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How To Become a Kpop Idol In Bitlife? Everything To Know

If you want to become a Kpop idol, that’s nothing absurd. Well, most of us who are highly inclined to this music genre, dream of becoming one. However, today it’s all about becoming the same in Bitlife. In case you are wondering what it is, Bitlife is more like a super fun life simulator game that focuses on giving the players the life of strangers. He has to start and end up controlling the character in the game. Lately, it has become very popular, with more than 10 million downloads, worldwide. 

If you are seeking out a way of becoming a Kpop idol in Bitlife, here is how you can pursue this virtual musical profession in the game itself. It’s interesting! 

How to become a kpop idol in Bitlife

Kpop Idol in Bitlife

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How To Become A Kpop Idol In Bitlife? 

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of jobs available for the players in Bitlife. Yes, it’s very possible to become a Kpop idol in the same. 

• The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind, is that the player has to hail from South Korea to become a Kpop idol. While, for the others, the best thing that they can do is to get relocated to South Korea. However, it’s not that easy! 

• Next, it is to practice more and upgrade the music skills of the character. The player can get lessons from the Mind and Body section. You will find it under the Activities section. The eligibility criteria are the player has to be more than 6 years old and till 18, it’s free. He needs to make it efficient enough to be more like 80% to 90% perfect. 

• Now, you are good to go to start a musical career in Bitlife. Well, there are a few things that you should do to keep this on. 

1. Select ‘Musician’ from the Special Careers Section under the Jobs menu. 

2. Since you want to be a Kpop idol, it should be a Solo career and not a band group. You are the single player here. After doing that, if you find difficulty, follow the next step. 

3. Select ‘Singer of a band’ under the Career Type. 

4. Audition is needed. Well, nothing is easy. You can make it happen from any of the listed record labels. However, not everyone is eligible for giving auditions. The ones who aren’t working elsewhere or aren’t students can avail of it. One will add you, helping you out to become a Kpop idol in Bitlife. 

Now, when you know how to become a Kpop idol in Bitlife, what are you waiting for? Good luck! 

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