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Who Is Late Dj D Baby’s Girlfriend? Everything We Know

DJ D Baby
DJ D Baby

What do we know about Dj D Baby’s girlfriend? Who was the girlfriend of Dj D Baby when she died? How did Dj D Baby die? Darian Lewis, professionally known as Dj D Baby, was a world-famous Dj artist, social media influencer, and entrepreneur as well. She is best known as one of the youngest Dj of Houston of all time. And let me tell you, she has been in a music career since high school. She always knew she wanted to be a famous Dj artist. Besides that, she was also a very successful entrepreneur. D Baby was the owner of The Hookah Heroes, where she used to sell all kinds of hookahs.

Undoubtedly she has achieved a lot in her life that anyone could wish for. Not many people have the guts to achieve all this at a very young age. But she turned out to be a great example for every woman out there. And this was just the beginning of her career, but she had planned something else for her. The reason why I am saying this is because she is dead now. Yes, you heard it right. A few days back, Dj D Baby died accidentally by falling off her girlfriend’s terrace.

Since then, she has become the talk of the town. Everyone is so curious to know the exact reason for her death. And people also doubt that Dj D Baby’s girlfriend is also involved in her death. Everyone is only talking about Dj D Baby and his girlfriend. Here we will reveal everything about Dj D Baby’s love life and the reason for her death.

DJ D Baby’s girlfriend revealed

It’s finally time to reveal the most asked question about Dj D Baby. That is about Dj D Baby’s girlfriend. Everyone on social media is questioning her because people doubt that she is maybe involved in Dj D Baby’s death. But according to the sources, it was found that Dj D Baby’s girlfriend is innocent. And Dj D Baby died accidentally. She falls off the 13th floor of her girlfriend Nishia Jackson’s house.

And now let me tell you about their relationship, as far as we know everything between was going so smoothly. They were deeply in love with each other. And they both were having a great time together. But some things are not meant to last forever. And when Dj D Baby died, Nishia was the one who was affected the most by her death. A few days later, she also posted on her social media, saying this is coming from the depth of her heart and that she had lost the most precious person in her life.

Dj D Baby

Dj D Baby died at the age of 23.

And she will always love her and respect her as well. Keeping all her thoughts about Dj D Baby’s death, we can assume that she was madly in love with her. And she will never do this to her, not even in dreams. Moreover, Dj D Baby’s mother also confirmed that this was an accident, not anyone’s fault, which also clarifies that Nishia was a good girlfriend and loved D Baby so much.

Moving further, let’s now talk more about Dj D Baby’s girlfriend. And know what she does for her living and about her early life. So if you wanna know more about Nishia Jackson, continue reading the article.

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More about dead Dj D Baby’s girlfriend Nishia Jackson

Now come, let’s flash some light on Nishia Jackson and know everything related to her early life and career. We don’t know much about Nishia Jackson because she is not as famous as her late girlfriend, Nishia Jackson. However, we have managed to grab some information related to her career.

Who is DJ D Baby's girlfriend?

Nishia Jackson

Well, as far as we know, Nishia is also a DJ artist. Besides that, she is also a school counselor, and she also owns a Culture Htx club. And let me tell you, she is also an active member of the LGBTQ community. People know her for her performance with Da Divaz. Other than that, we are still figuring out to find everything related to her family and early life as well. For now, we only wish good for her may God give her strength to deal with the loss.

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