Where is Mayfair Witches Filmed? All The Stunning Visuals

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Mayfair Witches
Mayfair Witches: Filming Locations Credits: AMC

Hollywood has been one of the best cinema industries in existence to house a lot of talented actors. Talking about the number of female leads, Hollywood is famous for being the hub of a lot of prominent movies which has female characters in the lead.

From Marilyn Monroe of the past era to Angelina Jolie of the current era, Hollywood has raised a lot of talented female actors to fame and fortune. The list has been joined by one of the most loved and recent talents who is known to her fans. It is none other than Alexandra Daddario we are talking about. 

This female actor has a huge fanbase all around the world for her acting skills and her splendid looks. She has been a part of many famous movies such as When We First Met, Baywatch, and so on. The star has now become a part of a television series named “Mayfair Witches,” which premiered on January 2023.

The show has received a ton of mixed reviews due to the storyline, But a lot of fans love the acting of the lead character as well as the acting of other supporting characters played by actors like Jack Huston, Harry Hamlin, and so on.

Mayfair Witches
Alexandra Daddario from Mayfair Witches (2023)

The Mayfair Witches takes us into a world filled with fantasy concepts that are infused with a considerable amount of realism and darkness. The Television series is indeed considered one of the most famous supernatural thriller dramas to be released in the year 2023.

The story of Mayfair Witches is inspired by the fantasy novel trilogy named “Lives of the Mayfair Witches.” The novel is famous for its convincing storyline and the immersive experience it delivers to its readers.

Written by American Author Anne Rice, who is pretty famous for her unique written works, the “Lives of the Mayfair Witches” Trilogy proved to be one of her successful creations.

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Her work was then used as an inspiration for creating the television series “Mayfair Witches,” created by American Authors, Producers, and Directors Michelle Ashford and Esta Spalding. The series is currently owned and telecasted by the AMC Television Network currently. Read along and find out more about the plot of the television series Mayfair Witches now. 

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The Plot of Mayfair Witches

The story of Mayfair Witches revolves around the life of the main character named Rowan Fielding, an expert in neurosurgery. As the story progresses, the main character is revealed that her family has deep bonds with a fantasy creature, a devil, to be precise.

The devil haunts her family for a very long time. She is also made known that her family is not a normal human one. Instead, it is a witch family comprising family members who specialize in magic and expertise in the world of witchcraft.

The story introduces new characters as the storyline progresses. Most of the characters introduced are influenced by the magical world, like the main character. Mayfair Witches takes us on a thrilling and exciting ride into the dark fantasy world.

Mayfair Witches
City of New Orleans, USA

The Television series has released only a single season comprising a total of 8 episodes to date. There are more new seasons yet to come, as per the announcements given by the creators of the series. Let us now know more about the filming locations of Mayfair Witches.

Mayfair Witches: Filming Locations

The filming of the first season of Mayfair Witches was primarily done within regions of New Orleans city belonging to the American state of Louisiana.

Filled with a unique ambiance that perfectly matches the essence of the storyline, the creators of the television series chose New Orleans as the prime spot to film their creation and to be honest, it came out really well. The episodes were filled with the required amount of vibrance, and both the busy and calm side of the city was shown properly.

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Mayfair Witches
Prytania Street, New Orleans

Within the city of New Orleans, the filming of Mayfair Witches was specifically done in a region known as Prytania street. Most shots belonging to multiple episodes of season one were filmed in that area.

Certain shots required a shift of ambiance, directing the filming process toward other nearby regions. If you like Alexandra Daddario or if you like a fantasy novel TV Series adaptation that is filled with convincing visuals and acting, Mayfair Witches is a good choice to be added to your watchlist.

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