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Willy’s Wonderland: Ending Explained and Discussion

Nicholas Cage, who has been experimenting a lot with his movies recently, has kept the ride going. One of his various movie choices has come up with the latest Willy’s Wonderland. A horror-comedy film with a ridiculous but very much effective concept. Directed by Kevin Lewis, the movie was released on February 12, 2021. It starred Nicholas Cage in a completely unnamed character who takes up the job of being a Janitor at Willy’s Wonderland. A place for parties and celebrations organized by Willy The Weasel and his friends. The movie has so far received kind of mixed but also positive reviews. The performance from Nicholas Cage, along with the amazing movements of Animatronics, was heavily praised by the audience.

Willy’s Wonderland follows the story of an unnamed protagonist who is driving through the town of Haysville, Nevada, and unfortunately gets his high-end sports car busted. To get his work done, he deals with a local business owner to spend a night cleaning at his local abandoned family entertainment center called Willy’s Wonderland. A normal janitor job soon turns into a nightmare as the protagonist goes into a war with eight mechanized puppets coming to life. So, with such a ridiculous but fun concept, there are few things that need a definite explanation. So here we are, taking a look at exactly what went down with the movie and its ending.

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The Protagonist

So, with the character that Nicholas Cage is portraying, he has quite mysterious air around him. We literally don’t know what his name is throughout the movie. Also, there are no dialogues for him at all. The motives of the protagonist were also unclear. He literally kept cleaning the place after dealing with every animatronic. Even after realizing they were hell-bent on killing him. He only decides to take it seriously when Liv and her friends are put in the dangerous game.

Willy's Wonderland - Ending Explained

So, basically, what we all witnessed was that the protagonist is definitely a trained individual. Since he took on the animatronics easily with only Willy being a tough competition. He does also seem to have a dark past, which wasn’t explored in the movie resulting in him not speak much. Almost not, if we are being honest. Eloise realizes that this time she has put the wrong person for sacrifice and tries to put the protagonist under the bars. Still, Willy frees himself and moves on with killing Willy.

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The Motives Of Animatronics

So, whoever watched the movie already knows that even though the protagonist was meant to be the next prey of the Animatronic robot killers, he was not a regular prey this time. The plan was well set by busting his sports-car intentionally and then Jed leading him to Tex Mcadoo. Eventually, the job offer came, which the protagonist accepted. The guy’s skillset really portrayed a trained background, which made the job difficult indeed. Apart from that, if you are still wondering about the motives behind Animatronics going after the protagonist. Let’s cover what actually went down.

Willy's Wonderland - Ending Explained

So, the movie gave a glimpse of this using the story of Liv and her friends. The story of the place dates back to two decades earlier when it was owned by Jerry Willis, a serial killer played by Grant Cramer. Jerry Willis started killing people with his business. He brought more psychotic people like him and turned the practice into group killing.

The people were often led there to celebrate birthdays and family gatherings ending with everyone dying, including the children. Willis and his friends dressed up and entertained families prior to their killings. The atrocities of Willy and his group were put to stop when police raided the place. With no intention of giving in, Willis and his group decided to kill themselves in front of a Satanic Ritual. The ritual indeed transferred their consciousness into the lives of the Animatronics they used to sport.

After 10 years since the place closed down, the business was brought in by Tex. New incidents in reference to Animatronics started appearing there. Eloise, Jed, and Tax, for the sake of the town, decided to go to Willis and made a deal. They put forth that they will provide a continuous supply of human sacrifices in exchange for Willy and his group sparing their town.

So, the protagonist was the new man in the line. Since he was from outside of the town and his disappearance won’t cost any issues, the group decided to trap him. But this time, unlike the other preys, the protagonist is someone the animatronics don’t want to deal with.

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The Motives Of Liv

The movie indeed opened with the killings of a couple. They are eventually revealed to be none other than Liv’s parents. Liv was the only surviving member of the killings who was later found by the sheriff. She knows the atrocities taking place at Willy’s Wonderland. Since then, she has gone against Eloise’s wills and, with her friends, tried to warn anyone visiting that restaurant. Liv and her friends had put up signboards on the restaurants warning the passers-by and once tried to burn the place down.


Liv and his friends, much like their previous attempts, try to rescue the protagonist. But this time, the protagonist is someone who doesn’t need some help. He clearly takes the upper hand over the animatronics and puts an end to their killings. The next morning after coming out of the restaurant alive, the protagonist takes his keys back, and Liv decides to leaves the town with him. With the death of her parents avenged, Liv can finally move on for a better life.

The Deaths of Tex, Eloise, and Jed

I think this one is pretty clear. Maybe for saving the people of the town, but these three people let many innocent people into losing their lives. Just to be true to their pact with Willy. Even Eloise didn’t show any mercy for the children. Until it was revealed that even Liv is stuck in the restaurant. Soon, Eloise is cut in half by Willy. On the other hand, Tex and Jed saw their death at the hands of Siren Sara. The fairy-looking animatronic stuck her cloth into the fuel receiver of Tex’s car resulting in an explosion. In the end, Tito Turtle, the last living animatronic, was run over by the protagonist as he left town with Liv.

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