What Episode Does Hodgins Get Paralyzed? Answered

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Bones-Hodgins-on-Wheelchair (Credits: Entertainment Weekly)

Bones has been on the favorite list of its viewers, the thrilling and entertaining crime procedural drama series broadcast on Fox TV. This series revolves around the intriguing partnership between 2 very protagonists, a highly skilled forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent. Both of them are working together to solve some of the most perplexing crimes in their world.

The series has its unique share of humor, intense drama, and science, Bones has become one of the most popular and critically pro-claimed series on television. From the first episode to the series finale, viewers have been glued by the captivating storylines, memorable characters, and gripping mysteries. 

The show has a unique charm when the peculiar and some of the prominent protagonists end up dying or vanishing somehow. Well, that is necessary to raise the interest of the viewers, and it is certainly happening so, as far as we can notice. People are loving such twists in the story, twists they can talk about the whole day.

Jack Hodgins
Jack Hodgins (Credits: TV Insider)

Events that happened to Dr. Sweets and his death was not something the viewers were expecting. Considering him in a prominent role, it was very impossible to guess that he would die in season 10, but here we are. Dr. Sweets will not appear in the series, and we know the reason behind it as well.

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What Episode Does Hodgins Get Paralyzed? 

In the famous television series “Bones”, Dr. Jack Hodgins is one of the main characters out of 2 protagonists, whose life is changed in a drastic way when he is paralyzed from the waist down after an explosion. Yes, Jacks Hodgins will be seen in a wheelchair now.

Many of the viewers raised their voices over the question, “What Episode Does Hodgins Get Paralyzed?” Hence the answer is in Season 11, Episode 10, named “The Doom in the Boom”. 

Hodgins-and-the-show-dog-(Credits: TV Fanatic)
Hodgins-and-the-show-dog-Bones (Credits: TV Fanatic)

In Season 11, it was shown that due to a bomb blast at a sight investigation, Jack loses his power from the waist down, causing him half-body paralysis. After the season, the whole continues but also shows the hidden highlights of the changes in Jack’s new role.

How he is trying to lead the team, how he is keeping track, and so on. Some moments also caused him to do some involuntary movements, but the season ended with him being in a wheelchair. 

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The Paralyzing Incident of Jack Hodgins 

So the story revolves like this, the explosion seems to be the result of a bomb planted in the lab at the Jeffersonian Institute, where Dr. Hodgins is a member of the group of forensic anthropologists. The episode opens up with Jack and his in which girlfriend, Angela Montenegro, who are being called to the lab to investigate a suspicious package.

As they keep on investigating, Hodgins eventually discovers the package and finds out that it’s actually a bomb and quickly rushes to throw it out of the lab and saves everyone from any harm. However, when the bomb blasts outside, Hodgins is hit by a piece of shrapnel that strikes his spine, causing him to be paralyzed from the waist down.

This episode continues and shows Hodgins undergoing surgery to remove the shrapnel. Yet doctors cannot restore any of the damaged nerve tissue, leaving him permanently paralyzed. The episode also follows Angela and how she is helping Hodgins to get used to his new life, dealing with the physical challenges as well as the emotional ones.

Bones (Credits: TV Insider)

The episode also reveals that the bomber is someone close to Jack Hodgins. It is revealed that the bomber is a man who had met with Hodgins in the past. The man grew obsessed with Hodgins and as well as his work. The man had planted the bomb to try and make Hodgins “pay” for his alleged mistreatment of him and his family.

The episode ends with Hodgins adjusting his life with his paralysis and realizing that it is not the end of the world. He focuses on that he still has a meaningful life and he still can make a contribution to this world. Dr. Hodgins’ story is a powerful example of the uncertainty of life and how life can change instantly, even for someone as successful and talented as him.

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