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Warm On A Cold Night Episode 25 & 26: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Warm on a Cold Night trailer
Warm on a Cold Night

Warm on a Cold Night Episodes 25 and 26’s release date is now available. We will try to recap the last episode in detail so that the fans don’t miss out on anything while they wait for the next episode. The streaming guide and release date for Warm on a Cold Night episodes 25 and 26 will be revealed here.

Han Xie looked annoyed and didn’t understand why she was clutching his hand and not letting go. He woke up, and Su Jiuer quickly yelled for assistance, but Han Xie pinned her down. Su Jiu’er had a lot of things ready for the Qi people to be terrified of, but he wasn’t prepared for Xue Qi to be able to shut off his five senses.

As he can no longer smell anything, these onions and cloves are obviously of no value to him. Han Jiong questioned Su Jiuer why she chose to attack her after leaving town. Su Jiuer stated that she would be open to collaborating once more. Her health wasn’t great, but her brain was still sharp.

Han Yao was not duped, and Su Jiu’er could only truly claim that she had no ill will toward him. Thus, let’s assume that she was merely envious of Han Yao’s attractiveness. Han Ji couldn’t speak, so he seized her neck and led Keha away.

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A Quick Recap

Qin Xiangyi was extremely concerned when he realized that Su Jiuer and Hu Badao were negotiating with Qiren, yet any situation involving Qiren would lead to significant casualties. Su Jiu’er momentarily covered the reality that Han Yao might improve Qin Xiangyi’s health in the hopes that they would drop the lawsuit at hand.

The murderer will dump his body at the entrance to hell three days later. Han Ji’s sole opportunity is that. Han Ji chastised him fiercely after Ke Ha encouraged him to help Su Jiu’er. He couldn’t possibly work with Su Jiu’er in his position, so how could he?

Su Jiu’er discovers that the ghostly gate in the children’s rhyme is actually Guanghua Bridge after getting a new idea and reflecting on the issue using Qiren’s method of thinking. When the opportunity arose, the two planned to entice Han Gui over so they could engage in combat and gain the rewards. They also deliberately revealed the hints to Yue Daren.

Warm on a Cold Night trailer

A still from the show. Cr: iQiyi

Han Yu was located by Hu Badao, who informed him that he had discovered the site of the ghost gate and requested a meeting with him in three days. Su Jiu’er and Hu Badao were nearby when Yue Daren headed his soldiers in an assault at Guanghua Bridge three days later.

Han Yu prefers to remain hidden in the shadows because she believes Su Jiuer to be a female troublemaker. Han Ji noticed the mystery man’s footsteps as Su Jiu’er suddenly became ill, and sure enough, he discovered the man in black standing next to Su Jiu’er, who, in fact, had three marks on his face.

Han Xie informed Su Jiu’er that the man had no scent on him, so he’s not sure whether he was from Qi after rescuing her. Soon after the guards discovered the body floating in the ocean, Han Ji vanished. The four-person investigation should have ended with this decapitated corpse, but no one could identify it because the three wounds were tossed away unnoticed.

Su Jiu’er argued that San Dao Scar’s body shouldn’t be thrown away and examined the precise steps taken to create the body’s outward appearance. Hu Badao is quite happy. Su Jiuer continued to fight despite the fact that the agreed-upon half-month term hadn’t yet passed, and Yan Kuan still desired the chance to kick Hu Badao and Su Jiuer out.

Given that the killer appeared to just want to kill her, they may have accidentally crossed paths, and given that the murderer desired to kill her due to his fear of difficulties, she was aware that this subject was not yet resolved. Su Jiu’er removed a necklace from Master Zhang’s corpse in the hopes that it contained some information.

Warm on a Cold Night trailer

A still from the show. Cr: iQiyi

Su Jiu’er is bringing a rabbit that Qiren adores because she is coming to Hanyu’s home as a guest. Su Jiu’er was so terrified that he tightly gripped his shaking body after Han Yin startled him by telling her he only liked girls with sensitive skin and soft flesh. Han Ji was urged to work with Su Jiu’er in order to find the murderer when she revealed that she had a fresh lead.

Han Ji was also aware that her true motivation was to find security for herself, but she didn’t share Su Jiu’s belief. Su Jiuer merely let out a rainbow fart while declaring her desire to be his friend. Little did she know, however, that he routinely turned down acquaintances who lived thousands of miles away and even sobbed in resentment.

The Release Date For Warm On A Cold Night Episodes 25 And 26

The release date for Warm on a Cold Night episodes 25 and 26 is March 7, 2023. Warm on a Cold Night episodes 25 and 26 will debut on iQiyi around 8 p.m. in China. While viewers from around the globe will stream Warm on a Cold Night episodes 25 and 26 at:

  • For watchers in India: 5.30 p.m. IST
  • For watchers in Canada: 7 a.m. EST
  • For watchers in Australia: 11 p.m. AEDT
  • For watchers in the USA: 7 a.m. EST

Warm On A Cold Night Episodes 25 And 26: Where To Watch

Warm on a chilly evening At the times specified above, episodes 25 and 26 will be accessible on iQiyi and Rakuten Viki. For iQiyi, users must pay roughly three dollars, and for Viki, they must spend around seven dollars.

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