Who Is Randy Gonzalez & His Wife? The Tragic Death of EnkyBoys Creator

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Who Is Randy Gonzalez and His Wife?
The EnkyBoys Family (Credits: EnkyBoys YouTube)

TikTok has brought fame to many people, and one such person was Randy Gonzalez, a 35-year-old father and husband who made the world laugh through his funny lip-sync videos that he would often make with his son. Randy had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has now passed away, less than a year after he had announced it publicly.

The YouTuber managed to build a family of almost 139,000 subscribers with his entertaining and humorous videos. His children would also be a part of it, making the videos much more fun to watch. Randy’s health condition was first revealed when he took an exam on his wife’s advice. Since then, he has always strived to create awareness about the disease along with his son.

Despite having to go through the toughest times of his life, Randy Gonzalez kept an optimistic attitude and continued to fight it even when the odds weren’t in his favor. Colon cancer has a mortality rate of 90%, but when it comes to the later stages of the disease, the percentage reduces to about 10% (Stage 4). He is now survived by his children and wife, Kimberly.

After his tragic death, many actors and other members of the entertainment industry have exchanged their condolences to the family and hope that these hard times get easier for them. Although his wife was not seen as much in every video, she remained by his side throughout the treatment, making this time the hardest for her and her children, who had positive expectations regarding the treatment.

Who Is Randy Gonzalez and His Wife?
Randy Gonzalez, The Creator Of EnkyBoys (Credits: EnkyBoys YouTube)

Randy Gonzalez: What Is he Known For?

Born in 1987, Randy rose to fame by making funny lip-sync videos with his son, Brice. His enjoyable and heartwarming content soon attracted tons of viewers all over the world. From hilarious pranks to trendy dance-offs, Randy or “Enkyboys” always remained relevant with their work. The family also uploaded Vlogs, which would often show how much Randy cared about his kids. The name Enkyboys is used by Randy for his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Eventually, his content started gaining a lot of views, especially those that consisted of the father and son duo, as they would complement each other so well. Over time, the TikTok following of the EnkyBoys family grew up to around 15 million, while Instagram grew to 1.5 million. The family made an additional account on TikTok that solely revolves around the daughters and Mama Dice.

Randy Gonzalez’s Family: The Wife & 3 Kids

The popular YouTuber was married to Kimberly Gonzalez, his long-time love interest. The pair met years ago and finally tied the knot in the year 2018. Kimberly seems to be a kind woman that would appear in any dance challenges or vlog videos. She is usually referred to as Mama Bear or Mama Dice in the videos.

Who Is Randy Gonzalez and His Wife?
Randy Undergoes Chemo (Credits: EnkyBoys YouTube)

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Randy and Kimberly have a total of three children, two daughters and the infamous son. Daughters named Lauren and Aubree and a son named Brice can usually be seen circling their father in the vlogs. 

Brice had become so popular that he was invited to be a part of the show Lopez Vs. Lopez recently, where he was given a role much similar to his real personality. The family has also appeared on many Television shows together. 

How Randy Gonzalez Passed Away?

Soon after Randy started to grow his account, He started to feel weaker and would often have stomach aches which led the doctors to believe that he could be suffering from some ulcer. It was only when Kimberly forced him to get his colon checked that he found out that he had been suffering from the symptoms of colon cancer.

The tests stated that his disease had already progressed to Stage 4 cancer, making it impossible for him to become cancer free soon. Despite the odds, Randy kept making videos and would talk about his recovery and the effects it had on him. The family stayed by his side at all times. When using his insurance money became difficult because of the law, Randy decided to start a Go Fund Me, which would help the family pay for the medical expenses.


Up until recently, Randy had expressed that the treatment for his cancer had stopped showing effects on his body. Still, He was glad to have been with his family during that time.

On January 25th, 2023, Randy’s brother announced the heartbreaking news that Randy had passed away while he was in treatment at the hospice. People have flooded the family’s accounts with condolences for the family, including various celebrities. The actor George Lopez also offered a tribute to Randy. His son has posted a letter on Instagram as well, calling him the best support father he could have had.

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