Jeepers Creepers Reborn Review: Is It Worth Watching?

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Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, Credit: Distractify

The 4th movie of the Jeepers Creepers Franchise, Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, has been released, and it brought with it a new star cast, director, and writer too. It erases the previous three claiming those are fictional in this sequel’s universe since it is planned to be the first in the new stand-alone trilogy. But Reborn doesn’t detach enough from the trilogy’s concept.

The Creepers is a fictional character in the Jeepers Creepers Franchise. It is an ancient, mysterious demon who feeds upon human organs and replaces the damaged ones. It hunts for 23 days of every 23rd spring by sensing the fear in the victims to determine what to feed on. Jeepers Creepers: Reborn is a paranormal horror film directed by Timo Vuorensola. It was released on September 19, 2022, by Screen Media Films worldwide.

  • Movie name – Jeepers Creepers: Reborn
  • Directed By – Timo Vuorensola
  • Release Date – September 14 2022
  • Box Office Collection – $ 5.9 Million
  • Streaming Guide – Jeepers Creepers Reborn

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Jeepers Creepers: Reborn Star Cast

An English actor, Jarreau Benjamin, performed the role of Creeper. He is known for his role as Craig in the year 2019 crime thriller Top Boy. The role of Laine is performed by Sydney Craven (EastEnders), and Imran Adams (Hollyoaks) portrays Chase. The two main characters of this movie are Laine and Chase.

Jeepers-creepers-reborn-castJeepers Creepers: Reborn Cast, Credits: @OlhosFamintosBR

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Jeepers Creepers Reborn Plot

The plot that they have going on in Jeepers Creepers Reborn centers around a couple, and it turns out the female is pregnant. They casually mention it to one lady who’s a local in this area where the Creeper has been known to be seen. It turns out that this lady is part of a cult that believes in the Creeper, worships the Creeper, and wants him reborn to keep feeding for whatever reason the writers have left unexplained.

The woman being pregnant with a baby is a perfect excuse for the Creeper to be reborn or just to give him more strength so he can live longer without that 23-year period again. The movie does a terrible job of explaining any of that or following through with it.

There’s like a sadistic cult that believes in the Creeper, wants to side with it, and will feed on different things. Being reborn through a baby is kind of cliche and overdone, but still, the cult aspect is cool and fun. Also, there’s a brief line in here where they say that the Creeper is now basically public knowledge that it’s just a mystery around this locality, and they have made three movies in this universe about it.

We can say that, like with the scream movies and stabs, there are Jeeper Creeper movies now in the Jeeper Creeper universe. The protagonist of this movie is a fan of those movies, so he knows everything about the Creeper from these films and the urban legends.

The closest connection to anything involving the previous movies is there’s a voodoo doll that looks kind of like Justin Long’s character from the first movie, referencing that those events did happen. The end of the movie was just so rushed and dumb that the Creeper got to slice open a little bit of the girl on her stomach for the baby, but she escaped with the boyfriend.

They kill the Creeper by stabbing it with a pole through its mouth. Then a bunch of crows come in and carry the body away somewhere else, and then you see the girl’s eyes turn black, and somewhere else, the Creeper is reborn, which makes no sense.

Creepers’ appearance in the movie

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Jeepers Creepers: Reborn Review

Reviewing the movie, the script and the plot are two important aspects, and this movie’s script is not one of the most impressive ones. The way that the film is edited is terrible. Just the moments that they decided to stop mid-conversation have this weird cadence to where there’s like a millisecond or two, too soon or too late, or it just feels off the way that just simple dialogue scenes are supposed to flow.

The whole premise that we’re getting these characters together is that there’s this big little festival that they’re having in the middle of the town. The budget for this movie is so abysmal it looks like a county fair of about just 15 people.

Conventionally, the Creeper is not a slasher villain. He’s a monster that eats people. He selects somebody that has something that he wants, and he eats that until the 23rd day, and he takes a little nap. This is not a slasher franchise. Why are you trying to make it one?

There’s this whole element in the plot that they introduced where you have a couple as your two central characters. They’re your two protagonists, and they tell you very early on in the film that the girl is pregnant. The guy has the desire to propose to her, so there’s romance coming that’s going to get messed up by the situation.

Throughout the film, there are all these little hints and these little character placements of people that are inside of this town, clearly trying to navigate this couple into the Creeper’s path because they know that the Creeper is going to want her because of the baby inside of her. There’s no clear explanation for that, and the movie never bothers to explain it.

This is where they went worse with the script. None of the ideas are original, to begin with. They’re just things that they’ve seen in other horror franchises and have them attached to the Jeepers Creepers franchise. By the time the movie wraps up, all of the elements that are most integral to the plot and the story that they’re trying to tell with this film get no explanation whatsoever.

Talking about the actors and their performance, the characters all around in this film, and the acting is just abysmal. The characters range from insufferable to the most overused caricature cliches in horror you have. The central couple is competing for the entire movie for who can deliver their lines the worst, and the guy especially was the most annoyingly neurotic person.

In every single scene, he’s like a chipmunk or a squirrel that just saw something. Exaggerating the fact that he’s aware of who’s the Creeper and he’s scared way too much. You can’t believe for a single second that this is an actual couple. There’s zero chemistry between them, and there’s zero romance there. We have nothing between these two characters.

At the conclusion of this film, she’s attacking the Creeper. She gets the upper hand on him, and the movie pauses and goes and looks at her all dramatically. She says, “How do you like those peepers?” It’s such an injustice with the whole history of Creeper.

Jeepers Creepers Reborn: Ending

Compared to old movies

They have actually stopped treating the Creeper like a terrifying monster that comes on screen. If we go back to those first two movies, what made them just so re-watchable, so enjoyable, and so interesting is the way they would frame and handle the shots involving the Creeper.

It was treated very cinematically when the Creeper would come on the screen. You would get almost like a chill down your spine seeing those spiky teeth, the slimy skin, all the little crevices and breathing that it would do to pair that up with some actual decent acting.

On the other side, from the actors being terrified at what they’re witnessing, the first two movies had a vibe it made you believe you’d also feel that paralyzing fear if the Creeper was in front of you hunting your friends down one by one, thinking to yourself, “How would I escape the situation I don’t even know what this thing is in front of me? ”

Then bringing us to the 3rd and 4th movies, they treated the Creeper just like a mundane character, a regular side piece involved in this movie, shooting him in broad daylight, giving him no interesting lighting or visual cinematics nothing it is so dull and boring pair that up with them knowing they just don’t have the budget for some of these effects they want to pull off but still attempt to.

Jeepers Creepers Comparison, Credits: Fiction Horizon

Talking about the elements, Jeepers Creepers reborn

  • Action: It’s actually kind of slow going to get to that plot that is shown in the trailer of them getting to a horror festival and winning the prize going to that haunted house that takes maybe 40 minutes to an hour to get to, and it should not have taken that long but that’s where all the creeper action starts happening.
  • Comedy: In the movie, the actual jokes that they intend to be funny in here will not even touch the sense of humor. 
  • Dram: You’ll have no interest whatsoever in this plot. These characters were not interesting. You would not fear for their lives the smallest bit of interest. 
  • Horror: There’s no way you could be scared by this movie. The Creeper used to terrify people in the previous movies just the idea that it could come out of nowhere and want to eat you.
  • Suspense: Having no interest in the plot of these characters, you won’t be terrified of the Creeper. You couldn’t care at all what’s happening.

Our Rating

Our verdict for the movie Jeepers Creepers: Reborn is just a waste of time and money. We give it a rating of 1 out of 5.

Rating: ⭐ (1/5)

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