Jena Friedman’s Partner: The Musician’s Personal Life

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Jena Friedman’s Partner
Who is Jena Friedman’s Partner? (Credits: YouTube)

Who is Jena Friedman’s Partner? Popular American comedian and writer Jena Friedman rose to fame and success after she became the host of the comedic true-crime series Indefensible on AMC Plus. Along with that, she also worked as the producer at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Jena recalled her she got into comedy after writing an academic paper about comedy and admitted that it was not very funny. Jena Friedman explained that she just thinks that the not funny is so funny to her while calling it subjective and random, and that is how she came up with the thought that it would be a really fun title for the book.

The comedian has also written for The Late Show with David Letterman. Jena has also been a regular contributor to The New York Times. Jena Friedman recently launched her latest comedy special, titled, Ladykiller, which premiered last year in September on the streaming service, Peacock. Directed and starred in True Crime Story: Indefensible in 2021. Let us find out all about Jena Friedman’s Partner.

Who Is Jena Friedman’s Partner?

Jena Friedman’s partner is musician Josh Epstein. He is a musician from the band JR JR. The pair has been notorious for being private about their relationship as Josh’s face is never seen, as the comedian herself jokes about it, saying how she had to twist his arm to be in a show. Friedman went on to shoot the project during the first month of lockdown, “The Joy of Quarantine,” which focuses on Friedman’s efforts to make Ashkenazi-Jewish dishes, with some of her classic humor on the side.

Jena Friedman’s Partner
Who is Jena Friedman’s Partner? (Credits: Independent)

While praising her beau for his support, Jena stated how Josh had been a really good sport while calling cool and supportive partner. The comedian and writer explained how she thinks the funniest part about quarantine is people cohabitating and trying to figure it out while adding how it is applicable when both the partners are touring artists and all of a sudden are stuck together.

While talking about the relationship, Jena pointed out how the two have hit a groove now, but there was a point where they were exhausted and stressed out, and that was properly captured on the show.

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Is Jena Friedman’s  New Book Out Now?

As Jena Friedman’s new book opens with a story about a moment when the comedian felt particularly not funny. At the same time, talking about her big late-night television debut as part of Stephen Colbert’s panel on a 2016 special edition of The Late Show on Showtime.

While talking about it, Jena writes how she has always dreamed of one day when she would be invited on the show as a comedian or as a guest promoting some cool project. While writing, Jena recalled how it was election night, and there she was, living her dream and how it was slowly descending into a nightmare as Stephen, along with the other panelists, and she watched Florida turn red in horror.

Jena Friedman’s Partner
Jena Friedman (Credits: YouTube)

Jena Friedman Opens Up About Her Work

As Jena explains the process, the comedian explains how she thinks that when it comes to writing essays, especially when they are earnest, there is a vulnerability to it, and she thinks that exposes one a little bit more. The comedian further pointed out that when there is a joke, one can hide behind it. However, if one is writing an essay about something, it seems like they are exposing themselves in a way that she is not used to.

Friedman further admitted that essay writing or perhaps getting with the process of essay writing had been her biggest hurdle. While talking about it further, Jena admitted that she thinks a lot of comedians and performers, one kind of becomes a performer as it is easier to do that than sit down and write, and admitted it is her Achilles heel as she feels like it is like pulling teeth to sit down and write a first draft.

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