Blue Period Chapter 56: Everything We Know

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Blue Period

A purposeless life isn’t what people desire, right? But Yatora Yaguchi is a fairly popular high-school student who always got good grades but lived a purposeless life. What changes his life is a classmate’s painting which gives him the inspiration to make something of his own and experiment. Little did he know that this experiment would be life-changing as his blue painting came as a form of communication with others. He, thus, started focusing on details and even paid attention to the works of others and shared his vision with them. 

The plot follows Yaguchi as he tries to get into the only art college in Japan and prepare for the competitive and tough exams. On this journey, he encounters many issues, with his parents being one of them. Yaguchi’s parents offer little support to him and try to convince him to drop this idea since it’s not profitable in the future.

Soon enough, he realizes that the only worst enemy he has is himself and that the people who are so much more experienced than him actually do make great friends as he tries to struggle to understand the world with a new vision.  The manga has been illustrated and written by Tsubasa Yamaguchi and is receiving so much love that it has been adapted as an anime as well! The anime goes was released on Netflix in the Fall of 2021 (October), with the last episode of the season released on 18th December 2021.

Blue Period: What all have we missed?

This chapter was full of wholesome moments, which gave us a bit of comedy and insight into how art graduates view their summer break and the world of exhibitions. Chapter 55, “Summer Vacation Part 1,” hits off with Yota trying to leave his house while his mother is persistent in knowing his plans for the vacation. She keeps tugging at him for information and assuming that he might have travel plans while confused and clearly irritated, Yota keeps stressing about how he has never made any plans for the summer and that this vacation will be the same.

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She tries even to give him ideas to make plans and enjoy the time of his youth with Yaguchi or Hashida. Yota leaves in a hurry, and we then get to see his inner feelings making way for his thoughts claiming how colleges do have a lot of breaks and how he could never understand his mother. This shows a bit of a difference in their way of perceiving a summer break, perhaps.

We then encounter a very amusing scene of sumo fighting, which leaves Yota blank on how to respond. He stays like this even after getting an invite to join the club, which actually doesn’t even exist (this question itself in the manga has a very comedic scene). Soon enough, a meeting is held where Geidai students gather around. As they hear the “Summer Guide,” the rules are what kids are told in Elementary school, which again makes the readers laugh. The rules go off as: “Don’t follow strangers”, “Don’t go anywhere dangerous”, and “Don’t lend people money”.

We then follow through a very rigorous discussion on art exhibitions and Yota’s friends deciding on if they should participate and work on a Public exhibition where they might win a prize. The group then decides to try and paint big art pieces and participate in a contest. For this, they need to travel by car and reach Hiroshima. Towards the end seems like Yota is stuck with a trip anyway, and that too to Hiroshima with friends, even if it’s for art reasons.

The rest of the chapter brings us the story of Momo-chan and his parents as we learn how Hacchan is older and wiser than the rest of the group (pun intended). As the chapter was ending, we are given a hint of Chapter 56 of Blue Period that we might get to see the group in a haunted house. 

Blue Period Anime

Blue Period: When is it coming out?

The fans are extremely excited to read the new chapter of Blue Period. New chapters of the manga are released monthly. Chapter 56 of Blue Period will be released soon because of the expected delay due to the health of the author. 

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Blue Period: Where to read?

The manga will be available to read on the official site of Blue Period. The rest of the chapters are also available if you want to give them a quick read! You can also watch the anime on Netflix now with just 12 episodes. 

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