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15 Funniest Episodes of Friends – Recommendations!

Friends series funniest episodes

Even 25 years after its debut, there is no denying that Friends is still the most iconic comedy series of all time. Ten years, ten seasons, 236 episodes, 121 hours, and 7260 minutes later, the show remains our favorite, and the laughter never stops even after replaying all the episodes multiple times. Friends is an American television sitcom with Marta Kauffman and Davis Crane as its creators. There are six major characters in the series, namely Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer). Even the show’s opening theme, “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts, is a fan-favorite. Here, we will talk about the funniest episodes of friends, which we shortlisted from all the seasons.

The show originally aired from 22 September 1994 to 6 May 2004 on NBC, and Warner Bros Television produced the show all those years. The story revolves around six friends, each dealing with issues like jobs, love-life, family problems, and divorce. The series starts with five friends hanging out in the cafe Central Perk, and Rachel enters with her wedding dress and recognizes Monica since they were friends in high school. Rachel ran away from her marriage and left the groom at the altar. Monica accepts her as a roommate because Rachel wants to live independently instead of marrying someone she doesn’t love.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group has their own issues to deal with. Ross is Monica’s older brother and a paleontologist who divorced his wife because she is a lesbian. He had a huge crush on Rachel since high school and tried to date her after she moves in with Monica. Monica is a chef who works in a small restaurant and has to deal with her mother’s nagging. Phoebe is a masseuse and Monica’s previous roommate, who now lives with her grandmother. Joey is a struggling actor and a womanizer who lives with Chandler in a flat just opposite of Monica’s. Chandler is Ross’s college roommate who is working in an IT company and hates his job. The story follows as the six of them deal with their daily problems in the most hilarious ways. So, let’s have a look at the 15 Funniest Episodes of Friends.

You can stream all the seasons on the official website of Netflix.

1.The One With the Blackout (Season 1 Episode 7):

Friends series funniest episodes

Ross and Rachel in The One With the Blackout

The episode starts with Phoebe introducing the theme of her song, but the whole city gets a blackout before she starts. Chandler gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre while the rest of the group hangs out at Monica’s place. Chandler tries to impress the model but ends up being creepy. He calls Monica with Jill’s cell phone and tells everyone about it. Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel talk about their love life, and Rachel mentions that she wants to have a passionate relationship with someone.

Joey notices Ross’s crush on her and tells him that they will never date because Ross took too long, and now he is in the friend zone. After further discussion, Joey suggests that he should make a move on her now because the blackout makes a perfect mood. Ross goes to the balcony to talk with Rachel, and Joey prevents Monica from going there. While Ross was trying to confess to Rachel, a cat shows up there and scratches Ross.

Phoebe and Rachel try to find the cat’s owner only to realize it belongs to a charming Italian guy Paolo. Rachel instantly develops a crush on him and introduce him to everyone in Monica’s apartment. The scene changes where Chandler tries to impress Jill by blowing a bubble from chewing gum. However, he chokes himself, and Jill helps him. After the awkward moments, Chandler and Jill start spending time in the vestibule. As soon as the power returns, everyone sees Rachel and Paolo kissing, which upsets Ross. The episode ends with Jill leaving the vestibule and Chandler asking for a copy of the tape while looking at the CCTV camera. Chandler’s awkward moments are the main reason for including this episode in our list of funniest episodes of Friends.

2. The One With the Baby on the Bus (Season 2 Episode 6):

Friends series funniest episodes

Chandler and Joey Babysitting Ben in The One with the Baby on the Bus

This is probably one of the funniest episodes of Friends season 2. The episode starts with Monica playing with Ben, but he cries whenever she holds him. Ross comforts Ben, but the baby starts crying as soon as he gets near Monica. Monica becomes upset that her own nephew hates her while Chandler and Joey make fun of her. Ross eats a dish that has kiwi in it, and since he is allergic to it, he has to go to a doctor urgently. Monica and Ross leave hurriedly, leaving Ben under the care of Chandler and Joey. Ross hesitates to leave Ben, but Joey convinces him that the baby will be fine with them. Meanwhile, Phoebe is singing another lame song for Rachel in Central Perk.

Rachel’s boss Terry asks her to inform Phoebe that they’ll be hiring a professional singer Stephanie for the cafe, and they won’t need Phoebe to perform any longer. Joey and Chandler take Ben for an outing in hopes of getting a date. Chandler is reluctant, but Joey convinces him that women love babies and they’ll attract many women. However, one woman assumes Chandler and Joey are a gay couple raising an adopted child. She asks for details since her own gay brother wants to adopt one with his boyfriend for a long time. Rachel tries to convince Terry about letting Phoebe perform at the cafe when Phoebe gets upset. Terry agrees but didn’t promise to pay Phoebe, which further upsets her, and she decides to quit. She gets angry and starts playing outside the cafe where people drop some money for her.

Ross has a slight phobia of needles and crushes Monica’s hand tightly while getting the injection. Joey and Chandler get on a bus following two beautiful women, and they forgot Ben on the bus when they got off it. They try to run after the bus, but they couldn’t catch it. Meanwhile, Monica gets a bone bruise because of Ross. Phoebe meets Stephanie, and Rachel introduces her to the cafe. Phoebe disturbs Stephanie’s performance from the outside. Chandler and Joey go to the Department of Health Services to find Ben and get confused when they saw two babies who look almost the same.

Chandler and Joey pick a baby and go to Monica’s flat, where they get nervous when they see that the baby doesn’t cry while Monica was holding him. Their anxieties are put to rest when Ben cries a little while later. Ross eventually finds out that they lost Ben when he saw “Property of Human Services” on his diaper. The episode ends with Phoebe teaching “smelly cat” to Stephanie.

3. The One Where No One’s Ready (Season 3 Episode 2):

Friends series funniest episodes

Joey Wearing All of Chandler’s Clothes in The One Where No One’s Ready

The episode starts with Joey drinking chicken fat while thinking that it’s cider. Ross arrives and asks everyone to get ready as soon as possible because they only have 22 minutes left for an important function in his museum. Phoebe arrives there, all dressed up, making Ross happy. Monica returns from work and checks a voice message from Richard and gets confused whether he left the message before or after their breakup. Chandler comes out of the bathroom only to find out that Joey is sitting on his previous seat. They get into an argument over it while Ross continues to push them to get ready. In the middle of their argument, Joey mistakenly flings hummus (dip or spread) on Phoebe’s dress.

She asks Monica to help her with her dress, but Monica keeps asking questions about Richard’s message. Phoebe then seeks Rachel’s help, but they couldn’t find anything for her. Monica breaks into Richard’s voice mail and hears a message with a female voice. Chandler suggests that she might be Richard’s daughter Michelle, but Monica wants to confirm it. Monica calls her number and discovers that it was indeed Michelle’s message. Chandler gets dressed, and Joey took the sofa’s cushions with him. Joey found out that Chandler hid his underwear and said that he would do the exact opposite of what Chandler did. Ross becomes agitated when there is little time left, and no one is ready. He yells at Rachel, and she wears her sweats after the humiliation. Ross tries to convince her, but she says she won’t be going with them.

Meanwhile, Joey comes back wearing all of Chandler’s clothes, which leads to more arguments. Ross again apologizes to Rachel and says he’d do anything to convince her. Joey suggests Ross should drink the chicken fat, to which Rachel agrees. However, she stops him when she realizes that he really would drink that for her. Everything works out well when all of them get ready on time and leave together. The episode ends with someone sitting on Chandler’s chair, and he asks for the man’s underwear if he didn’t return his seat.

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4. The One With the Football (Season 3 Episode 9):

Funniest Episodes of Friends

Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe Stopping Joey From Making a Score in The One With the Football

This is one of the funniest episodes of Friends with the Thanksgiving theme. The episode begins with Rachel and Phoebe helping Monica with Thanksgiving dinner and the boys watching a football match. The group decides to play football, but Monica and Ross say they aren’t allowed to play it. Chandler jokes about their mom restricting them from playing, but it ends up being true. Ross and Monica tell them about the time when they were competing for a Geller Cup during a Thanksgiving football match as captains of rival teams. Monica claims that she accidentally broke Ross’s nose in the middle of the match, but Ross thinks otherwise. They later decide they can play the game since it’s been so many years. Monica and Ross are again captains with Phoebe and Joey in Monica’s team and Rachel and Chandler in Ross’s team.

Rachel gets upset when Ross asks her to run instead of allowing her to play. Meanwhile, the siblings’ rivalry resurfaces during the match, and Monica reveals that she took the Geller Cup out of the lake when Ross was taken to the emergency room. The siblings decide that they will play for the cup this year as well. In the middle of the match, the group decides to play boys versus girls. Rachel is again upset because the reason for trading the team members was that Monica claims that she can win against Ross even with Rachel on her team.

Meanwhile, Joey and Chandler encounter a beautiful Dutch woman, and they both try to impress her. Joey and Chandler try various ways to get her attention and even argue with each other. Ross gets sick of their fighting and asks her to pick one of them. The woman picks Chandler but rejects him soon after seeing him gloating. The episode includes lots of hilarious moments of everyone as they all try to win using their own eccentric methods. During the last play of the game, Monica throws the ball to Rachel, and she almost scores a touchdown. After the group realizes that the ball is still in play, Ross and Monica get hold of it and refuse to let go. The rest of the group goes back home to eat dinner, whereas Ross and Monica spend the night holding on to the ball.

5. The One With the Embryos (Season 4 Episode 12):

Funniest Episodes of Friends

Coin Toss Scene in The One With the Embryos

Our list of the funniest episodes of Friends would be incomplete without this episode. The iconic coin toss scene is one of the hilarious scenes in the series. The episode starts with Monica and Rachel waking up with the chick’s noise early in the morning. Rachel angrily knocks on Joey’s and Chandler’s door and asks them about the noise. They tell the girls that the chick is becoming a rooster. Later that day, Rachel complains about the birds to Phoebe, and the latter urges Chandler to get rid of them. Phoebe then leaves for the doctor’s appointment to check if she’s suitable to have Frank and Alice’s embryos transferred into her uterus.

Monica and Joey enter the apartment as Joey is boasting that he knows that it’s her laundry day, so she is wearing old lady underpants. Chandler and Joey claim that they know Monica and Rachel better than the girls know them. At first, Chandler and Joey place a bet of ten dollars to guess all the things in Rachel’s shopping bag, which they won. Monica and Rachel are still in denial and suggests that they should do a trivia about personal questions instead of guessing items in a shopping bag. Monica bets 100 dollars for the bet, and Ross becomes in charge of making up the questions.

Meanwhile, the doctor tells Phoebe that her uterus is ready for implantation, and they will transfer five embryos to give a 25 percent chance that at least one will successfully attach. Knowing the slim chances of getting pregnant, Phoebe promises that she will do this as many times it takes to get pregnant. However, Frank and Alice say that it is their only chance as it costs 16,000 dollars every time they do this. Back at Monica’s apartment, the group started their game. They continue playing with both sides having equal scores. Monica gets confident that she and Rachel will win, so continue to increase the bet. They stop raising money as Monica bets that the boys will have to get rid of the birds if they lose the game. Chandler agrees, but only if Monica bets her apartment in return.

The girls eventually lose the lightning round where Ross asks Chandler’s occupation. Joey and Chandler start moving their furniture to Monica’s apartment, much to her dismay. Phoebe comes back and tells everyone what happened at the clinic. She gets impatient and takes a pregnancy test even though the doctor said it would take a couple of days. A few days later, Rachel cries about moving out, and Monica tries to convince Chandler and Joey, only to lose their mattresses in another bet. Frank and Alice visit the apartment and ask Phoebe to take a test that shows positive.

6. The One With All the Thanksgivings (Season 5 Episode 8):

Funniest Episodes of Friends

Monica Trying to Cheer Chandler Up in The One With All the Thanksgivings

The episode starts with everyone lazing around after Thanksgiving dinner. They start discussing the things they are thankful for. Joey talks about a girl’s underpants for a long time, whereas Ross mentions his divorce. As soon as Ross mentions that this the worst Thanksgiving, Chandler interrupts him and tells him nothing could be worse than the Thanksgiving when he was nine. Everyone gets annoyed when he starts telling the story, but Joey says listening to his Thanksgiving story every year is like a tradition now. Chandler’s parents informed him of their divorce during Thanksgiving dinner. Ross says that Chandler is the king of bad Thanksgivings. But Phoebe says that she experienced an even worse Thanksgiving and mentions her previous life when she was serving as a nurse in a war in 1862. Ross asks her to only talk about this life, and then she says Chandler’s was worse.

Rachel says that she knows Monica’s worst Thanksgiving, but the latter asks her not to tell anyone about that. Phoebe mistakes it for another incident that happened in 1992 when Joey had a turkey stuck on his head. Phoebe comes to Monica’s apartment and freaks out when he sees Joey with a turkey on his head. Joey says he wanted to scare Chandler, but now he can’t get it off. Monica returns home, and she gets angry at Joey for pulling a trick like that. Phoebe and Monica try to get the turkey off his head but fail. Chandler only gets scared for a second, but that still makes Joey happy. Later Phoebe realizes that since Rachel wasn’t there, so she wasn’t talking about that year.

Monica tells the story about 1987 when they were in high school, and Ross was in college with Chandler. Rachel arrives at Monica’s home when she was living with her parents and tells her about her breakup with Chip. Whereas Ross brings Chandler to his home, and after learning that Chandler doesn’t eat Thanksgiving dinner, Monica offers to make mac and cheese for him. Monica gets a crush on him, but she hears him making fun of her size. After the flashback ends, Chandler apologizes to her, but Rachel says that’s not the Thanksgiving she was talking about.

According to Rachel, Monica’s worst Thanksgiving was in 1988 when she gets slim in a year. Rachel and Chandler again visit her parent’s house for the festival. Chandler now finds her attractive, but Monica wants to take revenge for last year’s insult. Rachel teaches Monica many ways to seduce him and trick him into taking his clothes off. Monica never tried any of that, so she clumsily tries to seduce him but ends up accidentally dropping a knife on his toe. After hearing the story, Chandler gets upset he lost a toe because he called her fat. Monica goes to his apartment after putting a turkey on her head to cheer him up. Chandler says he loves her but denies that the very next moment. Joey sees Monica and runs away after freaking out.

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7. The One Where Everybody Finds Out (Season 5 Episode 14):

The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Monica and Chandler, after telling everyone that they are in love with each other in The One Where Everybody Finds Out

What makes this episode one of the funniest episodes of Friends is the hilarious events that took place as the group, except Ross, plays mind games with each other after finding out about Monica’s and Chandler’s secret relationship. The episode starts with the group discovering that the ugly naked guy moving out of his apartment. Ross applies to get the apartment and later visits there with Rachel and Phoebe. Phoebe freaks out when she sees Monica and Chandler having sex from the window. Rachel tries to calm her down, but they both end up being very loud, and Ross asks about what happened. Rachel quickly makes up an excuse and says that they are both just excited that he might get this apartment. The three start yelling and jumping together.

Later in Central Perk, Rachel and Phoebe discuss the excuses that Monica and Chandler tell everyone to spend time together. Joey arrives at the cafe, and Rachel tells him that Phoebe knows about Monica and Chandler. Joey suggests telling Monica and Chandler about this and finally end all the secrets. However, Phoebe wants to have some fun of their own, to which Rachel agrees. Phoebe starts flirting with Chandler and compliments his biceps. When Chandler mentions it to Monica, she doesn’t believe it. But later, when Monica sees Phoebe hitting on Chandler, she quickly figures out that Phoebe knows that they are dating and is trying to mess with them.

Monica and Chandler confront Joey only to find that Rachel knows the truth as well. The couple decides that they will mess with Phoebe and Rachel. Joey gets stuck between the four as he tries to hide everyone’s secrets. Meanwhile, Ross gets anxious because the chances of getting the ugly naked guy’s apartment are very low. Rachel suggests that instead of bribing the guy with gifts, Ross should find out his hobbies and bond with him. Phoebe gets a call from Chandler, and he starts flirting with her and asks her to visit him tonight to feel his bicep and more. The girls figure out that Monica and Chandler are messing with them. They further confirm it when Joey agrees.

Ross goes to talk with the ugly naked guy, and the rest of the group sees from the window that the ugly naked guy has a naked friend with him. That naked friend was Ross, as that was the only way to bond with the guy. The scene changes when Phoebe and Chandler are getting ready for “their night”. They continue to mess with each other until Chandler gives up just after awkwardly kissing Phoebe and confesses that he is in love with Monica. Everyone becomes happy for the couple, but they still ask Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel to keep it from Ross. The episode ends when Ross was showing the apartment to his boss and trying to convince him that he is ready to return to work. However, he sees Monica and Chandler having sex from the window and yells in front of his boss.

8. The One With the Ride-Along (Season 5 Episode 20):

The One With the Ride-Along

Phoebe and Gary in The One With the Ride-Along

The episode starts with Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Rachel sitting at Central Perk and Monica telling the others that tomorrow is Emily’s wedding, so they should try to keep Ross’s mind off of it. Ross arrives there, and Joey makes a terrible attempt to distract him. Phoebe and Gary later arrive there, and she tells everyone that she went on a ride-along with Gary. Ross and Joey also want to go on a ride-along, to which Gary agrees. However, when Chandler asks him, Gary advises him that it’s dangerous because he knows Chandler gets easily scared. Gary asks everyone if they are free tonight; Joey and Ross readily agree, but Chandler nervously says that he didn’t know it was going to be at nighttime.

The scene changes with Monica arranging the photos in different categories. When she asks Rachel to give her the last box of photos, but the latter ends up spilling all the photos together. Monica gets upset because all her hard-work gets ruined. Rachel offers to make her margarita for the both of them. She goes to Ross’s apartment to get the blender and the ingredients. Meanwhile, Ross and Joey are having fun at the ride-along, but Chandler is still afraid. In Ross’s apartment, Rachel hears Emily’s message about wanting Ross to call her. During the ride-along, Ross accidentally turns on the beacon, and Gary makes him sit in the backseat with Joey and Chandler.

Meanwhile, Rachel calls Monica over to Ross’s apartment and makes her listen to the message. Monica says they have to delete the message, but Rachel hesitates. As the two were discussing whether to let Ross hear the message or not, Rachel accidentally erases it. Back to the ride-along, everyone thinks that a bullet fired, and Joey instinctively shields Ross leaving Chandler heartbroken. However, in reality, a car backfired, but Gary still gets impressed with Joey’s heroic move and tells everyone about it in the cafe.

Chandler gets jealous and goes back to his apartment. Joey talks to him, and after finding out that Chandler is upset because of the incident, he confesses that instead of trying to save Ross, he was actually saving his sandwich from the bullet. Joey tells him that it’s the best in the world and allows Chandler to have a bite to show how much the latter means to him. On the other hand, Rachel tells Ross about Emily’s message and tells him to do whatever he thinks is right. However, when Ross says that he will call Emily, Rachel convinces him otherwise. The episode ends with everyone hanging out at Central Perk. One of the reasons for including this episode in our list of funniest episodes of Friends was Chandler’s expression when he thought Joey would rather save Ross and not him.

9. The One With the Ball (Season 5 Episode 21):

The One With the Ball

Everyone’s Reaction After Phoebe Drops the Ball in The One With the Ball

Monica and Gary discuss his relationship with Phoebe, and he tells Monica that he is planning to ask Phoebe about moving in with him. Gary asks her not to tell Phoebe about it because he wants it to be a surprise. But Monica tells everything to Phoebe anyway. Pheobe thinks it’s fast and asks Chandler to convince Gary against the idea. In Monica’s apartment, Ross and Joey are playing ball without dropping it for an hour when Rachel comes there and shows them a really ugly sphynx cat she bought for a thousand dollars. Ross thinks that the cat is weird, whereas Joey denies it being a cat at all. Joey suggests playing the ball for two hours straight without dropping it, and Ross agrees to that.

Chandler visits Gary at the Police Station and asks him to reconsider his decision to move in with Phoebe. Gary says that even though they are moving too fast, he loves her and wants to spend more time with her. Chandler likes this idea and thinks maybe he should move in with Monica as well, but Gary says it’s too for the two of them. Ross and Joey continue their game in Joey’s apartment, and Monica comes there looking for her watch. She catches the ball, leaving the boys freaking out and requesting her not to drop it because they have been continuously playing for 2 hours and 27 minutes. Monica asks for leave from work to play with them. Rachel comes there and tells them she wants to get rid of the cat because it is not cute and scratches her all the time.

Meanwhile, Chandler meets Phoebe in Central Perk and tells her that she should live with Gary, and she is very lucky to have him. Phoebe flips out and calls him a good for nothing. Gary arrives at the cafe and asks her to move in with him. Phoebe rejects him, but after seeing him upset, she agrees. Back at Joey’s apartment, Monica, Ross, and Joey are still playing the game, and when Chandler asks to join, everyone disagrees because he is a “dropper”.

However, he convinces the other and starts playing with them. Gary and Phoebe tell everyone the news about the two living together. Phoebe later arrives at the Police Station and makes up an excuse that she can’t find a decent apartment. Gary interrogates her and tells her there are many apartments available in Brooklyn Heights. After seeing that Phoebe is reluctant to live with him, Gary tells her that she doesn’t have to live with him and all that matters is that she is happy.

Phoebe then readily agrees to live with him. Rachel tries to sell the cat, but no one wants it for that high price. Ross and the others are playing the game for almost ten hours, and they are all getting bored, but Monica pushes them to continue it. Later, Gunther buys the cat from Rachel for 1,500 dollars. Phoebe and Gary wake up in their new apartment, and Gary shoots a bird. Phoebe goes to Monica’s apartment and tells everyone that she broke up with him because he shot a bird. Joey throws a ball to her, but she puts it on the table, finally concluding the game.

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10. The One With the Routine (Season 6 Episode 10):

The One With the Routine

Ross and Monica Doing the Routine in The One With the Routine

The episode starts with everyone decorating the Christmas tree and preparing for Christmas. The next scene shows Ross telling a boring story to Monica, Chandler, and Rachel in Central Perk. Joey arrives there and tells everyone that he still wants to go out with Janine. Janine also arrives and announces that she got a call to be a dancer on a TV show for New Year’s eve. She mistakes the name of “Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” as “Dickin’ Rockin’ Dicky Eve”. Ross and Monica correct her and tell everyone it was their favorite show since they were little.

Janine says she is supposed to bring someone, so she asks Joey to be her dance partner, and he says he’d love to spend the New Year with her. However, Janine says they will record the party tomorrow, and Ross excitedly tells them that the show always records the party scene ahead of time, but the part with Dick Clark in Times Square is actually live. Janine invites Ross and Monica to the recording after seeing their excitement. Rachel laughs and tells Chandler she used to date Ross, but Chandler’s still going out with Monica. Joey becomes happy and assumes that Janine asked him on a date, but Rachel suggests that wasn’t the case. Ross, Monica, Joey, and Janine start recording for the New Years’ eve show.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Phoebe arrive at Monica’s apartment and start looking for Christmas presents from Monica. Chandler tells them not to do that, but the girls easily convince him to look for the presents with them. Back at the recording studio, Ross and Monica try their best to get on camera. Seeing the cameraman ignoring them, Monica suggests that she and Ross should try to get on one of the platforms to be on camera. Joey and Janine dance together at first, but the instructor gives them different partners. Joey tries to convince Janine’s partner to switch again, but he denies it, so Joey sprays water on the guy’s pants and runs from there.

Ross and Monica decide to perform the “routine” so they can finally get on the platform. The instructor gets more annoyed with them and lets them stand on the platform when the recording was almost over. Joey was looking forward to kissing Janine after the New Year’s countdown but gets disappointed when the instructor says cut just after the countdown. Rachel and Phoebe finally found Monica’s gift for the first time in many years, but they didn’t like it. Janine initiates to kiss Joey after they went back home. Ross and Monica tell Chandler, Phoebe, and Rachel about the routine, and when they try to show everyone their routine, Monica backs out just before catching Ross, and he fell.

11. The One With Unagi (Season 6 Episode 17):

The One With Unagi

Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross in The One With Unagi

What makes this episode one of the funniest episodes of Friends is Ross’s obsession with unagi and how he confused the concept with another Japanese word. Joey faces some financial issues, so Ross suggests finding alternative ways to earn money, like finding an extra shift at the cafe. Joey mentions how he earned money by getting medical experiments done on him all the time. In the next scene, Rachel and Phoebe arrive at the cafe after taking a self-defense class and tells Ross about it. Ross says that they can’t protect themselves by only attending the class once. He mentions a technique called “Unagi” which he learned during his karate training. However, Rachel and Phoebe don’t take him seriously. Chandler arrives at the cafe and asks for suggestions for Monica’s valentine’s day gifts. He says that the two of them decided to make the presents instead of buying them.

Joey comes up with ridiculous ideas, and Phoebe tells him that she started making sock bunnies. Rachel says that’s her sock. While at home, Chandler still can’t decide what to make for Monica. Monica’s situation is the same as Chandler’s as she is confused about the gifts as well. Joey goes to a medical clinic to look for paid medical researches and finds out there is a research study that pays 2,000 dollars, but only identical twins are eligible. Meanwhile, Ross is still obsessed with Unagi and surprises Phoebe and Rachel by suddenly screaming at them from a blindspot near Monica’s door. He says he had to take drastic measures to prove his point and that he wants both of them to be safe.

Chandler arrives at Ross’s apartment, and Ross claims that he sensed him before he came. Chandler asks for advice on what to gift Monica, and Ross gives him a model of Apollo 8 that he made in sixth grade. However, Chandler can’t give her that because there Ross’s name written on the side of it, and I hate Monica on the bottom of it. After Chandler leaves, Rachel and Phoebe scream from behind the curtains, scaring Ross and gloating that he couldn’t sense them. While looking for passable gifts for Monica, Chandler finds a mixed tape with many romantic songs in it. He gifts that to Monica, and she loves it. Monica gave him Phoebe’s sock bunny, which Chandler instantly recognizes. Monica feels guilty and promises to make it up to him.

Chandler initially wanted to confess to her about the gift, but when she says she’d make whatever he wants in the kitchen and do whatever he wants in the bedroom, he decides not to tell her and follows her into the room. Later, when they come out of the room, a stranger barges in and tries to act like Joey. But when he says, “how are you doing” Joey comes in and yells that ist “how you doing.” After Joey asks Carl to wait in the hall, he tells Monica and Chandler that about the twin study and how he asked Carl to act as his identical twin brother. Phoebe and Rachel go back home and saw Ross hiding behind a chair. They easily subdue him and threaten him to admit they are unagi. Ross replies that unagi is not something you are, its something you have

Meanwhile, Joey’s plan for the twin study fails, and Monica discovers that the mixed tape is actually a gift from Janice to Chandler. Monica gets mad at him and refuses to talk to him. Ross arrives at a women’s self-defense class and asks the instructor what a predator should do when he can’t defeat the girls. The instructor looks and him weirdly, and Ross leaves after knowing that he can’t get any tips. At the end of the episode, Ross mistakes two random women for Phoebe and Rachel and tries to attack them. Phoebe and Rachel saw the whole scene from Central Perk and can’t figure out what Ross is trying to do. The episode ends with the two women chasing Ross to beat him.

12. The One With the Holiday Armadillo (Season 7 Episode 10):

The One With the Holiday Armadillo

Ross in Armadillo Costume in The One With the Holiday Armadillo

Ross gets to spend Christmas with Ben for the first time. He says instead of dressing up as Santa, he wants to teach Ben about Hannukah. Later, when Monica and Chandler were discussing in Central Perk about changing Monica’s surname to Bing after their wedding, Phoebe arrives and tells them that her apartment is ready and she will move out of their place. Chandler asks if Phoebe will be living with Rachel again, to which she agrees. However, Monica and Chandler doubt that because Rachel is having fun living with Joey. Phoebe gets upset after hearing that and leaves the cafe.

In the next scene, Rachel arrives at Joey’s apartment and sees him playing the drums. Monica and Chandler arrive at a fancy restaurant to celebrate their first holiday season as a married couple. However, they have to wait for 45 minutes to get a table, but they can’t wait that long because they have a theater performance to attend. Monica suggests Chandler should bribe the host to get a table early, but Chandler messes up and fails. In Ross’s apartment, Ben and Ross talk about the holiday, and Ross tells him about Hannukah. Ben asks if he’ll get to see Santa this year, but when Ross denies, the boy thinks Santa is mad at him. Seeing his son upset, Ross promises that Santa will meet Ben.

Phoebe sees Joey and Rachel having fun with the drums, so she gifts a tarantula to Joey. Joey gets afraid of the spider, but Rachel loves it. Phoebe later confesses that she is giving those things to Joey so Rachel will move out and want to live with her again. Rachel says she didn’t plan on living long with Joey, and she has more fun with Phoebe. Ross tries to find a Santa costume at the store, but he can’t get any because of the short notice. However, Ross gets an armadillo costume and tells Ben he is Santa’s friend and came on his behalf to wish him a merry Christmas and happy Hannukah.

Ben gets excited after seeing him, and just as Ross was starting to tell the story about Hannukah, Chandler arrives in s Santa costume. Chandler, Monica, and Ben sit together when Ross starts telling the story. However, Joey arrives there in Superman costume. Meanwhile, Rachel and Phoebe visit their renovated apartment but find out that the partition between their rooms is gone, and they can’t put it back up because of the new skylight. They decide Pheobe should live there, and Rachel will continue living with Joey. Ross taught Ben about Hannukah, and they all start lighting the Hannukah candles when Phoebe and Rachel arrive. The episode ends with Rachel putting the tarantula back in its cage because Joey is still afraid of it.

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13. The One With the Halloween Party (Season 8 Episode 6):

The One With the Halloween Party

Monica and Chandler in The One With the Halloween Party

Monica and Chandler tell everyone that they will throw a Halloween party and everyone has to wear costumes. Ross says he’ll invite Mona to the party. Phoebe meets Ursula, and they talk for a little while. Ursula tells her that she is getting married, so Phoebe asks her to attend the Halloween party with her fiance. The party starts, and Rachel says she wants to give the candies to the kids because she is pregnant and wants to be around children because of her maternal instincts. Monica dresses as Catwoman while Phoebe dresses as Supergirl. Chandler comes out of his room in a pink bunny rabbit and says he doesn’t like it. Monica says she got this for him because the Velveteen Rabbit was his favorite as a child.

Joey comes dressed up as Chandler, and Ross came in a potato costume. He explains that the antenna on his head resembles a Russian satellite “Sputnik” and his costume of a spud makes him a “Spudnik”. However, everyone insists on calling him a “doodie”. Phoebe meets Ursula’s fiance Eric and develops a crush on him. Mona arrives in a nurse costume, and she instantly recognizes Ross’s costume. Ursula also arrives at the party, and Phoebe finds out that she is lying to Eric to get married. Ross and Chandler start an arm-wrestling contest with Monica’s and Joey’s insistence. Ross was losing the contest, so he requests Chandler to let him win because he wants to impress Mona. Chandler intentionally loses after agreeing.

Phoebe tells Eric everything about Ursula because she doesn’t want him to be cheated on because of her sister. Eric gets upset and decides to break up with Ursula. Chandler confesses to Monica that he let Ross win on purpose, but she didn’t believe him, and when Chandler asks Ross to tell her the truth, Ross denies it. Later, to prove Monica, Chandler does an arm-wrestle with her but loses.

14. The One Where Emma Cries (Season 9 Episode 2):

The One Where Emma Cries

Welcome Party for Emma and Rachel in The One Where Emma Cries

Ross is mad at Rachel and Joey because of the proposal confusion. Joey, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler prepare a welcome party for Emma and Rachel before they come back from the hospital. Chandler didn’t sleep the whole night worrying about an important meeting in his office. Rachel comes and thanked them for the decorations, but she didn’t like the giant stuffed gorilla. Joey asks her if Ross is still mad, and she says he shouldn’t be here when Ross comes. Later, Monica, Pheobe, and Rachel were looking after Emma, and Ross went to get diapers for her. Rachel woke Emma up, and she starts crying even when Phoebe told her not to do that. Meanwhile, Chandler slept in his meeting and agreed to transfer to Tulsa without knowing what he said yes to.

Emma keeps crying for a long time and wouldn’t stop no matter what Rachel does. Ross meets Joey at Central Perk and yells at him. Joey says he feels guilty for what happened, and Ross should hit him to feel better. However, when Ross tried to him, Joey ducked at Ross’s hand got injured, so the two went to the hospital. At Ross’s apartment, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe are extremely irritated because of Emma’s non-stop crying. Chandler arrives and tells Monica about his transfer, but she tells him to convince his boss not to send him there. He meets his boss but messes up by talking too much. Later, Monica managed to stop Emma from crying after holding her for a few seconds.

Chandler arrives and tells Monica that they have to move to Tulsa. Later Ross comes back and talks to Rachel about his fight with Joey, but Rachel says she never really wanted to marry Joey. The episode ends in Central Perk, where Joey tells Chandler about the punching incident, and when he tries to punch Chandler as an example, the latter ducked, and Joey ended up hitting Ross again. The punching incident probably makes this episode one of the funniest episodes of Friends.

 15. The One With the Late Thanksgiving (Season 10 Episode 8):

The One With the Late Thanksgiving

Monica and Chandler locking everyone outside the door in The One With the Late Thanksgiving

The episode starts with Chandler announcing to everyone that he and Monica won’t host Thanksgiving this year. Ross figures out that every word he said was what Monica taught him. Phoebe manipulates Monica into hosting the dinner anyway, saying Monica should compete with the last year’s version of herself. Later, in Joey’s apartment, Phoebe tells Rachel that she wants to enter Emma in a baby beauty pageant. Rachel didn’t like the idea but agrees when Phoebe told her the prize money is a thousand dollars. Chandler offers to help Monica with the dinner preparations, but she doesn’t want him to do anything high-profile, so she tells him to make the cranberry sauce.

Ross and Joey invite Chandler for a Knicks game, but he denies saying they won’t make it in time for dinner. Chandler also asks them not to go because Monica worked really hard for the dinner, and she didn’t want to do it in the first place. After they leave the apartment, Joey and Ross decide they’ll go to the game and try to come back early. Meanwhile, Rachel freaks out during the beauty pageant after seeing weird people and children, but Phoebe convinces her to stay because she heard the judges talking that Emma is the cutest among all the babies there.

Monica complains to Chandler about everyone being 45 minutes late for dinner. Ross and Joey arrive at the hall and meet Phoebe and Rachel. The four of them freak out, knowing Monica must be very angry with them. They try to come up with excuses, but when Monica and Chandler heard them talking in the hall, she locks the door. The four of them try to convince the couple by peeking their heads through the door. Joey’s head gets stuck on the door, and while Monica attends a call, Chandler opens the door only for Joey to trip and spill the whole dinner. Monica comes and says she doesn’t care for the mess because she got a call from the adoption agency, and they were selected by a mother. The episode ends with a happy note, with everyone congratulating the couple and having dinner together.

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