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She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap: She-Hulk Goes On Various Dates

She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap
She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap

In last week’s She-Hulk episode, Jennifer Walters tried to show Emil Blonsky/Abomination to have improved as a person. And thus, with his seven soulmates who are prepared to pay for his retreat, he should be permitted to return to society. Blonsky’s parole was approved when Wong showed up and confessed that he was the one who freed Blonsky from jail, as well as when Blonsky showed signs of improvement. We also had an irritating cameo from Megan Thee Stallion, thanks to Dennis Bukowski’s odd case of fraud, which involves an Asgardian shape-shifting Light Elf. Anyway, let’s speak about this week’s episode.

In episode 4, the successful lawyer takes on a risky case presented to her by Wong while also attempting to kickstart her dating life. This causes her worlds to collide even more dramatically. Donny Blaze, a magician who doesn’t seem to be related to Johnny Blaze from Ghost Rider, is toying with the mystic arts, much to Wong’s annoyance. At the conclusion of the episode, it is hinted that Titania, played by Jameela Jamil, will make a dramatic comeback after claiming ownership of the term “She-Hulk”.

She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap

The opening sequence of this episode debunks rumors that Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze will appear in “She-Hulk” by revealing that the character is actually Donny Blaze, an amateur magician. He is seen performing a terrible magic show, as you might have expected. Instead of giving up, he summons an extremely intoxicated girl to the stage using a sling ring, which is something that only Mystic Arts learners should have.

She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap

She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap – Donny Blaze

Donny appears to send Madisynn through the portal that he has opened, leading to some rotting dimension. She arrives in the Kamar-Taj, disturbing and ruining Wong’s screening of “The Sopranos,” and says that in order to escape the dimension Donny threw her into, she had to sign a blood contract with a talking goat. The episode then switches to Jennifer telling us how thrilled we are with the longer Wong cameo after Wong swears to make Donny answer for his crimes. After hearing about Jennifer’s incident in the alley, her father shows up fully prepared with a variety of self-defense tools.

Jennifer creates a dating profile under her actual name, not She-Hulk, while she is at work. Wong enters her room to speak with her about Donny Blaze. He tells that Donny is a previous student of the Mystic Arts and was tossed out after a week when he brought three beers and his former fraternity member, Ky-Dog, to Kamar-Taj. Wong also wants Jennifer to set an example for Donny because he is endangering the separation of the astral and material worlds by using ancient teachings to send people into other dimensions. He wants a standard to be established so that no beginner magician would ever again mess with the Mystic Arts.

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Dating As She-Hulk And Donny’s Case

Jennifer understands that it will be difficult to hit Donny Blaze with just a cease-and-desist order because Wong never managed to get it in writing that former pupils of the Mystic Arts aren’t allowed to practice magic. She nevertheless persists. And meanwhile, Nikki guides her with her dating life. The biggest piece of advice she gives is to quit dating by the name Jennifer and try dating as She-Hulk. The next day, Jennifer and Wong are in Cornelius P. Willow’s workplace. She issues a warning to Donny Blaze, telling them to stop using the Mystic Arts or they would have to appear in court with her and Wong.

She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap

She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap – She-Hulk will see Donny on the court

Blaze doesn’t take her very seriously at all, which gives him a court date. On their drive, Jennifer finds a match on a dating app, but it goes horribly. The court hearing between Wong and Donny Blaze starts the next day. Wong brings Madisynn to show that Blaze has been unlawfully sending people to different realms. She mentions the name of the demon, Jake, who gave her the opportunity to escape the “fire land” and return to Earth. 

Mephisto might be that demonic creature. Madisynn’s description of her entire interdimensional journey as a joyful but scary one convinces the judge to decide in Donny’s favor, enabling him to continue using magic until the judge issues the verdict. Jennifer begins to date as the She-Hulk and lands on Arthur after rejecting a number of unlikable potential partners. The court’s ruling backfires when Donny accidentally calls forth a legion of demons while performing magic.

Donny’s Magic Brings In Evil Creatures

An interesting side note is that one of the men She-Hulk meets is claimed to be a director whose film, about a lawyer, had its Sundance premiere. Additionally, the fact that he is grouped with the other losers gives the impression that Marvel is ignorant of Sundance movies because they don’t have the same level of success as the studio’s movies. It can be seen as a lighthearted joke. However, that joke comes off as arrogant when compared to the debate over independent films and festival geniuses against Marvel’s theme park attractions.

She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap

She-Hulk Episode 4 Recap – She-Hulk comes to help

To be clear, independent films and festival hits will always be of higher quality than Marvel productions, regardless of how well-liked they become or how expensive they become to make. On that basis, the episode’s main CGI feast starts with Wong helping Donny gather the demon offspring. When things get rough, Wong yanks Jennifer from her date night with Arthur, and the two work together to fight the evil creatures. To comply with the conditions of the cease-and-desist, Jennifer tries to force Donny and his partner.

Wong then leaves Jenifer with her date, Arthur, who is currently reading Roxane Gay’s “Bad Feminist.” The next day, though, Arthur literally runs from the house after finding Jennifer in her human form. Additionally, Titania (Jameela Jamil) sues Jennifer for using the title She-Hulk because it appears that she has registered it. In the credit illustrations, we see Madisynn trying to make a pact with a goat called Jake and Wong, who is housing Donny in the famous mirror dimension. In the mid-credits scene, Wong and Madisynn are seen watching “This Is Us” and talking about the different kinds of drinks that Wong has tasted and hasn’t tasted.

She-Hulk Episode 4 Review

She-Hulk keeps focusing on the unimportant problems that becoming a huge green Hulk may cause for a woman, much like a sitcom, while passingly mentioning some possible problems that the patriarchy might bring. After being assaulted by the Wrecking Crew in the last episode, Jenn believes it is pointless to report the incident to the police, which is a problem that many assaulted women have experienced.

She-Hulk Episode 4 Review

She-Hulk Episode 4 Review

Even though it’s cliché, the montage of bad dates she goes on is entertaining, as is the notion of the man she ends up falling for. This is a man that uses feminist terms but ultimately fails to treat Jenn like a human, which is a trait that many women can relate to in the dating scene. We also catch a glimpse of the man reading a book by Roxanne Gay, which only serves to confirm his identity and serves as an MCU Easter egg, given that Gay has previously written a comic book series for Black Panther.

Donny Blaze himself is really very funny, particularly in his conversations with Wong. However, if you’re a Marvel fan, you might recognize the name Donny Blaze, and many fans have speculated that Ghost Rider might be on the horizon as a result of the man’s involvement in the show. It’s possible that Ghost Rider won’t appear anytime soon, as Jessica Gao, the writer of this show, stated in an interview that this character’s name is just a coincidence.

The Flaws

The CGI in this episode isn’t much improved, to be honest. At this point, talking about it almost seems pointless because CGI seems to be a problem every single week. Despite still having extremely poor CGI on her, Tatiana Maslany is fantastic in the lead role and clearly enjoying herself. She still has a ton of meta jokes, but they are episodic at best. It seems pretty cringe-worthy when she says at the end of the episode that the episode’s disappointing conclusion would make for a fantastic Twitter hashtag, as if the show is trying to arm itself with Twitter credibility for the coming week.

But talking about the episode’s conclusion, She-Hulk once more ends it on a satisfying cliffhanger. The enemy Titania, who attacked at the close of Episode 1, has returned and is plotting She-Hulk’s retaliation. How do you ask? Of course, by igniting a copyright dispute. We can only pray that She-Hulk will continue to lean toward the lighter side in order to find its strength in the future.

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