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What Happened to Jacob in Emmerdale? Explained

Jacob Emmerdale

Emmerdale” is a British soap opera that has been on the air since 1972. The show is set in the fictional village of Emmerdale in the Yorkshire Dales and follows the lives of the residents of the village. The show is known for its mix of drama, romance, and comedy and features a large ensemble cast with a mix of long-term and recurring characters.

The show is known for its strong storytelling, and it covers a wide range of themes, such as family dynamics, love triangles, financial struggles, and crime. It also addresses social issues such as mental health, domestic abuse, and LGBTQ+ representation.

Emmerdale is one of the most popular soap operas in the UK, and it has a dedicated fanbase. The show has won numerous awards, including multiple National Television Awards for Best Serial Drama. It is known for its high-stakes storylines and dramatic cliffhangers, which keep the audience hooked and guessing.

The show is produced by ITV and is broadcasted five times a week. It has been on the air for over 50 years and has seen many characters come and go; some have become iconic and have been part of the show for decades. The show is considered a staple of British television and has been able to maintain its popularity throughout the years.

Jacob’s Progression from Season 1

Jacob Gallagher is a character in the British soap opera “Emmerdale.” He is the son of David Metcalfe and his ex-girlfriend, Leyla Harding. He was first introduced in the show in 2009 as a recurring character but later became a regular character. Jacob is portrayed by actor Joe-Warren Plant.



Throughout his time on the show, Jacob has been involved in various storylines. As a teenager, he had a difficult relationship with his father and struggled to come to terms with his identity and his sexuality. He was bullied by classmates at school and had a hard time fitting in. He came out as gay to his family and friends and later had a relationship with another boy named Noah Dingle, which caused controversy in the conservative village.

In recent years, Jacob has become more independent and has been working at the family business, the village’s shop. He also had a relationship with his step-sister Liv Flaherty, which caused a rift between him and his father and stepmother, who didn’t approve of the relationship.

Jacob is known for being a complex and nuanced character who has dealt with a lot of personal struggles and challenges. He is a beloved character among the audience, and his storylines have been praised for their realistic and sensitive portrayal of teenage struggles and LGBTQ+ issues.

A Closer Look at Jacob’s Departure in Emmerdale

Fans have been on the edge of their seats, fearing the death of their favorite character Jacob as he was stabbed by Callum. The tension between these hit a peak as Jacob reached him all red-faced to confront him for his recent drug deal with Jacob’s mother.

Jacob’s mother has been having a hard time lately as she lost her job, and things were not going in her favor on the marriage front. All stressed out; she wondered if drugs could make her tough time easier, so she called her dealer Callum for supply.

Jacob reveals Callum

Emmerdale Stills (Credits: ITV)

As a concerned person, Callum hesitated to make the deal but was bound to do so at her request. Yelling at Callum, Jacob expressed that his mother had been clean for a long time now and his intervention could cause trouble for his family again; the son naturally fears the separation from his mother. However, his mother has accepted that she did not consume the drugs.

The fight between Jacob and Callum took an ugly turn as Callum stabbed Jacob, as the victim was left bleeding on the spot; fear of his death captured our hearts. As time passed, his bleeding became more serious, and he was not discovered until David and Leyla the next day.

After a moment of shock by the bystanders, they took an immediate to take their friend to the hospital they called an ambulance. After a tough time, the latest episode of the show ended up with Jacob waking up from his surgery. A moment of relief for the fans.

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