developing throughout One Piece episode 1031, but Luffy was finally left with Kaidou on the rooftop in the latest episode of the anime. 

Luffy has finally mastered his Haoshoku haki advanced application and now fights on equal grounds with Kaidou. But Kaido has the upper hand since his haki is stronger than that of Luffy. On top of that, his devil fruit offers him greater resilience and tenacity to a point where he is still a formidable opponent for Luffy. So at this point, the winning scale still tips slightly to Kaidou’s side since Momonosuke revealed that Luffy is getting weaker, but he still remains fine. Meanwhile, despite taking head on Zoro’s full attack, Kaidou has not yet shown any signs of exhaustion.

Luffy vs Kaido Roun 2 Continues.

At the moment, Luffy vs. Kaido fight has just started, and there is nothing or no one to interfere with their fight. So they are all going all out, while Yamato plans on joining them later on. Luffy is still at a disadvantage against Kaidou due to exhaustion, and from the get-go, we knew that this has been like a death wish for Luffy, and we were very curious to see how it would go.

Luffy vs Kaido

Luffy vs Kaido

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