One Piece Chapter 1081 Full Summary And Raw Scans: Aokiji Vs Garp & Law’s Escape From Blackbeard!

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One Piece Chapter 1081 Full Summary And Raw Scans Details
Weekly Shonen Jump Magainze issue 23 cover!

One Piece Chapter 1081 is scheduled to be released in the 23rd issue of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine this Sunday, and the raw scans and the full summary of the chapter are out thanks to the leakers and the scanlations. This chapter must be one of the special chapters as we finally learned more about the admirals we wanted to know.

It’s been years since the battle between Kuzan and Akainu took place, and the result of the battle was given in a lousy narration that the latter had prevailed in the battle and became the Fleet Admiral. Also, there was no reason ever explained as to why Kuzan even joined the Blackbeard Pirates. Well, thanks to One Piece Chapter 1081, we learned a lot about it with a glimpse of action between Aokiji and Garp. 

In addition to that, we also got the result of yet another battle that was not concluded since this new arc began. After the end of Wano, Oda has taken the narrative to the outside world a lot, and we learn about numerous characters since then aside from the straw hats. The latter part of the One Piece Chapter 1081 is about Law and his pirates against the emperor Blackbeard. 

We have been waiting to learn about Law’s status as he is against someone who is ruthless, and fans were worried about Law. But thanks to the current chapter, Law did make it out of the battle alive, but his fate is the same as the other hero that got out Wano, Kid, and his pirates.

So with that being said, let us dive into a full detailed summary of the amazing One Piece Chapter 1081 in this article, and we provide you with a few raw scans from the chapter as well. Here we bring you the latest updates on One Piece and its new chapters.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Full Summary And Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1081 is going to be titled similar to “The 10th Titanic of the Blackbeard Pirates, Captain Kuzan,” and as the title suggests, we will be learning about the Kuzan a lot in this chapter. The cover page for this chapter is a colored double-spread that features the Straw Hats, who are sleeping except for Sanji, who is lying down and reading the book, and the cover page also misses Nami and Robin.

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One Piece Chapter 1081 Full Summary And Raw Scans
One Piece Chapter 1081 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1081 begins where it had left off in the previous chapter, with Vice Admiral Garp making a huge entrance on the Hachinosu island, and the Blackbeard Pirates are scared of him. Gapr comes down on the Island, landing safely, and the battleship behind also comes landing thanks safely to the Marine officer Prince who uses his clay devil fruits to make waves on the land and lands the ship safely.

In a double-spread, we see that the Blackbeard pirates are cussing on Garp for causing such casualties as the latter keeps on marching and says if they made another move, then there will be more casualties. Garp sighs and mentions that the situation sucks and wonders out loud when did he get so weak surprising the pirates.

The next panel of the chapter sees Koby coming closer to Garp, and the Marines are very happy to see him alive and well. Koby is really glad to see Marines who aren’t even part of the Sword are here to help him. Hibari, who is behind Koby, informs Garp that they cannot seem to take out the shackles off of Koby, and before she can ask what she should do, she is frozen.

As everyone is worried about how come Hibari is suddenly frozen, Aokiji Kuzan comes to the field, and the Marines are surprised to see him there. The Marines ask him to unfreeze Hibari as the Blackbeard pirates continue to cheer him. Aokiji mentions that the situation is not good, and he cannot let Koby escape while Teach is gone.

Aokiji Kuzan And The Blackbeard Pirates Conversation

Before the narrative moves on to the current situation, One Piece Chapter 1081 then sees a flashback of the events after the battle on the Marineford, more precisely, after the battle between Aokijij Kuzan and Akainu for the seat of the Fleet Admiral. At a certain island in the new world, we see that the Blackbeard Pirates are making trouble. 

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However, we see that they are frozen, and Teach is worried about their comrades and asks Aokiji Kuzan, who is the one responsible for the deed, to undo all of this. Aokiji, who is drinking at the bar, mentions that he is not the one who attacked first and says that he is in a bad mood and in pain and begins telling his story to him.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Full Summary And Raw Scans

The next panel sees Aokiji and Teach having a conversation while they are laughing, and everyone is unfrozen. The conversation continues, and The former still makes some jokes about his battle with Akainu and making the Blackbeard pirates laugh. He also shows the Blackbeard pirates that he is missing his leg after the battle, and he keeps remaking it out of ice.

The Blackbeard Pirates asks if he also took something in return for his leg, such as his hand, but he says that he couldn’t, but Akainu’s body is full of scars. Catarina Devina of the Blackbeard pirates asks Kuzan if he has heard about the man with the burn scar.

Jesus Burgess tells Akainu that the man with the burn scar has one of the road poneglyphs that will help them reach the One Piece. The other three are also scattered around the world, with the town of them being possessions of the emperor and Kaido and Big Mom, and the last one’s location is still unknown.

Laffite of the Blackbeard Pirate says that this man supposedly travels on the jet black ship, and whoever tries to approach gets drowned in a whirlpool and says that it might be the ability of this man. Shiryu also jumps into the conversation mentioning that since he was a part of the World Government, if they had one of them, then it would be impossible to reach the One Piece.

Blackbeard Asks Akainu To Join His Crew & Akainu Vs Garp

As they converse, Laffite mentions to Teach if they should get Akainu’s devil fruit power which Akainu hears and says that he is ready to fight them but Teach apologizes saying his comrades are idiots and instead asks him that he is here to have him join his crew.

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Teach also mentions that since Akainu is fired and has nothing to do at the moment, he could find justice with them. Baffled at the suggestion, Akainus says that he won’t join them just because they drank together and had some laughs. Teach says that he is free to do anything he wants after he joins as long as they share a common goal.

The narrative then comes back to the current situation with Akainu and Garp facing each other. Garp tells Akainue to free Hibari and Koby and come back to the navy. Kuzan mentions that Garp is always saying anything he wants, and that is something he always admired about him and trapped him in an Ice ball. 

Akainu asks if can he kill his first student to save his favorite one and says not to hold back. Garp breaks out of the Ice Ball trap and charges at Akainu grabbing him by his mouth and shoving him to the ground while saying that those who have lost their way are weak.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Summary And Raw
Garp Vs Akainu Double Spread! (CC: Greiish for coloring!)

Law Makes Out of the Battle Alive

The last part of the One Piece Chapter 1081 sees the battle between Blackbeard Pirates and Heart Pirates come to an end at Winner Island. We see that the former has won the battle while the submarine of heart pirates has sunk, and only Bepo and Law seem to be lying on the ground.

Teach mentions that the Pirates that Law took the hearts of on the Rocky Port are hiding at the Hachinosue island and will be glad to see that Blackbeard has brought Law’s heart to them. Teach wonders whether he should sell Law’s devil fruit or use it and even asks the latter if he can really make him immortal.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Full Summary And Raw
Bepo’s Transformation!

But before he can do anything, we see that Bepo has transformed into a huge monster, much like Chopper’s transformation, and barely manages to make the escape. The law mentions that Bepo should leave him behind, but the latter is intent on saving him and praying that he shouldn’t die.

One Piece Chapter 1081 will be available to read on Sunday, April 23rd, 2023, on various platforms such as Viz Media and Manga Plus for free for a limited time.

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