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The Love in Your Eyes Episode 109: Do-Jin’s Family Will Receive Justice Recap, Release Date & Streaming Guide

The Love in Your Eyes Episode 109
The Love in Your Eyes Cast (Credit: Rakuten Viki)

Episode 109 of The Love In Your Eyes will release super soon. Fans are so excited to know what Young-I and Kyung -Jun have in store to overflow their emotions this time. If you are looking for all the information about the upcoming episode of The Love In Your Eyes, you have come to the right place. But before we begin, here’s a bit of information about what The Love In Your Eyes is all about.

The Love In Your Eyes will take you to the world of a single mother, Young I, who has been traumatized because of her husband’s sudden death. However, she tries her best to live happily with her husband’s family while passionately handling her career.

On the other hand, Jung Kyung Joon, the director of the restaurant where Young-I works, had gone through cornea surgery, and surprisingly, Young-I’s late husband is the one who donated Kyung-Jun his eye. Kyung-Jun desires to meet the family of the one who gave him the vision, and eventually, fate brings Young-I and Kyung-Jun together, but things start taking shocking turns for them.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 108: Recap

Episode 108 of The Love In Your Eyes begins with Ms. Cha asking her son Se Jun, to leave the country with her because episode 107  left us all with a big shock about Ms. Cha being the murderer of Do Jin. The beginning of episode 108 clearly states that even Se Jun has something to do with Do Jin’s murder.

Young- I’s family gets traumatized after knowing that Do Jin was murdered because they assumed that he was killed by accident until now. All of them then decide to file a complaint against the Chang family for murdering Do–Jin and not letting them know about the same.

The Love in Your Eyes Episode 109

A Still From The Love in Your Eyes Episode 109 (Credit: KBS)

Young -I also reveal some bitter truths about Ms. Cha to Do – Jin’s family that shock them all. She tells everyone that Kyung Jun is not a real son of Ms. Cha because she got married twice, and the real father Kyung – Jun is Sim-Won-Sub.

Hae Mi’s parents, who were supposed to get their daughter married to the Jang family, eavesdrop on the conversation that Do-Jin’s family has in their house. Soon, they let everything know to Hae Jin, who, out of compassion, sends voice notes to Se-Jun and asks him to meet.

Hae Mi meets Se-Jun in the garden and asks him for explanations about Do-Jin’s murder.  He then confesses that when he went to Muyeon, he discovered Ms. Cha and Sim-Won-Sub’s marriage photo. The photo traumatized him and led him to drink limitlessly.

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The Love in Your Eyes Episode 108 - Recap

Se-Jun Confesses that he killed Do-Jun (Credit: KBS)

While he was not in his right mind, he encountered Do-Jin and pushed him, but Do-Jin was still alive, and Se-Jun assumed that Ms. Cha called 9-1-1 to save Do-Jin from dying. However, she did not call, and Do-Jin became the victim at the hands of Se-Jun and his mother, Ms. Cha. Additionally, the shock of his mother’s past marriage adversely affected Se-Jun, and his memories about that day got erased from his mind.

Understanding the whole situation, Hae Mi asks Se Jun to turn himself in as the punishment, for it is a bit lesser than the punishment when someone reports the crime.

Hae Mi then calls Young-I to meet and asks her for the favor to let Se-Jun for turning himself in. Young-I feels sympathizes with Se-Jun and allows him for it. While Ms. Cha arranges tickets for Se-Jun and herself to leave the country, Se-Jun calls Kyung-Jun to let him know about Ms. Cha’s plan. Kyung-Jun brings the police and lets them arrest Se-Jun and his mother.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 109: Release Date

As the criminals are behind bars and Do-Jin’s family will soon receive justice, fans are excited to see the romance blooming between Kyung-Jun and Young-I in the coming episodes. So when the latest episode of The Love In Your Eyes is going to air? Know here.

Episode 109 of The Love In Your Eyes is scheduled to release on Monday, 6th March 2023, at 8.50 PM KST on KBS. The watching guide is given below for you to follow so that you can watch the drama on the exact date and time.

The Love in Your Eyes Episode 109 Release Date

A Still from The Love in Your Eyes Episode 108 (Credit: KBS)

  • Pacific Time: 6th March 2023, Monday, 3:50 AM PT
  • Eastern Time: 6th March 2023, Monday, 6:50 AM ET
  • Indian Time: 6th March 2023, Monday, 5:20 PM IST
  • Japanese Time: 6th March 2023, Monday, 8:50 AM JST
  • British Time: 6th March 2023, Monday, 11:50 AM GMT

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 109: Streaming Guide

The Love In Your Eyes releases every week, Monday to Friday, on KBS at 8.50 PM KST, with an approximate runtime of 30 minutes per episode. If you do not have access to the television channel, then you can watch the drama online on Rakuten Viki and Viu. Additionally, some episodes have been listed on Amazon Prime.

However, it may take some time for the episode to get listed on the above streaming platforms, so fans are suggested to keep looking for the episode on these platforms on the day of the episode release.

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